Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Get a Pic, you weirdo!

So, this weekend I had to say goodbye to 2 of my closest friends in the entire world, Ryan & Stephen  (See their amazingness in the picture!) 

I am going to miss them dearly as they are heading to Amsterdam for the next great adventure of their lives.  I guess I can't hate on them for that.  Hopefully they have the best time ever, but a part of me wants them to return back to Chicago as soon as they realize how much they miss me!  :)
We love you guys!


On Sunday, a bunch of us spent the day together hanging out at our favorite local bar, Scarlet.  While we were there, I saw so many people that I haven't seen in a while.  It was nice to get caught up.

There was one person in particular who was in attendance, and I will call him "Doug." 

Doug and I are acquaintances, and have known each other for about 3 years now.  I went up to him, gave him a hug, and told him it was nice to see him again.  His response to me was somewhat cold.

"Why did you delete me from facebook?" he asked.

"What?  I didn't delete you."  I I thought about it, I don't remember seeing his status updates  for a while, so as I was standing there I thought maybe it was he who got rid of me.

You all know those people who 'clean house' on facebook...deleting friends in a mass execution, and then put their status as "If you can see this, then you survived my friend cutting!"

I just don't do that.  If I added you in the first place, then I probably want you to be there.  Why would I risk our friendship, or acquaintanceship, over hurting your feelings by deleting you?  One day, we both may regret it.

However, I HAVE taken liberty to use the 'Hide" button.  There are some people that can annoy the piss out of me.  It's not that I don't want to be pals with them anymore, I just think they can be quite ridiculous!

Now that this blog readership has grown, it is normal for me to get friend requests from many of you who read this.  Sure, if I recognize you from your comments or emails, then yes I will add you too. (and some of you are HILARIOUS, so I'm glad that I did!) 

BUT...the one thing that I NEVER do is add someone without a picture of themselves.  It's just weird!  Get a pic already!

If you don't have a picture, then it makes me wonder 1) If you are real,  2) What you are trying to hide, and 3) If you are going to spam me for the rest of my life!

I have even rejected people that I know pretty well for not having a picture. 

So back to "Doug" at the bar...he says that I deleted him.  I told him that if that was true, that it must've been a fluke, or a FB error, because I can't see myself doing that.

Then, of course I went home and searched for him. His name was not coming up though.  I just couldn't find him.


So, I sent a text to a friend, "Hey, are you friends on facebook with "Doug?"

He responded,  "Yes, but he isn't under his name. His fb name is "_____."  (It's a totally made up name in order to be funny, and I know if i tell you exactly, y'all will go search for him!)

WTF?  Ok, so he is trying to be cutesy.  Whatever.  So, i search that ridiculous name and get a result. 

However, the profile pic is of a woman holding a baby under a tree.


Doug is right.  Then I probably deleted him.


  1. What you speak is truth, my friend. By the way, thanks for adding me! :)

  2. Ryan and Stephen are the best!

  3. Yes, they are the best! I'm gonna really miss not having them accessible to me!

    Now, let's just hope they never change their profile pics and names, so I don't accidentally delete them! haha

  4. Thank you for being too sentimental. Did you see the closing scene on Golden Girls on Ryan's FB page from blank? He trying to kill us all?

  5. Paul, That sure was a great party Sunday. Weird thing is I don't remember Ryan and Stephen. All I remember is you and your shenanigans!

  6. Ray! My Shenanigans?? I have NO idea what you could possibly be talking about... :)

  7. I have friends who "clean house" on facebook too. I've never been that concerned who is my friend in cyberspace. And I don't see it happening either. lol. I can see your rational for deleting Doug. :-)

  8. I deleted Doug twice!

  9. Haha, I love this post! And I don't even know what to say about your acquaintance 'Doug'... I've never undertood why people would put up someone else's picture and change their name and all, looks a bit shady to me :( I like it when people are real everywhere. Like, if you met me through the ineternet and we then meet in real life, you can be 100% sure that I would still be me. So I totally agree on everything you say regarding the whole Facebook friending thing - I am the same.

    Oh and I am sorry to hear you have to part ways with your good friends, it can get real sad indeed :(

  10. face book drives me nuts, everyone is so sensative......Im like you, I dont clean house, I just dont add you unless I really want you as afriend.

  11. Paul!

    This post makes me sooooo glad I'm not on Facebook!


  12. I may need to use the hide button

  13. lol. i probably would have deleted him as well. sorry your friends are heading off without you.

  14. You boys are just so damn handsome.

  15. I TOTALLY do not get people who sign up for FB using fake names. What's the point??? Its a social networking site. How can you network with people if you aren't using your real name?!?!?!

    You should send Doug a message (don't have to friend him to do that) saying "I'll friend you on FB when you create an account using your REAL NAME and photo of YOU."

  16. Paul, if people can't be themselves, why should you recognize them?

    Sorry to hear about your good friends moving away. Been there, done that, not fun. Maybe your sadness is a good excuse to plan a visit soon? Amsterdam is supposed to be lovely all year round. ;)