Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm About to Whip Somebody's A....

Happy Friday!!!!!!

We made it to the end of another week! Yes!!!

This has been a rough few days for me at work, so I decided that last night would be the perfect time to let off a little steam and go out for a little fun with some of my favorite guys!

So...the weekend is just about here and seriously couldn't come any faster!

I am visualizing a delicious margarita on the rocks with salt.... 

Or an Ambien...

For an accurate description of how I feel today, please see the short video below:   :)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What the..???

Yesterday, I was sitting at the Under55 Cafeteria having a little lunch.

I was also reading a great book at the same time, 'The Perks of Being A WallFlower' by Stephen Chbosky, so I was pretty focused on that.

All the while, my jacket was on the back of my chair.

When I was finished and was getting up to leave, I put my jacket on, zipped it up, and put my hands in my pockets.

Except...something was in there. 

I pulled my hand back out, and someone had placed an empty 'Twix' candy bar wrapper in my jacket pocket!

WHAT THE...????

Ok, as much as I would have LOVED to have been the one to devour that delicious chocolate bar, I didn't.

So clearly, someone thought it would be really cute to put garbage in my pocket as I was sitting there.  How rude!

And I didn't even realize it!  I must've been so into that book that I wasn't paying attention. 

It's a good thing I didn't leave my phone or wallet in my jacket pocket while I was having lunch!

What is wrong with people?

I mean, this wasn't really a big deal.  Someone was being stupid, but nobody got hurt here.

However, This incident reminds me of a time many, many years ago when I was in elementary school.  I was in 5th grade.

We had all filed into the gymnasium for a school assembly.  We had to sit indian-style on the floor, with the kindergarteners in the front and the big 6th graders in the back.

I was sitting there in the last line of the 5th grade row, with the 6th graders right behind me. 

All of a sudden, I felt this tug on the back of my pants, as if someone was pulling on my belt loop.  Weird...but I didn't turn around or do anything.

Later, after the assembly, I realized that whoever was behind me had cut my belt loop!  With a knife or something equally sharp!

I was so sad.  Those were my favorite pants!!!  I actually cried because my favorite jeans were ruined!!

I don't know what made me angrier:  The fact that someone had the nerve to cut my belt loop, or the fact that I was too chicken to turn around and say anything while it was happening.

If it happened today, things would be MUCH different, as I would probably beat his ass!

My mom did ask me about my jeans when she was doing laundry. I didn't tell her the truth because I KNEW she would've called the school immediately and opened up a can of WHOOP-ASS on my principal!

Look...I have no idea why the Twix incident brought up this memory, but it did.

The difference here is that in elementary school, kids do things that they shouldn't but we chalk it up to 'being a child.'  From what happened yesterday, that is just plain immaturity and stupidity!

At least they could've put the Twix wrapper in my pocket with one of the bars still a gift for me!  I mean...that would be the polite thing to do, right?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Celebrating Y'all!

Hey Hey!!!

I am very excited about today's blog post!  Because I get to talk about people that I LOVE!

God, we are such RIDICULOUS people sometimes!  I am so lucky and so blessed that I am able to have such wonderful people in my life

AND today I am going to celebrate some of those SILLY, OUTRAGEOUS times we've had.  Damn, we do a lot of silly, stupid stuff! 

From costume parties to funky, coordinated outfits, we ROCK!

I just want to say thank you so much for being there for me when I've needed you most, and that I am extremely happy that you are in my life!

Thug Photo shoot!

Deadra's delivering!

Care Bears in da house!!!

Destiny's Child has nothing on us!

80s Roller Party!


I'm the boss!!!

Douchebag Party!

What??? Did we just dominate at Dodgeball?

Every pic should be taken from this view!

Team Diabetes! - 2009 Flip Cup CHAMPIONS!

Did someone say WHOPPER?

Ugly Sweater Party! Or...Justin's everyday outfit!

FIERCE Jacket, Paul!


Justin, don't flip the raft, fatass!

Ravinia!  Carrie Underwood?  Yes, please!

Oh, silly!

The Deadra!

Another Photo Shoot? On a slide? Ok!

Mikey & me!

Drunken train rides!

My baby James!

It's a good thing I only weigh 98 lbs!

After show!

Oh God...where are we?


Monday, March 22, 2010

Always a Party!!!

Woo Child!

Yesterday, 26,000 of us here in Chicago decided to get up early on a chilly, chilly Sunday morning and freeze our patooties off in order to run the 2010 Shamrock Shuffle! experience!

For those of you that do not know, the Sham Shuff is an 8K race (5 miles) that is considered the kick-off to the Chicago running season.

It's also another excuse for runner's to have a little fun and do what we do!

I set a goal for the 2010 running season, to have a personal best in every race that I run this year, no matter if it kills me, or if I have to puke once I cross the finish line!

Well, I started off on a good note! Yesterday, I managed to achieve a Personal Best in this race.

Not only a personal best...but I OBLITERATED my previous best time by 2 and a half minutes. 

Honestly...I have NO IDEA where that came from! 

I managed to finish the Shuffle in a time of 32 minutes 11 seconds!

This averages out to 6:26 minute/mile.  What the????

I guess all that training over the winter, outdoors in the cold & indoors on the dumb treadmill, has paid off!

So, of course I treated myself to a huge Chipotle burrito last night!  AND...chips & guacamole!!!

Overall, I came in 471st out of about 26,000 runners.  (Top 1.8%)

This kind of blows my mind, to realize that out of all these runners in Chicago, I am somehow in the top 500 fastest for a 5 mile race. 

But you know...even though I try to run as fast as possible, it's also just as fun for me to see people sign up to run this race for the first time ever; or people who just strive to push themselves to complete the entire thing without walking at all.

Some people just do this to raise money for charity...and I love that!!

I also like getting to share a beer with all of them once the race is done!  PARTY TIME!!!

What...a cast of characters!

2011 anyone???

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday, I'm in Love!

Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY to you!

Finally!  Friday, I thought you'd never make it, but WELCOME!!!

Aren't you all excited that Spring is just around the corner?  After a long winter, I am looking forward to some better weather soon.

Speaking of Spring, one of the annual kickoffs to spring here in Chicago is the Shamrock Shuffle, which is an 8K race (5 miles) that will be taking place on Sunday morning.

...And will I be running it? 

Does your catholic priest like little boys?  Duh, of course I will be!

I am going to try to beat last year's time of 34:56 (6:59 min/mile).

I came in 587th overall (out of 13,399 finishers!)

Ok, I'll stop tooting my own horn now. However, my goal is to finish at least one second faster than last year.  :)

Which means that I won't be going out this weekend, and will have to fight the temptation of gorging myself with Doritos, and stop myself from eating the entire jar of Peanut Butter out of sheer boredom!!!

Also speaking of Spring...

The annual March Madness college basketball tournament is under way!  This is the first year in 'God knows how long' that I didn't fill out a bracket.  Time just got away from me...

But to tell you the truth, I'm sort of glad that I didn't! 

You see, I tend to root for the underdogs!...and by not filling out the bracket, I got to enjoy some nice surprise wins by Ohio and Murray State without having to worry about yanking my hair out as my bracket gets jacked up!

I did pick a Final Four though.  My pics are:  Kansas, Kentucky, Kansas State, and Villanova.

Hmm...we'll see how i do!  Who did y'all pick?

Thank you to everyone for your comments on my post about getting a Kindle or not!

From the sound of it, those of you who have an e-reader prefer the Barnes & Noble Nook, so I will definitely go there and play around with one.

Those of you who don't have one sound like you really just don't want one, which I completely understand as well!

Did any of you see Ke$ha perform on American Idol?  What...the hell was that hot mess????

Look, I wrote a post about her a couple of weeks ago, saying that her music has become a guilty pleasure of mine...and yes, I stand by that.  Those songs are infectious!

However, I kind of find her to be repulsive, and trying too hard to be 'different or 'shocking.' 
So basically, I like her songs, but am over her!

And finally, I want to give a nice shout out to one of my fellow bloggers, Michael Rivers!  I am very grateful to have gotten to know him a little through the blogosphere and am very happy that I can call him a pal of mine!

Please check out his blog here.

Have a GREAT WEEKEND everyone!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Falling For You...

I don't know, but I think I may be falling for you.

Maybe I should keep this to myself; waiting 'til I know you better.

I am trying not to tell you, but I want to...
I'm scared of what you'll say so I'm hiding what I'm feeling, but I'm tired of holding this inside my head.

I've been spending all my time just thinking about you.  I don't know what to do, I think I'm falling for you.

OKAY!...Many of you have already recognized that these are the lyrics to "Falling For You" by singer Colbie Caillat (or as I like to call her, Cafe Au Lait... he he!)

This beautiful song is like a sunny day to me!

In fact, Colbie's music in general is like SUNSHINE!  So relaxing, so peaceful, so nice...

This particular song randomly came on my ipod this morning and made me smile hard on the inside.  :)


Don't you just LOVE when that happens?  What a great way to start the day!

I remember the first time I fell in love with Chipotle burritos.  Ahhh, what a day!

I have also fallen hard for Coldstone Creamery, The Real Housewives on Bravo, the singer 'P!nk'...

Taco Bell, the Motorola Droid, 3 Musketeers bars...

True love, I'm telling you, True love!
...and the list can continue for days!

I know, I'm being silly now. 
But seriously:  What would I want to say to someone, a real person,  that I fall hard for?

Well, i would just say that...

I know that there are soooo many other guys out there who are better looking, make more money, have nicer things...
I hope that you will never need more than I am able to offer you.
However, having said that, I will always try to give you the very best of me.

From past experience, I know the pain of betrayal, and the hurt of not being able to trust someone.  Because I know these emotions well, I will go out of my way to make sure you never have to feel them.

I will always be where I say I will be.

I know that honesty is the most imporant thing.  I will be as honest with you as I possibly can.

Oh brother, I got serious there for a minute didn't I?!

Thank you, readers and fellow bloggers for allowing me to have a reflective, meaningful moment here on the blog.

Now, for a nice treat to your day please enjoy the lovely vocal stylings of Colbie Caillat.  Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

To Kindle or Not to Kindle...

I am torn, y'all!

For months now, I have been debating whether or not it would be beneficial for me to purchase one of these fancy Electronic Book Reader devices.

It's not often that I ask anything of you lovely readers, so offer me a little help here!

I am someone that you would call the 'late-early' buyer.  I am rarely the person living on the edge, waiting in a 7 hour line for the release of a new product!

I still like to get in pretty early, but I sort of wait safely until a new version comes out that has fixed all the bugs of the first version.

However, I did buy my Motorola Droid phone within the month of its release.  That was a first for me, but I LOVE this darn phone!

These Kindles (and similar devices) sure do look neat, but it is hardly a necessity for me.

As someone who reads a lot more these days than I used to, I feel like it would be great to have one.  In other ways, I feel like it would just be another costly item that I can add to my collection of gadgets that I carry around with me on a daily basis!

There was a woman sitting next to me on the train yesterday who was reading from hers.  It seemed like she had to keep clicking buttons and adjusting her case/cover. 

Is it really that much of a hassle? 

I guess I'd have to play around with one.

They would definitely be good for traveling, right?  Instead of lugging around a book or two, this would be a great way to carry novels.  Except, that I don't really travel THAT often.  Hmmm...

Can any of you help?  Do they run on batteries?  Could you potentially be in a situation where you are somewhere and the battery runs out? 
Or, do you have to charge it like an ipod or cell phone? 

I hope not because my house is running out of available outlets!  Eeeesh

I hear that the books don't cost too much, with many of them being under $10.  There are also free books you can buy? my interest is really peaked.

I can't imagine curling up in a blanket on a rainy day with a cup of coffee and a e-reader.  It just doesn't have the same visual for me as curling up with a book in my hands.

Oh well...

So, I guess I am PLEADING for your advice!  Do any of you own one?  If so, do you recommend?

If you don't own one, do you want it?  If you do not, then why?

I will wait patiently for your responses while I chow down on this delicious bag of M&M's.  Thank you.  :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Who's Your Paddy?

Oh, St. Pat's...

There is nothing better than a chance to get together with about 60 of your closest friends, and spend the entire day enjoying good drinks, crazy times, and stories that you won't ever forget!

For the 6th year running, we kept up the tradition of Pub Crawling it all over the city of Chicago!

In a SCARY looking bus!

Sure, over time the people who attend may change, but the event only gets bigger and better.

And at the core, we are all family!

The day started off at my apartment, where Zach, Steve, Rob and I made green eggs & ham for breakfast, enjoyed green mimosas, and just got off to a SILLY start.

As the day continued, we all realized that this was a day that we wouldn't forget anytime soon!

AND...This year, I managed to keep my clothes on for the majority of the day!!!

Next year, I hope that you will join us!  The more the merrier!

So, until next year...enjoy these pics!