Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Goals!

Happy 2010 to you all!

Although the new year started a few days ago, I'm pretty sure that most of you have decided to give yourself a few more days of debauchery, and will be starting your New Year's resolutions today! 

I can tell this by how empty my gym was over the weekend!  :)

So, here we are.  A new year.  Which means for some of us, a new outlook.

I've never really been one to measure my life by years, meaning I've never said, "2009 was awful.  I hope 2010 is awesome."  There were parts of 2009 that were awful, and parts of it that were awesome.  Therefore, I generally feel the same way about the turn of a new year.  It doesn't mean that I needed to wait until January 1st to begin making adjustments/changes.

But the symbolism of a new year is great.  It gives you that chance to begin anew.  A fresh start...

I hear some of my friends talk about their Resolutions for 2010, and the skeptic in me wants to say, "Yeah, right...I give that 2 weeks tops!", or "Why attempt something that we all know is NEVER going to happen...?"

But you know what...I love the optimism.  I love seeing that people have the WANT or the desire to make positive changes, and to become a better person, even if they don't follow through with it. 

It's nice to see that side of people.  So, for their sake I hope they succeed!  I hope you ALL succeed in your goals.

I wouldn't necessarily say that I have specific resolutions, but I do want to overall just become a better person.

At the risk of sounding like a cheesy self-improvement guru, I really want to focus on being more compassionate.  I want to love others with a more natural reaction, getting to a point where it is my natural instinct. 

I want to judge less. 
I want to 'feel' more.

I want to surround myself with good, like-minded, quality people. 

I want to become as healthy as I can...physically, mentally and emotionally.

I want to practice more humility.
I want to be more generous.
I want to be honest.

But most of all: 
I will let go of who I thought I was, to discover & embrace who I really am.

I wish all of you a VERY HAPPY 2010, filled with love, hope and many new friendships!


  1. You are such an inspiration to me. Sometimes when I forget that there are still good people out there I find your blog. Thank you!

  2. What a great post, Paul. I hope 2010 is beyond wonderful for you. PS - love the picture :)

  3. This is beautiful. I couldn't have said it any better!

  4. Hope your 2010 is the best year so far!!

  5. I will let go of who I thought I was, to discover & embrace who I really am.
    BRILLIANT....perfectly said, we should all adopt this statement


  6. Thanks... great thoughts for the first of many "Mondays." This is a big Monday too, after short weeks and laziness. ;) Here's to a great new year / 'life changes' and the burst of optimism we can always use. I would digress and share how my bursts of optimisms (like watching a Nike commercial) last for five minutes, until my over-stimulated self gets sidetracked (ha) and pulled away. But that's not going to happen this year. Oh, something shiny!

  7. "I will let go of who I thought I was, to discover & embrace who I really am."

    Very powerful statement. I am wishing many blessings for you in '10. Keep hoping, dreaming and loving.

  8. With an attitude like that, you should be all set to enjoy the year ahead. Take care.

  9. Paul!
    Thanks for being an inspiration to me! You inspired me to write my own blog...I should be able to post it tonite~
    I hope 2010 brings many great strengths to you...and not just in kicking my butt in races;)

  10. Noble sentiments Paul. I wish more people were interested in developing those resolutions for their new year. Happy New Year!

  11. Happy New Year, Paul!!!

    I think your goals are noble ones and quite doable too!

    I'm wishing the very best for you!


  12. Mazel Tov for 2010 mate and best wishes for you.

  13. I hope one of your goals for the new year is to never stop blogging! :)
    I love you, Paulie!

  14. I really love the last quote! And I think your resolutions are very humble and sweet because many of them are changes from the inner you.

    I wish you the best as well. Happy New Year!

  15. Very nice sentiments and ones that we not only can live by, but (in this day and age) survive by. Best wishes to you in the coming new year. I hope you achieve all your goals whether they be resolutions or not! :)

  16. You seem like such an amazing person, and certainly an inspiration to others! HAPPY 2010!!!

  17. I love your blog :)

    Mona from germany :)

  18. cute gaggle of gays!! Happy New Year!