Monday, March 1, 2010

Getting a Craigslist Missed Connection

Hello to you!

It's Monday morning, which means back to work for many of us!  Don't worry; there's only 5 days 'til the weekend!  He he...

Speaking of the weekend, I had a very nice one.  I got to spend time on Friday night having dinner with a pal at a restaurant called Uncommon Ground, and the food was delicious!

We then met up with friends, including one of my favorite people ever, Rey, who was visiting from Tampa.  I sure do miss you buddy, and would love for you to move back to the Chi!

Saturday night was excellent too!  I attended the annual CMSA party, which is the league that I play football, dodgeball, volleyball & kickball through.

Fun all around!

However, in the midst of all this fun, I was caught!

This morning, I woke up to 2 emails from friends, both of who had forwarded me a link to Craigslist, where I was the subject of a Craigslist Missed Connection.

What?  ME???

Of course I am flattered.  Don't we all secretly hope that someone out there finds us interesting enough to actually put a Craigslist ad out?

Although, the posting was confusing.  I am not really sure if the person is trying to be cute & funny, or a little mean-spirited...

Here is the Post:

      To the person who is trying to steal my life - 22 (everywhere i go)

Give it back. You are a pretty cute guy with little star tattoos above your elbows on both arms. You know who you are. It has recently come to my attention that we often take the same bus, work in the same building and hence ride the same elevators, and work out at the same gym. Not only that, but I went out twice this weekend, to Sidetrack and Jackhammer, and you were at both places both nights. You should either stop taking my life, or maybe we could just actually meet each other so it wouldn't be so awkward. I was planning to talk to you at Jackhammer but then you seemed to be fairly engrossed...

There is no doubt about it, the person was descriptive enough that he was certainly referring to me.

However, I cannot think of a single person that I have seen who rides my bus AND works in my office building AND goes to my gym.  ???

Maybe I need to open my eyes a little wider!

I wouldn't put it past one of my friends to be playing a joke on me!   But the only people I can think of who would do this, weren't with me this entire weekend. Hmmm...

Well, this is what I would say, if I was going to answer the ad:

I would start by saying Thanks for calling me a 'pretty cute' guy, i guess.  I mean, it would've been nicer if he had left the word 'pretty' off and just thought I was overall cute...but it's better than being called hideous!

I would also say that I promise I am not trying to take your life, I swear!  However, if we have so much in common, and show up at the same places, then I would say that your life probably isn't so bad.  I would consider negotiating a trade-off! 

Especially since you are 22 years old!  I would LOVE the chance to go back and relive some of those fun years!

Now, for the next couple of days, I will probably be on the lookout, naturally!

I tell's hard being in demand, y'all!  :)


  1. Are you actually going to respond? What if this person ends up being the love of your life?

  2. Umm...this person is 22. I highly doubt that this is the love of my life!

  3. In my opinion, this guy sounds a little creepy. He should've just come up and said hello. I would advise you to pass on responding.

  4. 22? That's only a year or two difference for you, right?

  5. That is so cool! I would think you would have more "missed opportunties" than most guys since you are overall cute. As for this guy, I think he was trying to be flirty and cute. And even though he's 22, one never knows how one's heart will react.

  6. Oh my god! Stop the train. BE CAREFUL. I know, I don't mean to go "mom" on you but, nothing, I mean nothing good comes out of Craigs List.

    That is very creepy. Why did he just not say hello since he ended up in 2 of the places you were in. Its also creepy that he/she/it makes references to your tats, the elevator that you take, and where you work. It is too stalker material. Jus sayin

  7. Behrmark, that's so kind of you to say! I think I need to keep you around. haha!

  8. tattooed paul???
    what if this is a stalker?

  9. Now I want to see your tattoos. ;)

  10. No fair! First you have a ghost molester and now you have a stalker! Dang it, some people are so lucky. I guess that's what you get for being so cute :)

  11. I want to see the tattoos. Show me yours, I'll show you mine!

  12. Paul! This is not the first time you got a missed connection! I don't blame people for wanting to get to know you because you are an amazing guy.

  13. Everyone's got a doppelganger and it certainly sounds like yours is closer than most. I too would be curious to find out who mine is. Just this morning a colleague of mine said she saw me walking through a shopping plaza parking lot this weekend. I was NEVER at that shopping plaza ever. Weird.

    You should definitely find out who he is!

  14. Hmmm, he must not be very striking looking if you're in the same place so often and you haven't noticed him!

    I put up a Missed Connection once. It was responded to by the intended person within 15 minutes. Apparently, he was going to put one up for me. We actually met and had coffee. Nothing ever came of it, but it was crazy to me that it actually worked.

    See Paul, I can get a random STRANGER to meet me for coffee and it's over a year trying to get YOU to meet me again :)

  15. I didn't know that you had tattoos. Why don't you ever talk about them on the blog? Are those the only ones you have?

  16. I think I would be flattered and leave it at that, Im always a bit creeped out by craigslist hook ups and the likes;)

    btw: your very cute, no pretty about it;) just saying.

  17. Whatever you do, be polite if you ever meet him. For someone who works and lives in such close proximity to you, that could be freaky!

  18. Oh you party animal you!

    Well, there is no doubt that a handsome guy such as yourself would not be in deman! You are hot friend! ;)

    Lets wait and see if this young meat shows his face!! haha

  19. Congrats!! What an honor! I was once the subject of a missed connection too. I felt so special!

  20. Oh how funny is that! Of cousre my mind went right to something dirty!!! I with you, I would be on the lookout every morning going to work now. You'll have to keep us posted. If it's not a joke, maybe he will write another one. Tootles!

  21. I can't believe you're still single.

  22. Oh that is very funny! 22 is a little green no? :)

  23. Oh wow...Sounds like a prank from a friend? but maybe not...Cant wait to see what you uncover....22 huh? :-)

  24. Oh there goes Paul discounting the emotional intelligence of 20-somethings again...


  25. Hey I didnt see you at Jackhammer, how engrossed were you?

  26. Paul!

    You are so lucky and clearly popular too!

    It must be nice having people write Craigslist ads about you.

    Wish someone would do that for me!



  27. OMG, if I were you I would be all over that!! Keep us posted. ;-)

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