Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Going Bankrupt!!!

Listen up, y'all!

If you live in Illinois and pay any attention to what is going on, then you don't need me to tell you that we are in DIRE STRAITS!

We are going broke!

It's seriously bad.  SO bad that I am going to need a Lipitor prescription!

Today, Governor Pat Quinn is giving a speech to announce his budget proposal which calls for $2.2 billion dollars in cuts, as well as borrowing $5 billion.  Eeesh!

Desperate times call for desperate measures! 

As of now, he isn't going to include a tax increase, and as you know that is a nearly impossible TOUGH thing for a Democratic governor to do!  Dems usually want to tax more for more government programs.

I hope it works.  Otherwise, what are we going to do?

Well, I have a wonderful idea.  I wish that Illinois, and the city of Chicago would jump up and embrace video gaming!...And not just video gaming, but controlled gambling all together!

Now, I know:  Some of you out there think this is a terrible idea.  Allowing legalized gambling will lead to many more social problems, people will start wasting away their paychecks, become gambling addicts, etc.

Yes, some of that is true.  However, as grown adults that is a decision that you would need to make.  'Can I control myself? No?'  Then don't gamble.

At least 95% of adults are able to gamble without trouble.

Personally, I am not much of a gambler.  I work way too hard to go out and blow my hard-earned money on a roulette wheel!

Sure, I do play the MegaMillions lottery here and there, but I stop at $1.

For a state like Illinois, gambling can bring in SO MUCH more needed $$.  The Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability estimated that up to $475 million could be spent on video gambling machines here in Chicago if the city would allow them.

$475 MILLION!  That's a lot of Benjamins!

Come on Mayor Daley, Wisen up!

Can you imagine how much money the state would also make if we built a nice casino or two?  Make it a destination stop with restaurants and hotels.  Heck, maybe we can even build a theater for our own Jennifer Hudson to perform in and hold a residency!

OR, How about a Riverboat adventure? We can do it right off of Navy Pier.
Put in a Buffet and I will be there, stuffing my face!!!

Seriously,'s time to start thinking outside the box!  We need some cash!

Some People are already gambling and betting illegally already.  Others are hopping over to Indiana to spend their dough!

Illinois, you could be profiting from this! 
So come on, I can't solve the state's financial problems all by myself here!


  1. Yes! You nailed it right on the head with this one. Allowing some controlled gambling in our state would pay off so much of our debt. I sort of see the point that the other side makes, but we are in such dire need for this money. Do you realize how many schools can be funded? How many clinics/hospitals can be serviced?

  2. I love it. You make an excellent point, all the while being hilarious! I would hit up that buffet with you, just to let you know! LOL!

  3. I totally agree with you on this. It would bring in so much needed money to the state.

  4. Hmmm. You make a good argument, but I worry about all the people's lives that this could ruin. This could be similar to alcoholism. However, i see your point. Illinois is in bad shape.

  5. We have all of this in MN. I don't gamble, but I love going to the casinos for all the concerts. I've seen some amazing shows: Diana Ross, George Carlin, Joan Rivers, Donna Summer and more.

  6. I live five minutes from four winds casino, it has not done any of the bad things people feared to our little has helped the job market increase in bounds.

    great post as always:)

  7. Lisa, I see where you could be concerned, but remember that people also argued heavily against alcohol before Prohibition. They would argue that if alcohol wasn't being sold, then people would stop drinking. Clearly, that wasn't going to happen!

  8. A buffet? AND Jennifer Hudson??? HELL YEAH!!!

  9. Or why not legalize gay marriage? That would bring in tons of money. No respectable gay wedding would ever be done on a budget. ;)

  10. I feel like illinois has never had a problem taking peoples money before. Why would they start caring now? dumbass republicans.

  11. Keep on drinking the liberal koolaid. Allowing video gambling would be one of the worst things that could ever happen in this state!

  12. There are already 9 riverboat casinos in Illinois, including Joliet, Aurora, Elgin and Peoria. Though I'm not really a gambler (like you, my gambling stops at $1 for Mega Millions) I used to go to the one in Peoria in college to help pay for tuition. Go blackjack!

    Mayor Daley has tried MANY times to get one in Chicago, but has been rejected by Springfield.

    I know, maybe we can put cameras on red lights and street sweepers to increase ticket revenue, raise the sales tax and cut CTA service! Oh wait...

  13. Jeremy, there is a city ordinance that blocks video gambling here in Chicago. Unfortunately, Mayor Daley has been very uncommunicative and passe on doing anything to rid us of this law.

    A nice riverboat in Chicago would be great though, no? :)

  14. Paulie! Wouldn't it be great if they found a way to make 'Photo Hunt' into a legal gambling game that would pay out? I would rule that game!

  15. Sounds like a plan to me. Georgia fought the lottery for a while but it has done great things for the state and education

  16. Don't forget the fact that this would create so many more jobs here in the state too! We need people to run these services. If we did create a couple of casinos, that's a lot of staff to put to work.

  17. Dude, Illinois sounds F'd up. How can a state with a city as wellknown as Chicago be in such financial trouble? Sounds like new leadership needs to be voted in.

  18. Jennifer Hudson AND a buffet in the same blog? Now, you're talking! Paul for Mayor!

  19. Actually Daley was seriously considering allowing video gambling in Chicago until he found out that the city would only receive 5% of the revenue generated (while the state would receive 35%).

    Considering most of the money generated would be coming from Chicago, that's a pretty small percentage.

    I say bring on boat!

  20. Mayor Daley may have been supportive of this in the past, but you're right Paul, as of recently he hasnt said a word. Most likely, it's because next year is an election year and he doesn't want to get mixed up with this.

  21. I so agree with you on this!

  22. Ahhh that's a tricky one Paul. Gambling is still evil, it would coem back to haunt you lol

  23. an intersting proposal. i do think we need to start thinking outside the in VA the budget is getting particular education...just in our county they are closing 2 schools and cutting well into double digit teachers...

  24. Hey Paul - you are on the right track! I've been thinking this for years. So - how do we make it happen? I'd be join the support team to help start a campaign! BlackJack or BUST?

  25. Paul, the legal gambling idea will more than likely solve the short/medium term money problems. It will also likely unleash/worsen a myriad of other social/societal problems. It is an extremely tough call, but whatever the decision it isn't one that should be made rashly. You'll have to live with the repercussions for a very long time. Neither choice you have is favorable.

    Unfortunately, people don't self control as a rule, and human beings are to prone to way too many addictive behaviors. Gambling also tends to enact what I have come to call the "Reverse Robin Hood Effect." Can't tell you how much I hate that. Citizens also tend to focus on short term gain over long term effect and that is almost always a mistake. The important thing is that you are informed and involved.