Friday, March 5, 2010

And The Oscar Goes To...

Happy Friday!  WE MADE IT!!!!

We also made it to the end of another Awards season, with the Academy Awards this Sunday night.


I always watch the Oscars, and usually am a fan...this year especially because I've actually seen many of the nominated films!  So, I will feel like I somehow had a part in the winner's glory.  :)

I've seen Avatar, The Blind Side, Up in the Air, Precious, Up, InvictusInglorious Bastards, and Julie & Julia

Maybe I need to run out on Saturday and watch a couple more before the big night on sunday!

However, by the time the Oscar's actually are broadcast, there is no suspense left.  We pretty much know who the big award winners are going to be...thanks to the SAG awards, the Golden Globes, the Critics Choice Awards, and many, many others.

But millions of people still watch anyway!  I guess there is something nice about seeing the front-runners actually being coronated.

Either that, or it's just another great excuse to throw a fun theme party for all your friends! 

Plus, there are stars galore, so its kind of fun to watch just for that.

Personally, one of my favorite films of the year, 'Brothers,' was not nominated.  I think it's a shame!  Also, I LOVED 'Invictus,' and thought that it should've received a Best Pic nom.

Oh well...what do I know, right?

One thing I DO know:  There is no reason for us, the viewers, to have to sit through certain categories such as 'Best Documentary Short' or 'Sound Mixing.' 

Usually, this is the time of the night when we all flip through the channels, go make a sandwich, or take our Boniva.

Yes, these nominees are very bright, and good at what they do, but do we really have to bore ourselves with this? 

Nobody would tune in to a nationally televised program, watching me win 'Employee of the Month' at my office.  People just don't care!

Film critic Richard Roeper says it best:  "When you're watching people you've never heard of thanking more people you've never heard of for helping them to create a work you've never seen, that's not exactly the recipe for riveting television."


Why they don't give out these awards at an earlier ceremony is one of the great mysteries to me.

Sort of like how American Idol makes the contestants who were just kicked off sing the song that sucked so bad, that got them eliminated in the first place!  WE DON'T CARE TO SEE IT!

But I have no pull...

So, wherever you are on Sunday night, and whoever you are with, I hope you enjoy the Oscars. 

...and when you get bored during the droning middle-section of the program, feel free to visit 'Dangling Carrots' and read through all the past amazing gems of writing! blog postings.

You're Welcome.


  1. 500 Days of Summer was one of the best movies I have ever seen. I have no idea who really votes for the Oscars but they missed the mark by not nominating this film for anything.

  2. Excellent Roper quote. Very true!

  3. Your Hotness,
    Is Hurt Locker nominated and I am quite sure A Single Man is nominated as well. Both movies are really really good I freakin' loved both movies!

  4. I agree with you. The Emmys split the awards into two shows. The one the average american viewer sees doesn't include all the technical awards. The Oscars need to do that too!
    Although, I LOVED Meryl Streep in Julie & Julia.

  5. I never thought I would see the day when Sandra Bullock might possibly win an Oscar. Has hell frozen over yet?

  6. I really want to see 'The Hurt Locker.' Maybe i need to find a way to squeeze that in the next day or so.

    'A Single Man' looks excellent too!

  7. If you won Employee of the Month, I would throw a viewing party and serve Chipotle for the main entree!

  8. I would so watch an award show with you getting an award for best employee (ok maybe not, but I thought it sounded nice, lol)

    I am so looking forward to the show, we are having a party...yippie the oscars and martinis...does it get any better?

  9. Love the Roeper quote! I shout at the TV during those moments: C'mon!!! Noboday cares!!!!! Get off!!!!

  10. You are absolutely correct about the crappy awards getting airtime, but you are also COMPLETELY right on about American Idol making the losers sing their shitty song at the end! Good point.

  11. I've always said one year I'm going to see all the pictures that have been nominated for best film. This year they had to go and open it up to 10! I'm woefully behind. I've only seen Avatar and Up.

  12. I love the Oscars. One of my favorite nights of the year! It's my Superbowl. My prom. My night on the town. Look for upcoming blog posts! Enjoy your evening.

  13. Paul!

    I adored "500 Days of Summer" too!


  14. Happy Oscar weekend! See ya on the red carpet! :-)

  15. It will be Monday morning here and it happens to be a public holiday! yay!

  16. I saw Avatar, Up in the air, Precious,

    I need to watch more I guess