Wednesday, March 17, 2010

To Kindle or Not to Kindle...

I am torn, y'all!

For months now, I have been debating whether or not it would be beneficial for me to purchase one of these fancy Electronic Book Reader devices.

It's not often that I ask anything of you lovely readers, so offer me a little help here!

I am someone that you would call the 'late-early' buyer.  I am rarely the person living on the edge, waiting in a 7 hour line for the release of a new product!

I still like to get in pretty early, but I sort of wait safely until a new version comes out that has fixed all the bugs of the first version.

However, I did buy my Motorola Droid phone within the month of its release.  That was a first for me, but I LOVE this darn phone!

These Kindles (and similar devices) sure do look neat, but it is hardly a necessity for me.

As someone who reads a lot more these days than I used to, I feel like it would be great to have one.  In other ways, I feel like it would just be another costly item that I can add to my collection of gadgets that I carry around with me on a daily basis!

There was a woman sitting next to me on the train yesterday who was reading from hers.  It seemed like she had to keep clicking buttons and adjusting her case/cover. 

Is it really that much of a hassle? 

I guess I'd have to play around with one.

They would definitely be good for traveling, right?  Instead of lugging around a book or two, this would be a great way to carry novels.  Except, that I don't really travel THAT often.  Hmmm...

Can any of you help?  Do they run on batteries?  Could you potentially be in a situation where you are somewhere and the battery runs out? 
Or, do you have to charge it like an ipod or cell phone? 

I hope not because my house is running out of available outlets!  Eeeesh

I hear that the books don't cost too much, with many of them being under $10.  There are also free books you can buy? my interest is really peaked.

I can't imagine curling up in a blanket on a rainy day with a cup of coffee and a e-reader.  It just doesn't have the same visual for me as curling up with a book in my hands.

Oh well...

So, I guess I am PLEADING for your advice!  Do any of you own one?  If so, do you recommend?

If you don't own one, do you want it?  If you do not, then why?

I will wait patiently for your responses while I chow down on this delicious bag of M&M's.  Thank you.  :)


  1. I'm waiting for all the changes to the ipad...I heard with apps you can dowload you will be able to highlight and take notes and all sorts of nifty things...and the price will go down too!lol

  2. Buy it! I have one. You won't regret it. It's not like you have to read everything from this moment in your life on from it.

  3. My best friend bought one but gave it away soon after since she prefers to hold on to a real book. Don't leave it in the freezer!

  4. HAHAHA! I will do my absolute best NOT to ever put it in the freezer in the first place. :)

  5. I'm definitely a luddite when it comes to the Kindle (or whatever Barnes and Noble's version is); but on a practical level, given how new the technology is, you may want to wait till the next version comes out or the version after that. It will probably be able to do more and be cheaper.

  6. I LOVE all things APPLE but I wouldn't buy the Ipad just yet. I had to have the new Touch when it first came out and then a year later they improved it and gave it more memory. There are a few issues with the Ipad now but I bet within a year they will update it and it will be great

  7. Lucky for me, I don't read. Hahaha! But i will come over and help you eat some of those M&M's!

  8. I say if you have the extra cash laying around, then buy one. If not, then don't. Personally I still go to the library for most of my books.

  9. Duncan, you know how to read? :)

    Kyle, get your own bag! Fine, I will share, but I am eating all the green ones today in honor of St. Pat's!

  10. I love to read and also i'm a geek gadget freak, so I did a lot of research and ended up buying the Barnes and Noble Nook device. I have to say I loved it! (past tense because sadly it was stolen during a car break-in recently). I'll give you amy personal take on each device:
    Amazon Kindle: Amazon backing, E-ink technology (no eye strain),great book selection, keyboard can make it easy for people that are not fond of touch screens. On the other side, it doesn't support the EPUB format which means you cannot add books that are free in the public domain.

    Nook: B&N backing, Great book selection,it has a color touch screen at the bottom which makes it great for browsing and buying books, e-ink technology, faster refresh rate, supports the EPUB format. you can "lend" e-books to others ,Great designer cases. It runs on Android

    iPad (from what i currently know): Multimedia, it does a lot more than display books, great page turning simulation. On the other hand, it is backlit which means your eyes could strain more. Pricier than the other options.

    There are other players in the industry but these are the definite top players.

    Things to consider: color E-ink is coming out next year (just announced), and also the iPad may cause the other players to revamp their hardware

    Hope this helps...

    BTW I had a dream with you last night I would rather not describe in here...odd

  11. I have the Droid too! LOVE it!

    My best friend and his partner both have Kindles. They love them. I haven't felt the need to get one. If you don't get enough advice on here, I'll put you in touch with Scott. ;-)

  12. props to Miguel Torres for mentioning the Nook. I'd recommend the Nook over the Kindle or iPad for being more open-source, user-friendly, having easily replaceable parts and quite a few more features. You can get public domain books from download them as epubs and stick them right on a flash card and drop it in a Nook.

    That same free book on a Nook costs money to get onto your Kindle.

  13. This one looks cool too!
    I am in the same boat. I want to read more, and I think if I could download books and have it on an easy screen, with something always in my backpack, then I'm super excited. I'm waiting a little bit for the iPad to see how it goes, and maybe I'll buy one [magazines + books + web]. I'd pay a little more for that. The whole straining of the eyes thing (and turning it off on a plane) would be annoying though.

  14. I have a Kindle and I love it!! I used to use it a lot more when I was taking public transportation every day.. Made it very easy to read on the bus or train or flying. I love being able to have many many books on it, so if I finish a book I can just start a new one. Or if I don't have a new one ready, you can go to Amazon directly from the Kindle and buy another book.

    Books are really reasonably priced. The Kindle charges via a wall outlet and the battery lasts a long time if you don't stay connected to the WiFi at all times (which you really only need to get more books).

    You can also click to buy a book on Amazon and then the next time you turn on your Kindle it will come up. No need to even plug the Kindle into the computer at all.

    Hope this helps Paul!!

  15. I've checked out the Nook at Barnes & Noble and I was pretty impressed. If I had to choose one, I would feel pretty comfortable with that one.

    However, I still like to hold my books in my hands. If I can't find it on the internet for free, then I usually get them from the library.

  16. Can you read the Enquirer and US Weekly on one of these? Then I would get one!

  17. As a kindle owner, I agree with 99% of what the others have said.

    The kindle will hold a charge long enough to read War and Peace so charging isn't an issue. If you forget to charge it you can either plug it into the wall or your computer.

    The best thing for me about the kindle or any ereader is the ability to change the font size.

    I find the kindle is much easier and more comfortable to read from than a book, especially in bed when I'm on my side.

    The only problems I have with the kindle are 1. I never worried about my book being stolen and 2. after seeing the ipad, I'd wait for that and am thinking of selling my kindle to get one.

  18. I am in the same predicament that you are. I kind of want one but I don't want to spend so much money on something that I might not use that much.

  19. I think I might be old fashioned, but I dont think anything could replace the feel of an old book in your hand...I love books, the feel, the weight the smell...some of my favorites are well worn, bringing back wonderful memories everytime I pick them up...Im not sure you could get the same effect from a kindle:)

  20. I say go for it! It never hurts to have one more cool device and it will come in handy in certain situations.

  21. Wow, thank you! You are all being very helpful. I have so many more things to think about now, though! hahaha

  22. My girlfriend insisted on getting on. Since she bought it, it has been sitting on the dresser in our bedroom untouched. I'm surprised she even took it out of the box. I can sell it to you as I'm sure she'll never know.

  23. I have a Sony Reader. I hardly ever use it, but I like having it. Does that make sense?

  24. Others will disagree I'm sure, but to me, it would just be yet another electronic device for me to have to learn how to use, maintain, recharge, etc. For me, the juice isn't worth the squeeze.

  25. Sorry, I don't see myself ever buying one of these. Before you know it, another product will come along and outdate it anyway.

  26. I purchased a Nook. I love it, and now I have a hard time going back to reading hardcover books. I say go for it.

  27. I am 50/50 heard so many things about it....I want to try to keep books before they are gone--kinda sad! Happy Pats day Bud!

  28. Luuuuv my kindle - have it love it get it.

    Easy to use, and you click to turn pages, that is pretty much it, unless you add notes (which i dont). Amazing for travel. Charges easily and lasts a long time (think cell phone charger). And most books under ten bucks, including new releases, lots of free stuff to be had to. Also magazines and other stuff available - get one now!!!

  29. As much as I spend time writing online, I can't bring myself to read a book via 'electronica'. I need that physical touch, the smell of ink and the turn of the page.

  30. I think you should KINDLE! haha :-) I also think you should pass some of those M&M's!

  31. No plans on buying a kindle. Then again I'm old fashioned. I love the feel, and smell, of a book. I can't see myself cuddling up with a Kindle.

  32. I have one - come over and check it out whenever. (It's brand new and unopened, so I don't know shit about it. It's actually Scott's, but he gave it to me to toy around with.)

  33. Paul!

    I still prefer actual books you can hold in your hand.

    Call me old-fashioned, I guess, but I love the feel of a book. Turning each page one-by-one.


  34. i enjoy my books. Not only that, It is less likely someone is going to try and rob me on the CTA of my book versus an electronic device!