Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dancing With the HOTTIES!!!

I've never really been a HUGE fan of Dancing With the Stars, but I do admit that on occasion I have watched the show and found it thoroughly entertaining.

Mostly, because I like to laugh at the ridiculously bad co-host Samantha Harris!  I'm sure they kept her on for comedic value!

However, the celebrity cast has now been revealed for this upcoming season, and I am definitely adding this to my regular TiVo scheduling!

Sure, these still aren't the biggest 'celebrities' in the world, but at least the majority of them are somewhat intriguing!

...and GORGEOUS!

I mean, have you seen this cast yet???

I mean, really...  Erin Andrews???  The Bachelor Jake?  A Sexy Pussycat Doll?  Evan "GOLD MEDAL" Lysacek!!!

Heck, even Kate Gosselin looks like a real movie star now with those extensions!

Although, it is even more fun to see beautiful people who CAN'T dance!  :)
Let's see which of these delicious 'Dames and Dons' have two left feet.

Also, this cast has SHANNON DOHERTY!!!

I can't wait to see her get tested and a little angry.  Watch out...she might CUT A BITCH!

She also has a history of quitting & leaving shows that she has been on.  I wonder if she will stick around long enough to get voted off!

On another note, is it really fair that Nicole Scherzinger gets to be on this show???

I mean...she is already a professional dancer, right?  Isn't she a Pussycat Doll???  Don't they have a show that runs in Las Vegas or something? 


If I had to pick a winner for this season, I will go with Evan Lysacek

Fresh from winning the gold medal, and the hearts of many Americans, he is definitely a front runner.  Plus, Olympic athletes always seem to do well on this show.

They know their bodies well!

My prediction for Final 3:  Evan Lysacek, Nicole Scherzinger, and hmmm....  Chad Ochocinco?

Bring on the dancing!


  1. HAHA! I would love to see Shannon Doherty start some crazy drama on this show! I would vote to keep her in for a long time if she could break up the 'pageantry' of it all!

  2. Bachelor Jake is HOT HOT HOT!!!!!

  3. I have tried, believe me I have, but I just cannot get into this show. No matter how many crazies they have on it.

  4. Mmm more interested when they are in their sexy dancing gears lol

  5. When I saw the cast for this season, I thought that they did a good job of getting contestants that people actually care about. I hope they all have decent dancing skills, because then this season will probably be the best one yet!

  6. I'll pay money to see Shannon Doherty take out Kate Gosselin--for good. That Gosselin's name is even used in the same sentence as the word "celebrity" makes me sick.

    (You're right. This is one hot cast.)

  7. I've watched the show, but not a big fan. However I also would like to see how far Shannon can go. I bet she is one of the first ones off though.

  8. Paulie! Let me know if you want to have DWTS viewing parties. Any excuse to get together and drink, right? :)

  9. Your hotness, I was debating whether I should watch it right up to when I saw Kate Gosslin's mug shot.

    When she gets eliminated I may watch it, other than that. I shall be re-arranging my panty drawer.

  10. I can't agree more about Nicole Scherzinger. I was watching Entertainment Tonight at the gym last night and they were showing who was going to be on the show. I was surprised they picked her for the exact reason you stated! I mean, the Pussycat Dolls were known for their dancing before they started singing, so I don't see how it's fair for her to be on the show!

  11. I despise this show...but kinda just want to watch it cuz of Shannon Doherty..thank GAWD for forward thru all the other shizaz!

  12. I agree with Tony. This show is nice to DVR because after fast-forwarding through all the garbage, you can watch this 2 hour show in about 15 minutes.

  13. I think that Kate Gosselin should send the producers flowers and candy in thanks for loosening the definition of "star" to the point where it includes people who do nothing but publicize their personal problems.

    Now Shannon Doherty on the other hand... I love, love, LOVE me some Shannon but I fear that the small minded American public will simply vote muh gurl out the first week out of nothing more than their dislike for her while they keep Kate and those tragic extensions around because they feel sorry for her.


  14. I don't know who the dark-haired guy is, but I want to!

  15. You know I love this show:) I am so stoked, other than Kate(who I hope goes home week one) the cast is brilliant;)

  16. I love all of this hate for Kate! She clearly is still whoring out her fame, while her children are where?? She needs to stay home and be a mother!

  17. I can't wait to see if they can keep Pamela Anderson's boobs covered throughout the season.

  18. Mixed feelings about this show, when i channel surf and stumble on it is like the car accident I cannot turn away from.

    Glad Samantha Harris is gone this year...

  19. I'm only going to watch this because of Jake and Aiden but will probably get bored halfway through the premiere and turn it off.