Friday, February 26, 2010

One More Year...

Well, i did it...

I went ahead and re-signed my lease, in order to stay in my same apartment for another year.

I was thinking about moving out, but if I moved then I would REALLY miss the Ghost in my apartment who I have grown to love so much!

It would be like breaking up with a lover!

I was tempted to, I made a list of pros and cons.  The 'Pros' won.

First of all, i absolutely hate moving!  I spent so many years of my life moving from place to place, that it feels good to finally be in the same location for a while.

I've been in my apartment for a few years now, and was considering moving, in order to get a little bit bigger or nicer place.

However, my leasing company sweetened the deal by NOT raising my rent!  This is the first time my rent won't be going up since i moved there.  When I saw that on the lease, I pretty much peed my pants in shock! 

I ran to grab a Boniva as fast as possible!

Also, I have been so busy with work and life lately, that I sort of just let time fly by, and didn't get a chance to really look around for a new place. more year it is!

Casper (my ghost) would miss me too much.  I mean, who else would I get to fondle me in the middle of the night?!

I'm fine with this decision, as I am pretty comfortable where I am.  I like the neighborhood, I like the building management, and the apartment has everything that I need for my lifestyle.

I've never really had to deal with loud neighbors, or other apartment-living annoyances, so it will be ok.

I do remember about a year ago, the guy who lived who below me had a tendency to sing. 

Sing LOUD. 

Yeah, i had to stomp on the floor a couple of times, but then he got the hint!  :)

Which reminds me of this great little video:



  1. I need to hear more about this ghost. Will he fondle me too when I visit?

    I always debate about another year's lease. But it really does go so fast.

  2. It does go WAY too fast. Plus, my company makes me re-sign at least 3 months early. ???

    Michael, hopefully when you visit, Casper won't be bashful and hide! :)

  3. Paul, you are so crazy that I love you! Where do you get so much Boniva? Is it a lifetime supply? haha!

  4. casper looks quite cute judging by the photo!
    I absolutely hate moving too!

    I have a neighbor that I would like to do that to!

  6. Um... you do know that Boniva is for postmenopausal osteoporosis, right?

  7. I am so jealous...I need a ghost molester :)

  8. I have a singing neighbor at this moment..(sighs) doesn't help that sshe's always off key either.

    I'm now wondering if I have a ghost in my home and if so why haven't I been fondled. It would be just my luck that I'm not his type.

  9. I just re-signed my lease too. That's how they get you to stay, by making you sign so early. Otherwise, other apartments would become available and people would be able to leave much easier.

  10. congrats on the re sign;) and at this point I wouldnt care if it was a ghost or not, just as long as I got a little fondling;)

  11. Sometimes just making the decision is good for the spirit, both your and Casper's. Best wishes.

  12. Like Michael, I want to hear more about this ghost. I had hoped for a ghost when I bought my house but no luck. I'm jealous.

  13. You crack me up, sir. I hope you realize that if there is a ghost in your apartment that he is watching everything that you do, even when you undress!

  14. i'm thinking you should rename your ghost Robert P. the fondling would be so much sweeter. ;) Happy Friday!

  15. Okay wait! STOP THE TRAIN. DID you and Rivers make a love connection? SHUT UP! Please tell me? omg.

    And yeah, I wonder why you were taking so much Boniva. I am thinking you were having some kind of bone loss. Couldn't possibly be boner loss. Might want to see your doctor and ask for anything that ends with PAM - like Loraze or Diaze. Jus sayin.

  16. Haha, you dork! Love this!

  17. Casper, you named the ghost Casper???

  18. I wish your bedroom could talk and tell us what has been going on in there.

  19. I'm happy that your rent isn't going to raise. :)

    That video was really fucked up! LOL!! I really didn't expect that ending. hahaha

  20. I'm envious. I'm moving AGAIN in two weeks. I just moved here in September, but my roommate moved to Florida a couple months ago. She's completely moving out in a couple weeks and I'm moving in with a friend in A-ville.

  21. No rent increase is a good reason to stay put!