Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Apartment Intruder!

Last night, when I walked into the front door of my apartment building, there was a girl standing in the vestibule.

She was standing next to the intercom, but she wasn't talking into it...she was YELLING! Obviously, she & the person on the other end were having a bit of a tiff...

Ummm...I do not want to be a part of this drama...Where are my keys??

As I'm standing there, searching through my bag for my house keys to get me in the security door, she begins to call out vulgar names to the guy on the other end, to which he is saying things like, "Just calm down."

But she keeps going...

Geez...take a chill pill, mama!

At this point, I figure that he probably doesn't want her to come upstairs, or he would've let her in by now. So, I stick my key in and open the security door just enough to squeeze my way in, and then give it a little tug to pull it shut behind me...this way Miss Crazy cannot rush into the building behind me.

HOWEVER, I made the mistake of looking back at her, because I can see that she had reached for the door in order to follow in after me. She looked a little shocked as the door slammed shut with her on the outside.

Then I hear her yell at me, "Asshole!"

Oh yeah...This is all MY fault here, isn't it...

Look...First of all, she was there to bug him, and why the hell would I let someone into my building to bother another tenant OR possibly do damage?

...and Second, she is not MY guest, so it's not my responsibility to let her in!

So...I stop at the mailboxes to grab my mail, and then walk over to the elevator to take it upstairs. Within this time, some other girl enters the front door and holds it WIDE OPEN for the screaming lunatic chick!

Oh Great...Now she is in the building, and she's taking the elevator up with me. I glance over at her, and she is giving me a dirty look. She said, "That was rude!"

Oh...Bitch wants to fight, now. Ok...

I know I should have let it go at this point, but I just couldn't... So I replied, "I don't know you...and clearly you don't have a key."

She told me, "Why don't you mind your own business?"
I answered, "No offense, but when you are trying to get into my building, it becomes my business!"

I don't know...

Would you have done the same thing?
Should I just have let her follow in behind me?

I mean...I am not a front door Nazi.

There are people who piggy-back their way in the door after me all the time, and generally I have to use my best judgement. If you look familiar, or non-threatening, then usually I don't do anything.

However, clearly this b*tch was confrontational...who knows what she could've done!

Also...what about Delivery guys? I find it VERY odd that sometimes a pizza delivery guy will be at the intercom, and then just walk in after me... Ummm, HELLO!...Don't you have to tell the tenant who ordered the food that you are here?

Look...I have no problem letting the door shut on certain people. I know it appears rude, but really, it's not personal...

I'm so glad that 'Psycho' didn't get off of my floor...because then I'm sure I would've had to listen to them fight and argue all night long! I prefer to watch 'Chelsea Lately' in peace, y'all...


  1. You were right to not let her in behind you. You can never be too careful, especially in a big city.

  2. I'd like to think that I would've done the same thing. I don't blame you for letting the door shut behind you. If she didn't have a key to get herself in, then she doesn't belong there.

  3. I'm with you on this one. Since she was having a 'tiff', keep her out!

  4. I watch Chelsea Lately too. Gotta watch that uninterrupted!

  5. I don't live in an apartment so I don't have to worry about people following me in, but I would've done the same thing. Good call!

  6. What a bitch! haha. Love your blog, Paul!

  7. You should have beat her about the head. Hard. It would be the last time she came to your building.

  8. That's great Paul! I think you were very right to not let some 'crazy' acting person in your building...that's why the door was locked!! That's why you pay for that!
    Leave up to her friend to decide wheather he wants her in or not!
    :) Raina

  9. Wow, that last comment is harsh! However, you did exactly what you should have done in order to look out for your safety.

    Love your blog. You should write a novel of some of these stories.

  10. Was she a Lincoln Park Trixie? :)

  11. I would have done the same thing! Didn't she realize she was acting crazy? Why would you even think of letting her in? I'm sure the guy she was fighting with was THRILLED that the other person allowed her entrance.

    What you did was common respect/knowledge for a secured residence.

  12. You are so funny... and correct. I wouldn't have let her in. Really reminds me of a certain girlfriend you used to have....she could have been the lunatic's sister! hahahahahahaha

  13. I'm glad you talked to her afterwards... geez. Sometimes people need to be told.

  14. Ummm yeah, I wouldn't have let her in and I probably would have called security if there is such a thing or the cops. She was trespassing and had no right to enter the building uninvited.

  15. I agree with everyone else on here. I would not have let her into the building either.

    Are you in the Lincoln Park or Lakeview Area Paul. I would have told the other lady that let her in that she let in a crazy women (while we were all on the elevator)

  16. I totally agree with your actions. I sure wouldn't want someone letting some psycho in that's coming to hunt me down.....what if she had had a gun?

    Right Decision!!!!

  17. You were kind when you told her. I would have flat out told her I don't let in yelling psychos who don't live in my building. Gotta love Chelsea...

  18. Perhaps she was having major PMS!
    Anywhoo I'm glad no one was cut in the face...
    ps: enjoying your blog posts darling!

  19. I woulda told the bitch to leave if she didn't want the police called. You are too polite, Paulie. :)

  20. You should not only have let her in, you should have invited her to your room for milk and cookies. I'm guessing by the way she was acting that she was an oversized child who just needs some good old-fashioned nurturing... or spanking... or mud wrestling....