Monday, August 17, 2009

Victims of Sunday Funday...

Aah...Good Ol' Sunday Funday!

One last chance to get together with friends and have a few cocktails before the weekend is over and its back to reality.

A good Sunday Funday doesn't necessarily need to include alcoholic beverages, but generally, yes...they are involved.

Which makes for a wonderful HOT MESS!

For most, a quality Sunday Funday begins with a "drunk brunch," consisting of numerous mimosas or Bloody Mary's. The day then continues on to a house party, or a local bar where you get together with others who are also celebrating. Then, for the "Champions," the day continues into the early morning hours of Monday.

Here's the thing: Once you begin, it's hard to get out! Sunday Funday will SUCK YOU IN like a fat guy at a buffet!

I did not participate in Sunday Funday yesterday, but I got to see the effects of it, which turned out to be quite entertaining!

As I was walking around, running some errands, I passed a guy on the street who CLEARLY had too much to drink. He was stumbling hardcore; However, you could tell that he was trying his hardest to look like he was completely sober.

OH MY GOD...Haven't we all been there before!
Now I know what I look like when I try to do the same thing.

The funniest part is that this was around 3:30 in the afternoon. It was great to watch people's faces as they would also pass him, and laugh and smile at how ridiculous he looked!

Then...coming home from the gym yesterday, around 6:30pm, I saw someone that I know sitting on the bench outside of 7-11, completely devouring a sandwich. He was so out of it, looking like he was ready to fall asleep. It was so funny that I couldn't help but watch him for a few seconds...would it have been cruel to take a picture? :)

Finally, I said hello and out of his mouth came, "Paul, I need to get home..."

So, I walked him ALL THE WAY across the street to his apartment building and watched him walk in the front door. least he walked in the right direction!

Last night around 10:30pm, I got a text from a friend that said "u r such a gret friend. i love you very mus."

Ok...clearly drunk.

Then...a few minutes later, the same person texts again, "I am so sad." It was hard to tell whether this was a "mass" text or not, but in order to be a good friend, I called him back.

Yes...he answered at a bar.

Then, he began mumbling on, something about being so thankful for his friends, etc. It was really hard to make out what he was saying, with all the noise in the background.

Then, a long pause...and he just hung up on me.

Clearly, he wasn't TOO sad...

Another friend was such a mess this weekend that he came home, went online, and deleted over 200 of his friends on Facebook. WOW! That clearly must've taken some time...and thought. Well, drunk thinking... was all quite entertaining!

Honestly...i generally do not drink to get drunk anymore. Why not? 'Cuz I got plans, y'all!
I have important projects and goals that I want to get accomplished, so it helps me to keep 'somewhat' of a clear head. Plus...I am in my 30s now, so it isn't as 'cute' to be wasted out of your mind as it is for someone younger...

Also, I didn't realize how much else I was missing out on. I live in a World-Class city, and there is so much to do and enjoy! I'm having a great time discovering it all...

Yes...unfortunately, this has caused me to not be as close to a couple of my best friends as I used to be, as they still operate under the same mindset of drinking to get drunk. I just don't feel the need to go out to the same few bars EVERY Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. I like drinking 'socially' and am having a good time with it while still trying to stay within my limits (MOST of the time...he he he!)

Plus...I'm saving a LOT of money and getting things Done!

But...don't think I am judging any of you...that's your prerogative. Do your thang! Just be responsible, y'all!

However, if you are going out, getting blitzed out of your mind every weekend, PLEASE keep updating your facebook status' while intoxicated! I love reading your drunk ramblings the next morning when I wake up!


  1. I would've taken the picture and then put it on your blog. But that's just me. I guess I'm cruel. LOL

  2. "Paul, I need to get home..."

    So, I walked him ALL THE WAY across the street to his apartment building...

    HAHAHAHA! That is so funny! Good story, Paul.

  3. I totally agree! It's amazing how much money you save not getting trashed every weekend, yet still have a good time and remember it all the next day :)

  4. Loves the Paul Benjamin.

    Let's go do something uniquely Chicago one weekend. :)

  5. haha let's get really hammered Pauly!!!! hahaha

    One of the reasons why I moved back home boo!!! But I do miss you terribly!!

    rey rodriguez

  6. I agree. You get to a point when there are so many more important things in life than spending it shitfaced. Having said that, next time I come to Chicago we are going out for margaritas.

  7. I'm with ya. Ya get piss drunk and then the next day is shot. Everything in moderation.

  8. well, your priorities are changing and that's a good sign...i am proud of you