Thursday, August 27, 2009

Reasons Why Someone Might Choose to Live In Canada (over the US)

Good morning!

Last night, I attended the Going Away party for the most wonderful, kind, adorable, awesome person...the one and only JAMESON!

It is very sad that Jameson will be leaving us here in Chicago to go back to Toronto for school. (At least that's what he says... Personally, I believe he is being Deported!) :)

There will definitely be a 'hole' in the Chicago Social scene. However, we do wish him the best! Hurry back to us, Jamie!

Which brings me to today's blog topic: Why would someone ever choose to live in Canada, and not the good ol' US of A; the land of the free, the home of the brave, the world of Paris Hilton...

Well, I thought I would come up with a list of reasons why Canada would be a nice place to live.

Let's see...

1) They've got that delicious Canadian Bacon. Yum!

2) Everyone seems to Ice Skate pretty well.

3) That maple leaf is pretty... OH, and I'm a BIG fan of Maple syrup!

4) They get to claim Alanis Morissette as one of their national treasures. I bet they all are required to own a copy of the album 'Jagged Little Pill.'

5) They also own Celine Dion. She's nice.

6) Canadian beer ACTUALLY has alcohol in it! (You know what I mean. Hello, Labbatt's 50!)

7) The people aren't as overweight, like Fatass, Obese Americans!

8) They've got the 2010 Winter Olympics coming up in Vancouver. That's pretty damn exciting!

9) They have that wonderful Parliamentary Government, where the leaders can be changed when things start going wrong (unlike in the US, where the country can be stuck with the same horrible leaders for years!)

10) It's peaceful. Canada managed to stay out of Vietnam and Iraq!

11) That land! They have SO MUCH of it, and so much of it is Beautiful!

and finally...the best reason to live in Canada

12) They now have our Jameson!!! I gotta start booking my flight to visit now!

At least, it's good to know that in the Facebook era, those you miss are just a status update, or personal message away.

Jameson, we love you and will miss you!

Now, go tear up Toronto!!!


  1. "Everyone seems to Ice Skate pretty well"

    HAHAHA! That just made me spit out my coffee! Great blog, Paul!

  2. I'm Canadian. You forgot that we are also very laid back people. We don't stress out like all of you Americans do. Haha.

  3. Canadian Bacon is delicious!!

  4. Jameson will be missed. Say hi to your Canadian besties Celine and Alanis...oh, oh and Ryan Gosling is Canadian and he's hot. Find him!

  5. Best of luck Jameson! You will definitely be missed in Chicago. So don't be a stranger!!

    Ps. Ms. Jenkins told me this morning that she also wanted to move to Toronto! So please don't forget to pick her up on your way to the airport.


  6. "Happy trails to you, til we meet again."

    Jameson, you made this summer so special. Chicago and I won't be the same without you. See you soon, bunny!

  7. Miss you already - kiss noise. You will come back next year so we can go to Milwaukee again? JESSSSSSSSSSSSS!

  8. Your friend looks like a real nice, fun person. I'm sure time will fly and he'll be back before you know it.

    Once again, very funny blog Paul.

  9. Our side of Niagara Falls is more beautiful. You can become a Mountie and ride a horse in a snappy red uniform. Sarah MacLachlan, Joni Mitchell, Our Lady Peace, The Tragically Hip, Chantal Kreviazuk, Jann Arden, Barenaked Ladies. Loonie and Toonie coins. Poutine (don't knock it till you try it... mooo). Parlez vous Francais? The North Pole. Safety (I'm sure my mom's doors are unlocked, as are her car doors, whether she's home or not). This Hour has 22 Minutes. Kids in the Hall. Mandatory Canadian Radio Content. ..... Just a few more reasons I miss home... OH CANADA! (But alas, my scope of practice for work IS better here...).

  10. They also have much better Weed than the United States does. Just saying...

    BC Bud!

  11. PAM ANDERSON is Canadian... Jameson, you lucky lil fag! Kidding, miss you already Jameson, I refuse to delete your American cell phone number until I get a replacement. Not that I'll be texting you on the regular, because that costs $.40 per text!!!

  12. I've never been to Canada. But after reading this, it sounds like a place I must visit. Any place that produces Celine AND that great bacon is a must travel destination!

  13. Hell no. It's too cold there!

  14. We are heading to Toronto a week from today. If you need a dose of Chicago, we'll be there!

  15. I live in Canada, its beautiful here! British Columbia is by far the best next to Prince Edward Island (depdending on what you like - Okangan is the most beautiful/warm in the summer).

    And yes, we have the best weed. THE BEST! Yay for green organic non-chemicalized gifts from God. ;)