Wednesday, August 26, 2009

VH1...Enough with the Dating Shows!

You all know that I LOVE the programming on Bravo and VH1!

I could literally sit at home on a rainy day and watch either channel non-stop. Both VH1 and Bravo have cornered the market on creating buzzworthy reality shows, and in the process have created their own Reality Celebrities.

However...VH1, I am worried that you are becoming Ridiculous...

The programming on both of these channels is so different, as Bravo likes to focus on the lives of the wealthy & classy ("Real Housewives, NYC Prep, Miami Social, Flipping Out, Rachel Zoe..."), while VH1 focuses on the ...well...not so classy. :)

But who can turn down a good viewing of "Tool Academy," "I Love Money," or "Charm School."

I mean...watching these trainwrecks is the BEST comfort television ever! And admit it...some of these characters you have grown to love!

Oh yes...some of them don't even have real names. For example: "New York," "Buckwild," "12-Pack" gotta love it!


Like I said earlier. I am concerned.

I don't want VH1 to turn into a one-trick pony...and by that, I mean COOL IT with all the Dating Shows!

When ABC's "The Bachelor" premiered back in 2002, it was a fun, new concept of reality television that has proven to be successful. (The show is about to start its 14th season...already??? Can you believe that?) 2006 VH1 came up with their own version, (somewhat of a parody, in my opinion) called Flavor of Love. Let's just say that the contestants were a little 'different' from what you would see on the ABC show.

Since it was wildly successful for VH1, they decided to come up with the 'white trash' version of Flavor of Love, called 'Rock of Love' featuring Bret Michaels, from Poison.

I gotta tell you...I LOVED these shows! SO entertaining!

However, after 3 versions of each, and numerous spinoffs...the formula starts to get a little old. The success of these shows does not lie in Flavor Flav or Bret Michaels, but in the personalities of the contestants 'searching for love."

Or...pretending to be searching for love in order to get 15 minutes of fame!

In the past 3-4 years, we have been inundated with "I Love New York," "Real Chance of Love," "Daisy of Love," and "For the Love of Ray J."

VH1... Enough already!

This week, one of the contestants, Ryan Jenkins, from the reality show "Megan Wants A Millionaire" was found dead by suicide in his Canadian motel room, after being wanted as a murder suspect in the VIOLENT killing of his wife.

This caused VH1 to immediately pull Megan's show off the air!

I do love the 'Megan character,' but VH1 made a good call.'s probably best for the cable channel anyway.

If the show was still running, then the current VH1 programming would consist of:

"Real Chance of Love 2" (why the heck did these knuckleheads get a FIRST version, let alone a second!)

"My Antonio" (another dating show, yet trying to come across as a more sophisticated version due to the star being actor Antonio Sabato Jr.)

and "Megan Wants A Millionaire" (in which Megan wants to be the trophy wife to a man with lots of dough...)

In my opinion...That is OVERKILL!
3 dating shows in one season?

VH1...stop being ridiculous!

You have two choices, VH1...either 1) stop with the dating shows for a while, so that we can miss them and appreciate them when they return


2) Make them better!

Right now they are all the same formula. Have all the contestants line up, and then one by one hand them a rose...or a chain...or a clock!?!

I would love to see VH1 make a parody of Big Brother, or Survivor...or the Apprentice. That would be something new, and it would still create fun characters to cross over into their other shows (Charm School, I love Money).

Vh1...I still love you. But please...I don't want to see a "Brooke Hogan of Love"


  1. Unfortunately, we don't get Bravo where I live, but I agree with you about VH1. It is so fun to watch crazy people!

  2. Thank you for putting a smile on my face every morning, Pauly. You do such a wonderful job with your blog. I used to blog, and I know that it's hard to keep up with it. I just lost inspiration I guess. I think you are a great writer, and you write in a way that draws us in to your stories and makes us want to keep reading. I would love to spend time with you and pick your brain, wondering where you get all your blog ideas & topics from. Great job!

  3. I think you should have your own dating show. I'd be a contestant. My nickname would be Chipotle, and then I would win. :)

  4. Paul you are on your way to becoming the next Andy Rooney... But, just like Andy Rooney I agree with what you blog about. = )

  5. LMAO at "Brooke Hogan of Love"


  6. I agree! Bravo is THE best. Their programing is so creative and so well done. I don't think I watch any of the dating stuff on VH1. I've never enjoyed any dating shows on any network. Maybe I'm just jaded and bitter about love?

  7. Hi Paul! I know you wouldn't agree, but I think Megan is a Hottie! I hope she gets to be on another tv show soon. (Don't tell Stacy, i said that!)

  8. This reminds me of old Video Hits One with Rosie O' that makes me feel old! Never did get into the new VH1.