Friday, August 7, 2009

Chicago's Interesting Summer...

Man, what is up with this weather?

For those of us who live in Chicago, we are used to brutal winters and nice, HOT summers...but not this year! The 90 and 100 degree weather has been completely absent this season.

And i gotta tell ya...I kind of like it!

Now, i know that this is going to ruffle a few of your feathers, but I actually enjoy not dripping in sweat while I walk around the city.

I know...I've heard many of you complain about Chicago not really having a summer this year. We are having a summer, just not what we are used to. For the most part, the weather has been in the upper 70s and 80s...which is FINE BY ME! I am not complaining, no I'm not!

I've still gotten to go to the beach a few times already this season, and the weather was sunny and comfortable.

It's very nice to not have to perspire through my clothing while heading to work in the morning...or on my way home. It's also great weather for my marathon training runs, as I don't have to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn in order to get my mileage in before the weather gets too hot.

So, overall I'm ok with it.

But I know that many of you want the 100 degree days. Not me! The only time I want to be in 100 degrees is if I am at a pool or beach, and can take occasional dips in the water to cool down. That's for sure!

So you didn't get to walk around flaunting your body without a shirt on as much...I mean, God forbid someone actually get to know you for your personality, right?

Who knows...maybe we are having an Indian summer, where the weather will finally start getting hot and stay this way through November! Wouldn't that be a treat!

Although I generally am enjoying this weather, I do admit that there has been a downside. A couple of our beach volleyball matches have been a little too cool for my liking...and very windy. That was a little frustrating...

Also, a couple of our kickball games were canceled due to rainy conditions. We have seen a little more rain that usual this summer.

But you know...I don't really mind. I like sitting outside, eating alfresco, in pleasant weather, and not sweating all over the place.

I also like evening cocktail parties on rooftops with a nice cool breeze flowing...

So, Mother Nature...I'm not mad at you.

Having said that, this weekend's temperatures are going to be in the low 90s...for the first time this summer, I believe. We'll see if this trend continues...

Now, let's hope it doesn't rain...


  1. There's something's missing when I don't complain about 100 degree weather...

  2. let me see if I got this right, you don't like sweating all over the place, correct?

  3. Wow, you're good...
    That would be correct.

  4. Minneapolis has not had a nice summer either. It hasn't even seemed like June or July. August isn't starting out that great either. A lot of dreary, cloudy and cool days. This isn't summer!

  5. I agree with you, Paulie. I've enjoyed the relatively mild weather as well.