Monday, November 23, 2009

Did you watch the American Music Awards?

Hello, and welcome to a short work week.  Hip Hip HOORAY!!!

First of all, I must mention how proud I am of my football team, the Call Boys, for an outstanding season!  We made it all the way to the Championship game, and came up just a little short.  However, for a team that finished in last place last year, 2nd place this year is fantastic!!!


Let's talk about the American Music Awards!

I would say that overall I was pretty entertained.  I remember just a few years ago, these award shows were full of such lackluster performances (i.e. a rapper just strutting across the stage with no rehearsed plan in mind...)

At least now it looks like the performers are TRYING again!  I would say that Lady Gaga's boundary-crossing performances have a lot to do with this!  When one artist raises the bar, the rest are likely to try to follow.

Speaking of Lady Gaga, her performance of 'Bad Romance' and 'Speechless' was the showstopper!  For such a new artist, she really is putting many of the other musical giants to shame. 

Whether you like her style of artistry or are just plain frightened of her, you have to at least admit that you look forward to seeing what she is going to do next!...and she does not disappoint there.  Since she sings live, and dances her butt off, she truly is the standard to compare the rest to.

And while we are talking about 'singing LIVE,' it's no secret that some artists are clearly lip synching their performances (Janet Jackson, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez).  However, I am not mad at that...because they at least gave us a show!  It would be different if they were just standing there at a microphone and lip synching. 

Many artists lip sync so that they are able to dance, which really is their strongpoint.  (Yes, that is ironic since it's a show rewarding singers, but whatever...)

I have to say, I thought that Jennifer Lopez' performance was one of the night's best!  That is her first song in a while that I can say was actually catchy, and she showed us that she can still dance as good as when she was a FLY girl way back when...  She did take a humbling tumble though, which was kind of funny.

JayZ & Alicia Keys, Carrie Underwood, Black Eyed Peas:  You all did a fine job.  Thank you for putting some effort into your performances.

Kelly Clarkson showed us what a beautiful voice she really has.  Whitney Houston, it is so good to see that you are back to looking and speaking somewhat coherently!

Daughtry, your song was very nice.

Rihanna, Keith Urban, Green Day:  eh...whatever.

So, let's talk about something that bothers the heck out of me...and I'm talking about YOU, Taylor Swift

Let me say, I like her.  I think her songs are cute, and she is a talented songwriter/guitar player.  (Vocally, a little on the weak side.)  However, she has been winning every big award on every award show so far this season.  It should NOT be such a surprise to her anymore when she wins these big prizes.

So Taylor, the "Oh My Gosh, I can't Believe It" shocked-face look is getting a little tiresome.  Just get up there and OWN it!  Don't pretend like you didn't know it was coming...

Paula Abdul's dress was nice.  Kate Hudson almost showed us her nip. 

And finally, Adam Lambert.  Without being too hard on him, I will just say this:  Adam, you don't have to try so hard.  We get wanted to 'shock' us.  Gimme a break...

I really would've just preferred a nice performance that showed us why you should've won American Idol, and probably would have convinced a few more people to pick up your new album when it comes out this week. 

Instead, we got that vulgar shitshow of a performance! 

Plain & simple, he tried to outdo Lady Gaga.  He didn't pull it off.

Only a few more months until the Grammys, y'all!


  1. Lady Gaga does scare me a little, but I always know that she is going to come up with something creative, therefore she will be entertaining.

  2. You give Rihanna an 'eh', but I think it was more like a total train wreck. Why the heck is she ruining her career?

  3. Lady Gaga should be Lady Gag! She is disgusting.

  4. Wish I could have sene it all...caught the end and Adam needs better direction!

  5. Wait? You thought Whitney was speaking coherently? Honey, she was as high as Balloon Boy.

  6. Lady GaGa: Amazing voice. She doesn't need the crazy costumes. She'll run out of ideas soon.

    Taylor Swift: She is good, I really enjoy her songs. But does she really deserve ALL these awards? I'm starting to question that.

    Whitney: I'm sorry, she is not sounding good. She sounds like someone trying to sound like Whitney Houston. For most of her song I was thinking, "What did she say?" I couldn't understand her.

    Adam: There was nothing shocking about his performance. Madonna was doing more 20+ years ago; and at a time when it WAS shocking. Everyone was expecting him to do something shocking--and it fell flat. Zzzzzzz. Adam kissed a guy and someone rubbed his crotch. Big whoop. He needs to start concentrating on his music and not so much on being gay and out there to shock.

  7. GaGa is becoming annoying and the "shock" value with the costumes isn't working since all the songs are starting to sound the same. Just because they have a dance beat doesn't make them good songs.

  8. I wrote this whole fancy comment post. In sort, agreed on almost everything, especially Gaga. I think you're a wee bit harsh on Taylor there, she's just a kid and while she may not be surprised I think she is trying to convey being humbled. I can't imagine how I would react to such repeated recognition! And BEP - sucked. What an embarrassment :-/

  9. Adam Lambert should be ashamed of that pompous performance. I have no problem with the guy-on-guy kiss, but grabbing that girl's crotch from under her jumpsuit, and then putting some guys face pretending to get a blow job? Come on now, there are lots of children watching these shows!

  10. Okay.. so I totally agree with you about Lambert. I thought his performance had the makings of a good show.. but it left me speechless - and not in a good way. #1) He didn't sing well - or at all really #2)Instead of pushing boundaries appropriately suitable for the viewing audiance (i.e. Madonna) he made a mockery of his talent. Furthermore, I feel that sex-on-a-stick wasn't so much of a ground breaker, but rather it showed Middle America and the Evangelicals out there why gays are sexual deviants. I am not sure how I feel about him now. Before I was very proud that he was out and proud.. and I wanted to support him. BUT.. now.. he's lost any class. ughh

    And Paula couldn't walk in her dress.

  11. Adam Lambert = Overrated!

  12. Didn't watch it... but the Project Runway crowd is all a twitter over the performance dress/shorts of Carrie Underwood at and Tom and Lorenzo -

  13. You are right on the money about Taylor Swift. She's likable but she needs to not pretend like she had no idea that she could win these awards. Now maybe she can go away for a little bit.

  14. You were way too nice to Adam Lambert in your post. Grabbing a guy's head and shoving it into his crotch is fine for his personal home life, but don't make me watch that crap! I will never purchase an Adam Lambert album, which is sad because I like him on Idol.

  15. JLo's fall was pretty funny, but I was pretty impressed with her dancing. Now she just needs to learn how to sing!

  16. JLO fall was funny and Taylor is getting the pity awards... damn you, Kayne

  17. I like Lambert but was disappointed. He didn't show the vocal skill he has because you're right, he was trying to shoot for the glam that Gaga does effortlessly. The song doesn't excite me but I enjoyed the romp. It wasn't anything new, seemed to me to be a bow to Madonna of the sex phase and a touch of the truck and roadshow of Cabaret. J-Lo was impressive and I bow to her quick recovery of the butt bop on the floor. Taylor Swift annoys me. Her music is only tolerable to a point, not enough substance for me and the sweet and innocent persona...flush it! Whitney's voice isn't quite what it used to be but she held her own and I was surprised by what looked like a truly genuine, humbling moment when she paused and waited while the audience applauded before she continued the acapella bit that led to the end of "I didn't know my own strength." That for me was one of the show's sweetest moments. I hope she does make the most of this comeback, I'm not sure she's strong enough anymore to be given yet another chance if she screws this one up.

  18. great review! Yes so true "I would say that Lady Gaga's boundary-crossing performances have a lot to do with this!" I remember when we were having all this rap rap and rap...I am glad it has changed and they are bakc to performing....You nailed my thoughts on so many levels!

  19. I totally agree with you on the whole Adam Lambert thing.

  20. Sorry, Paul, I didn't have the desire to watch the AMA's. I figured I could watch the top performances/clips from all the morning shows the following day and save myself some time.

    And congrats to the Call Boys! Yes, 2nd place is better than nothing! Go all of you!!


  21. I was not able to watch it, so thanks for the review!

    I have Lady Gaga's album and I absolutely love it! I mean she is kinda wack with her clothes and performances but that's unique and she is quite talented.

    I need to see the re-run.

  22. I wish that a strong, SWIFT wind would pick up Taylor Swift and wisk her off to another planet. I can't stand her. I agreed with most of your other opinions though. :-)

  23. We totally agree on Lambert's performance! If he would have tried any harder, he might have pulled a groin muscle.

    I didn't watch the show, just his performance afterwards. I should probably check out Lady Gaga's because she's the shiznit.