Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SNL = Saturday Night Limp!

Remember when Saturday Night Live was funny? 

No, seriously...it used to be a comedy!

I remember back in high school, one of the things that we would do on Monday mornings is discuss the SNL episode that was on over the weekend.  We would rehash our favorite bits and critique the musical guests.  There always seemed to be so many funny skits to choose from. 

From the early 90s with Adam Sandler, Chris Farley and David Spade, to the mid 90s with Molly Shannon, Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri, we got to see some real GEMS!
I wonder if the kids in high school now still do the same thing?  Do they even watch the show?

This season of SNL has been incredibly bad.  I usually watch it on my TiVo on Sunday mornings (or Sunday afternoon, depending on how good Saturday night was for me!)  and I can't even tell you how many skits I end up fast-forwarding through. 

It's an hour and a half show that I can watch in about 25 minutes!  Geesh!

WTF, Lorne Michaels?  What is wrong with your show???

Honestly, I think that there are some very talented actors on the show.  The problem seems to be the Comedy Writing team.  It might be time for some fresh blood.

And let's talk about the guest hosts:  January Jones?  Joseph Gordon Levitt? 

Sure, these are fine actors that are both involved with critically acclaimed shows/movies, but they haven't really caught on to the mainstream.  I highly doubt that middle America is going to go out of their way to tune in to see either one of them. 

And they both sucked.

There are only a couple of cast members who consistently make me laugh.  Kristen Wiig is the clear stand-out on the show!  I actually laugh out loud at so many of her characters!  Whether its a drunk Kathie Lee Gifford, the Target Lady, or Penelope, she is in a league of her own!

And who can forget her character, playing the Mara Sister with the baby hands! 
"I found a dead cat on the side of the road...  Do do do doo"

The only other person lately who has been making me LOL is Kenan Thompson

It's easy to dismiss him as a bit player, but his "What Up With That" skit is so funny to me.  He is also really good in "Deep House Dish" and playing the cop in the Scared Straight program.  There is no one better to play a gameshow host than Kenan!

Other than that, its very hit or miss...

And can we talk about the opening skits?  I know that SNL wants to stay relevent with current events/politics, but these skits are putting me to sleep!


I still have hope for you, SNL. 

Maybe there's too much 'behind the scenes' politics going on, who knows?  But Lorne Michaels, let's fix this situation!  Let's strip out half of these current cast members, and go on a nationwide search to select a few more likable people!

Also, there needs to be some new comedy writers added.  Young, fresh, hip writers with new ideas.

Or, just start calling the show Kristen Wiig Live, and go from there...


  1. Kristen Wig is the ONLY reason why I even watch this show anymore. I will be sad if she ever decides to leave, but she will probably get her own show for a season and then go away forever.

  2. I think that Jason Sudekis (sp?) is also funny at times. I crack up at the dance he does in the What Up With That skit.

  3. I agree, Ed. That dance he does makes me laugh too. I do like Jason Sudeikis, but I feel like he hasn't created many memorable characters.

  4. I haven't seen any episodes this seaon. SNL seems to go thru this dip every few years. It gets close to cancelation and then the magic comes back. There are some amazing years scattered in the not-so-good. I agree with you about Kristen Wiig. She is the best!

  5. Unfortunately for Kristen, I feel like she has to carry the show. She is in practically every skit. I think the audience gets too used to her and it becomes overkill. I wish she could come in with 2-3 really excellent skits for the whole episode, leaving the audience wanting even more of her.

    Yes, that baby hands skit is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while!

  6. I COMPLETELY agree with that, Derek.

  7. I will have to watch Kenan more closely to see if you are right, but with your comments about Kristin you are right on the money!

  8. Love Kristin too!! Last year was alive because of the election and Tina Fey being back for a while... Amy P used to be the "Kristin." I agree with what you're saying as well. I remember loving Dana Carvey, Ana G, and the late Phil Hartman, etc. I will always have a special place for SNL. It seems like even some of those "good years" you mention had critics slamming SNL as "below par." It's the memories of wonderful skits that keep it nostalgic and moving along. Hopefully they figure "it" out soon. Digital Shorts were Andy Sandberg, who has grown on me over the last couple years too. It's definitely a case of writing at the moment, because Fred Armisen can be amazing at times -- I've seen him in the background during minor roles, and he lights up. I think his newspaper guy is awesome, and I remember a skit where he was in drama troupe, where he was killing me. I digress...

  9. I like when they do the political stuff...John McCain and Sarah Palin are my favorites...I'm hoping since Palin is doing her book tour they convince Tina to come back and do something little...

  10. What a sucky show! The musical guests all suck too.

  11. They need to get Justin Timberlake back to host again. Every time he hosts, the entire show is fucking hilarious.

    But when she started popping those bubbles with the f'ed up baby hands, I almost peed. One of my favorite skits of all time.

  12. Like you said, Kristin Wiig is the only person on the show that I laugh at on a regular basis. You can tell that the audience looks forward to seeing her too, because when she first appears on stage, whether she tells a joke or not, they start clapping or laughing. Watch for it.

  13. They should have cut down to an hour several years ago. While I usually find the initial idea of a sketch funny (or at least amusing) by the time its over the same joke has been told so many times it's gotten tedius.

    That's my problem with the recurring sketches too. While Target Lady and Penelope are very funny, they're so creatively bankrupt they have to go back to them practically every show?

    Love love whenever Timberlake and Tina Fey are on though. And the digital shorts almost always make me laugh.

  14. Michael and Matthew, I agree with you. Justin Timberlake is one of the funniest guests they've had on. He is so naturally comedic, and isn't afraid to make a complete fool of himself.

  15. It's like there aren't any good quality shows out there anymore!

    I use to love chris farley and david spade so much!

    I miss farley. :(

  16. I couldn't agree with you more. The only thing I'd change is that SNL stands for Saturday Night LAME.

  17. Oooooweeee! What up with that, Paul!

    What up with that.....
    What up with that.....


  18. ok, don't make fun of me for just reading this now, but can I say: Amen! I had the same routine in high school...seriously that may have been an era that is just over ;)