Saturday, November 28, 2009


The only benefit to conforming is that everyone likes you but yourself.


  1. I remember being a young boy in school and being told I was a non-conformist, and, before I even actually knew what that word meant, I thought, "Cool."
    And I still do.
    I admire those who walk outside the lines.

  2. Very true my friend.

    Hope all is well for you.

  3. Ah, Paul.....

    But what happens when you don't conform with everyone else and still don't like yourself? I ask myself that all the time.

    Now that is something to think about!


  4. I think ive been guilty of conforming to fit in...but if we are honest havent we all at one time or another? I didnt say i liked myself for it, just that ive done it ;)