Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where's My Crab Rangoon?!?

In one specific episode of the popular television show 'Sex & The City', Miranda orders takeout from the same Asian place every single night that week.

Oh my god!  I'm Miranda!!!

Look...  I am guilty of eating Thai food probably 3 to 4 nights out of the week.   So What!

I just love how delicious it is!  And i hate cooking, so its very easy and convenient to just pick up some food on the way home, or if I am home already and decide that I don't want anything in my fridge, to have it delivered!  :)

Pad See Ewe, Pad Thai, Coconut Curry, Panang Curry, Cashew Chicken....


Well, yesterday I decided (surprise, surprise!) to call up the Thai restaurant down the street and place an order.  I called right as I got off the train so that it would be ready by the time I got there.

YES, I have the restaurant's phone # saved in my phone!  Don't Judge!!!
(when you go there as much as I do, you have to work out a system!)

"Hello, I would like an order of Pad See Ewe w/ Chicken, and some Crab Rangoon...for carry-out"

"Ok, that will be about 10-15 minutes."

Weird.  Usually they say about 5-10 minutes, because those cats are quick!  But Ok, they are probably a little busy.

Well, I walk from the train to the restaurant and strut up to the counter.   See, by now the staff knows me by name.

So I was a little confused when the staff was looking at me like, "Uh oh...did you call your order in?"

"Hello!  I'm here for pick-up"

The staff starts scrambling around, looking for my order.  What the f...did they lose it? 
The woman at the counter, Lu, comes up to me and asks when I called it in...By now she is so nervous, as if someone in the restaurant dropped the ball!

A little more scrambling occurs.  Where the heck is my food? 

I am being pretty patient, but I am starting to get irritated.  I call ahead for a reason, not so that I have to wait for it when I get there.

Lu comes back and apologizes, saying that she couldn't find it.  Then she goes to ask the girl bussing tables and starts speaking to her in a language that I can not understand.  However, I'm SURE she was scolding her for answering the phone and forgetting to turn in the order for ONE OF THEIR FAVORITE REGULARS!

Oh brother...what is going on?
I know I called the order in, right?  I glance down at my phone and then I see it....



So, Lu comes back and repeatedly says they are sorry, and asks if I would like to place an order.  By now, my face is a little red with embarrassment!  I should fess up and take the blame, right?  Well, guess what I did....

I say, "You know...that's ok.  Don't worry about it.  I am just going to leave."  And I walk towards the door.

She apologizes again.  (oops..!)

Once I hit the door, I booked it to the other Thai restaurant that is a few blocks up the road.  I get there, and sure enough, my food is sitting there, waiting for me to take it home and enjoy!

Ok, come on now...some of you have probably had this happen to you as well, right?




  1. HAHA! Now, that's funny! And no, that has never happened to me. :)

  2. oh my god. that is pretty embarrasing. I love how you handled it though. nice.

  3. I think you should've started YELLING and blame them for screwing it up! Then maybe you would've gotten your food for free. HA!

  4. WHAT? No way, I would ever cause a scene like that! I just politely made it look like they messed up. :)

  5. PHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NICE PAUL!!! Did you bring my some crab rangoon?!

  6. That is a great story! A side note: Thai is my FAVORITE food too. Yesterday I had it for lunch. I can eat it all the time. Pad Thai is my favorite dish!

  7. So Funny! I love this story. I will pretend like this has never happened to me either. LOL!

  8. I have a friend who screamed at a cable company for a long time and demanded they remove a pay movie from his bill. He NEVER EVER would order that and it was an adult movie too. This story sounds like that Annie's List commercial. He never got so mad with people on the phone, and it was a horrible experience. Turns out a week later or so, his friend fessed up to ordering a movie. I'm talking about my friend here. Not me. For real. I'm not at a doctor's office like Peter Parker in Spider Man II. But anyway, like the Doctor totally wouldn't notice that he's Spider Man. I love Crab Rangoons, so I ran to this post.

  9. HAHA! Matt, are you SURE you aren't talking about YOU!?!? he he he...

  10. I'd be pissed too if I didn't get my Crab Rangoon right away!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Another VERY Funny blog, Paul! I would kill to have a day in the life of your shoes!

  11. You need to start writing Nationally, like for the Onion. Or heck, even Reader's Digest! Your stories are very good. Thanks for the entertainment.

  12. Yup.. I did once... Goes to show you that all the Asian Restaurant numbers look the same.

  13. LOL..yes this has happened to me as well...Your such a thai food take out whore...LOL! Just kidding man...I am the same...between Mexican and most Asian cuisine I am guilty!

  14. If I were you, I would have made them believe they totally effed up. They probably would have thrown in some potstickers or something on the house! Wow......shallow/wildly inappropriate? So true.

  15. LOL too damn funny!! I don't think I would have said anything either! :X but poor person that got yelled at. :(

  16. I make an awesome cocnut curry .....I love to cook, but also love take out, its 50-50

    is that the episode when she chokes and is convinced she will die alone and the cat will eat half her face?


  17. Oops!....Karma....Just sayin'

  18. Hey, just found this blog and i love it already.
    You're going on my blogroll!

  19. I love Thai food too, so I totally understand your addiction. Having the restaurant numbers programmed in your phone MAY be a sign though. ;-) Great story!

  20. Awwwwkwaaaaaaard, Paul!

    Funny though!