Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ready for Black Friday? ....GO!

In just a couple of days, millions of people will be waking up at the break of dawn to go out and snag a toaster for $6!

What a deal!!!

I can honestly say that I have never once woken up early to go Black Friday shopping.  As a working adult, I cherish every chance that I can get to sleep in and just lounge around the house!

However, I have gone out to shop on Black Friday...just later on in the day, after the morning CRAZINESS is over! 

Sure, I don't get the special Doorbuster deals, but that's quite alright with me.

However, if Chipotle was having a doorbuster Burrito sale, YOU BET I would highly reconsider my sleep schedule!!!

I do think it's fun to be out there with all the people when I have no real agenda.  I don't make a list of places to go to, and then have to hit all the stores up.  I don't cut out special coupons.  I just go...and if I see something I like, or someone else will like, then I buy it.

Standing in a long line, of course; But hey, I'm in no hurry.

This year, more & more people will be shopping online, as many stores are putting their Black Friday specials on their website.  That sounds excellent! 

The power of the internet!

Look...I've seen the youtube videos!  When you are done reading my excellent blog here, go to youtube and search "Black Friday stampede" and just watch what comes up!

It's pretty funny.  And it will make you examine whether or not its worth losing a limb or being trampled on for that $35 off a fax machine!

So, will you be up and at 'em early?  I definitely can see where it could be fun if you are on a family tradition.  I know people who all wake up together in order to just spend time with each other and hopefully get a few deals.

I'm not mad at that!

It just isn't really for me.  I would rather watch Oprah in my underwear, eating some pancakes.


  1. I work in retail, so Black Friday is always a mess. Everyone, please stay home, or at least be courteous to store employees!

  2. I'll be out there! Every year I go shopping with my mom, my aunt and my cousins. It's actually fun. You wanna come with us? :)

  3. Can I come over for the underwear and pancakes party??

  4. HAHA! You bet, Ryan!

    Janet, you are brave! Be strong!!!

  5. You know I go every year! This year there are some great deals. I'll be sporting my pj's and a coat and then coming home just in time to watch Oprah in my underwear!hahaha

  6. I ventured out once. Three years ago. We went to Best Buy and got 100 blank DVDs for $7. You could be two packages so 200 for $14. So it was worth it. But, I haven't gone out since. It's just not worth it for me. A single guy living in a one bedroom apartment, doesn't have the need (or room) for all the specials. And, I can't stand the morning madness. I do venture out later in the day like you. Shall we meet at Chipolte for lunch?

  7. Yes, Michael...I am ALWAYS ready to meet at a Chipotle for lunch! he he he.

  8. I'll just come over to your place on Friday morning instead of going to the stores. I will expect pancakes!

  9. well that's kind of scary. Looks like you're going to get an anonymous visitor to your house looking for the pancake special. Better home thats not one of your fans from a one night stand some time back. lol :)

  10. Well Paul, there is no contest if the choice is a Black Friday fightfest or an underwear pancake party. Bring on the butter and syrup!

  11. I have never partaken in the Black friday madness. All that pushing, shoving, swearing, biting, kicking, hitting.....I'm afraid i'd get arrested.

  12. I used to work retail and to this day I would rather nail my dick to the floor than have to do it ever again.

  13. I have never gone out on Black Friday and don't see the need to do so either. The super sales are usually all gone 2 minutes after the doors open, and then its either tough luck or rain check. At least, several of the reports I have heard over the years are to that effect. I am just not into the capitalist push to buy and have all that much, so it does really make me laugh to read about and see the stampedes in the news. How ridiculous our society is! I actually have a doctor's appointment on Black Friday. Unfortunately, I don't think the doctor has early bird specials. :) Thay always have the same extended prices whenever you go there. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving, and a safe Friday, if you do venture out.

  14. Like you, I have never gotten up in the dark to go shopping on Black Friday. Its not my thing either.

  15. I'm so not a shopper, and especially not crowds. They give me the heebeejeebies (sweat, panic, nostril flare accompanied with bull snorting - just FYI for those of you younger than me [everyone]). But apparently my fear has not been a genetic passalong, as the daughter is like.. the Queen of Friggin Black Friday. She and best friend went - they are both foster parents and have a large household of children, thus the need for deals - went to Wallyworld at 7pm Thursday night and got in line for the laptops.

    See, this is the Smart thing to do, because there were only 38 laptops, so they let you come in and be in line INSIDE the store. Ahahh. No clue where she got that genius. Anyway, while they were in there in line there were Midnight Specials. Well, the line for the laptops was right by the warehouse door where they would wheel the pallets out of. Clearly visible what was on them. Then the staff would move to the front to begin letting people in.. and what did my girl and her friend do? Slipped over and got the specials, put them in a basket hidden in the aisle behind them. They each got like 20 dvd videos for $2 each - a great $200 camera for $30 bucks.. it goes on. Then, being #3, 4 & 5 in line, they finally got their $550 laptops for $180. Overall Tee concluded she saved $500+ dollars on gifts for the kids.

    I'm proud of her, but.. I still think online Black Friday is my thing.