Monday, September 14, 2009

Could Kanye be the World's Biggest Douchebag?

Kanye West is an asshole. Always has been...most likely, always will be!

By now you've all seen, or at least heard of the incident that occurred at MTV's Video Music Awards by now. Kanye once again has proven that he is a classless piece of crap!

I've never seen a bigger baby.

Look...even if he had walked up on stage to CONGRATULATE Taylor Swift and tell her that SHE had the best video ever, he would still be a douchebag for taking away her spotlight.

I hope that people finally stop supporting this loser and quit purchasing his music.

I mean...I guess he's talented. I don't really know. Rap music isn't really my forte, but the rap that I do enjoy is more like Jay-Z, or Eminem. There are a couple of Kanye songs that I think are ok, but I have never dropped my jaw in AWE of his 'amazing talent' that he constantly likes to claim he has. In fact, sometimes I think his raps sound like he is a little 'slow'. The first song of his that I had ever heard, I thought he was a little mentally retarded.

The first time I had ever really seen Kanye West was way back when MTV was airing the show 'Punk'd.' Kanye was a victim of one of these 'punk'd' pranks, in which the celebrities would usually act somewhat like a real human being, and then at the end they would laugh it up with the rest of us.

Not Kanye...
He was a complete selfish, arrogant, asshole the entire time.

That was the first moment that I thought, "What a complete self-centered jerk."

And Here's the funny part...

Beyonce DID end up winning the award for Video of the Year. That is the GRANDEST award of them all, right? Given out to the person with the BEST video, like Kanye claimed Beyonce had...

If he would have been a little more patient, then he could've saved himself a lot of embarrasment...dumbass!

Of course Taylor Swift had a shot of winning the best Female Video award. She IS the best selling artist of the entire year so far, and since this was the ONLY award she was nominated for, her MILLIONS of fans were going to come out and vote for her in this one category.

Ooh...MTV is probably LOVING this press right now!

But you know who the REAL effin Rockstar is.... Pink!

Sure Lady Gaga is 'out there', and bold...but Pink is the one who spoke what we were ALL thinking about Kanye...

Last night on Twitter, right after the incident, Pink tweeted: "Kanye West is the biggest piece of sh*t on earth. Quote me."

Damn, girl! And speaking of Pink, her performance of 'Sober' was amazing! Knowing that she was probably going to be outdone by the likes of Lady Gaga and Beyonce, she completely did something fresh and daring by performing so high up in the air, flipping around like mad!...AND still sounding really good!

More highlights: Lady Gaga's performance, as weird as many of you think it was, was excellent! True artistry! Sure, her silly sense of style...i don't really get...but whatever, her music and confidence are what I love about her.

and BEYONCE...OH MY GOD...She has to be the GREATEST performer around today. Her voice is incredible, her dancing is Out of this World! That performance of Single Ladies had me DANCING in my seat!

And what she did at the end of the show, graciously giving up her moment to let Taylor have CLASS ACT, BEYONCE! That beautiful gesture makes me want to go out and buy something of yours, B, just to show you that I approve...

So Kanye, while you have just lost a TON of fans for your douchiness, you have helped Taylor Swift and Beyonce gain even MORE.

Thank you VMA Audience for Boo'ing this asshole every time his name was announced throughout the show!

Kanye is supposed to perform on Jay Leno's show tonight with Jay-Z and Rihanna. I hope that audience continues to Boo him as well!


  1. To answer your question, Yes. He is the biggest douchebag.

  2. I didn't really care about him either way until last night. I am not even a big T Swift fan, but what he did was downright egotistical. Who appointed him God of what is good and what isn't? I agree with your blog.

  3. I love Pink. You're right. She is the true Rockstar here. Now I love her even more!

  4. How did I know what your blog was going to be about today? :)

    But I'm glad you wrote about this, as I was looking forward to seeing your thoughts. You added some great points too, like Beyonce actually did win the Best video award. Kanye is such a tool.

  5. Lady Gaga? WTF was that? She looked like a damn wierdo all night. I guess to each their own.

  6. "This is for God and the Gays."

    Eminem just stood there like, ok...

  7. Great posting. I agree with you COMPLETELY this time. :)

  8. Can't wait to watch Leno tonight. He's either not going to show or try to be completely apologetic!

  9. That guy not only embarassed himeself, but the city of Chicago as well, as he so closely associates himself to every chance he gets. Beyonce could not have earned any more respect for her flawlessly executed response to the situation, because lets not forget, she did win the biggest award of the night, and didnt care - she gave the spotlight back to Taylor.

    If justice serves, Kanye will be back working at a southside Wendys taking orders from those who USED to buy his CDs.

  10. Personally I think Kanye's problem is that he's [not-so-secretly?] gay. And we all know how the Hip Hop community treats gays. -JBR

  11. Wow, haha. I love this blog and the comments. I agree that Beyonce was so sweet! I don't really know much about that Taylor lady, but I felt so bad -- thought it was a joke at first. Oh, and I didn't even know about this show, until I was flipping through the channels and saw Madonna standing there. Then, I watched all the way up to the Design Star Finale. I'm so glad I got to see the slice of history for this week and know what people are talking about. :)

  12. I can't even begin to tell you how much I can't stand Kanye West. He has always been someone who touts his own fame and talent. Yet, like you mentioned, I have heard multiple other rappers who put him to shame. Talent my ass.

  13. Kanye is a bitch! DOWN WITH KANYE! Please do not buy any more of his music. I want him to go away.

  14. Beyonce was the best thing about the show! Very humble, show-stopping performance. That's why she is the queen!

  15. It looks like you have a hot topic there today, Paulie. I guess it was only natural to write about Kanye since the whole pop-culture world is talking about him right now.

    I actually like his music. I think what he did was stupid, but I don't think people will stop buying his music. After his outburst at the VMAs 2 years ago, people still treated him like the Jesus of rap. Remember that Rolling Stones cover?

  16. The pic you used is great. It encompasses what a complete egotistical jerk that he is.

  17. ALSO...what is going to happen with his supposed tour/collaboration with Lady Gaga this fall? it's going to be Gays vs. Hip Hop least hopefully we can all learn to love each other at this event as Russel Brand wants us to:)

  18. Speaking of Russell Brand, Tony...He is another part of the show that I should've commented on.

    I couldn't stand him last year, and once again I couldn't stand him this year. He isn't funny, his jokes fall flat, he is disgusting...

    Hey MTV, I think it's time for a new host!

  19. Lady Gaga and Kanye on tour would be perfect. They are both losers. It could be an all-losers unite tour.

  20. Yes, he is a total asshole. I'm not sure who he humilated more---Taylor Swift or Beyonce. Both looked horrified. I LOVE what Pink twittered! I haven't seen the end when Beyonce turned it over to Taylor. I will watch the clip tonight.

    If I was the Jay Leno show, I'd promplty unbook Kayne. If they don't, I hope his entire performance is booed. As it should be.

  21. Don't forget about the beautiful speech that Madonna made to start the show off!

  22. Okay let's not get too carried away on how Beyonce was amazing. She didn't really look pissed in the first place that Kanye did what he did - more shocked and entertained.

    It turned into the best PR stunt for her in the end. She got to come out of it looking like a saint when most other times she speaks she comes off as fake and arrogant.

    Pink did it right - she shook her head at him on camera and then blasted him in her own space (twitter). Beyonce still stole the spotlight from Taylor, just not as a douchebag.

  23. Ooh...we have a Beyonce hater! HAHA!

    Look, whether Beyonce enjoyed the fact that Kanye said it or not (i mean, who wouldn't like it a little bit, right?), She still needs to be applauded for doing the right thing in the end.

    Yes, she came out of this looking like a saint, but chivalry and unselfish actions should always be rewarded.