Tuesday, September 29, 2009

That is NOT garbage!!!

On a daily basis, I have some pretty interesting Gchat sessions with many of you! 

Some are funny, some are mundane, and some are just plain Ridiculous!  (and those happen to be some of my favorites!)

Here is a chat from yesterday, where a good friend of mine shared a funny story with me.  For purposes of not giving away his identity, I am going to call him "Chris."

Chris:  I have to tell you a story.

Me:  Hi Chris!

Chris:  Ok. So guess what happened on the train this morning? 

Me:  You sh*t your pants?

Chris:  No!

Me:  oh...

Chris:  I was sitting down and had 2 bags with me.  I had my eyes closed and my ipod going.

One of my bags was more like a grocery bag that was open at the top.  I was getting close to my stop and opened my eyes.

The guy standing in front of me dropped a balled up piece of paper in my bag!  JERK!  I gave him a dirty look, like 'what the hell...why are you throwing trash in my bag?' 

And guess what?

Me:  WHAT???

Chris:  It was his phone number!

Me:  oh.
wow...I would've thought it was trash too.
Can I write this story on my blog tomorrow?

Chris:  haha.  By all means
but don't use my name

Me:  That is really funny.  I won't use your name.
But you better check Craigslist missed connections tonight!  :)

Chris:  I don't want everyone to get really jealous that i was given a phone number.  LOL!

Me:  haha
What did the guy look like?  was he cute?

Chris:  that is exactly what my boyfriend asked me when I told him the story. 
He was cute.  but not really my type.
I mean, he was young and hip  LOL

Me:  oh, i see

Chris:  and had a cute face

Me:  how old did he look?

Chris:  but I think my boyfriend would have liked his look more than me. 
he looked to be mid 20s

Me:  oh, so then he looked like you!  :)
Did you notice him staring at you at all before dropping his # in your bag?

Chris:  Well, no because I had my eyes closed the entire time I was riding the train
so I guess he was watching me faux sleep

Me:  I guess he was!

Chris:  I don't know whether to be flattered or to be scared that someone was watching me pretend to sleep.

Me:  So...you're gonna call him, right?

Chris:  NO!

Me:  kidding...

Chris:  LOL

Me:  You at least saved the number, right?

Chris:  PAUL!  NO!!!


  1. Love it! I was smiling from the very start of the conversation. Very funny!

  2. What's your gchat addy?

  3. That so never happens to me, JEALOUS!

  4. Chris: Guess what happened on the train this morning?

    Me: You shit your pants?

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I love how that's where your mind went!

  5. sounds like one of my favorite scenes from the movie trick... ;)

  6. I've been riding the train for almost two years. I can say I've never been giving a number. Maybe I need to pretend sleep?

  7. Well, now I have to look at Craigslist! This is awesome. Although, he probably won't have to post anything there, considering he gave "Chris" his number. :) That was funny. I can't wait to have a surrogate -- I'll make it do all that stuff. Although, I haven't seen that movie and I probably won't. You all had to know that. :)

  8. Thanks for the laugh!

  9. Some one left a note on my car once and I called him (this was at the dawn of the internet '95 so no pics, FB and barely AOL) . My friends and roommates thought I was crazy but I was curious and so was my then BF.

    My real purpose for calling him was not to hookup but to reward his bravery. He turned out to be a nice guy and we would have become friends except that I set him up with one of my roommies and that didn't work out.

    He should have called just to say thanks.

  10. Your friend that is. He should have called to say thanks.

  11. A guy I'd been trading shy smiles with on the train handed me his business card when he got off this summer. And he was HAWT.

    I emailed to tell him I had a husband but thanks for the interest anyway. He wrote back to tell me he had a husband too so we'd have to meet up on the down-low. SO. NOT. COOL. But still hawt.

  12. I would take that more than the lotto right now....neither happens to me and I'll take my odds on the lotto.....LMAO

  13. This reminds me of a recent CTA 'adventure' i had. I was standing up in the middle area of the train, which was pretty crowded, just reading my book. I kept feeling this rub against my calves. I didn't look behind me, thinking that it was just because the train was so packed and someone was probably doing it accidentally, but when i finally turned around, there was nobody standing behind me. It was the creep who was sitting in the seat behind me. If he was cute i wouldn't have minded. haha!

  14. next time i throw my number at you, you better save it!