Thursday, September 10, 2009

'We Don't Grow Older, We Grow Riper!'

I finally did it...I put my birthyear on my facebook status!


I know, i know...I was born WAY back in the 200-year anniversary of our country, 1976. That makes me 33 years old...and I am not ashamed to say it!
Wow...I feel like Tyra now with this honest revelation about myself! I mean, it's not writing how much I weigh on my stomach while standing in my underpants, but still makes me feel quite FREE!!!!

Before today, I only had my birthdate listed on my facebook profile. But I finally came to the point where I needed to add the year.

Why, you may ask?
Well, you know how in the times we live in today, when you are even remotely interested in someone, the first thing you do is check out their facebook page, right? You want to see if they are single, search through their pics, and find out how old they are!

So, I added my birthyear because:

Reason #1: I was getting way too many messages from people who were in their early 20s, interested in going out on dates.

Look...I am very flattered, but I don't want to date someone a decade younger than me, who I have little in common with.

Now, I believe that when a person gets to a certain age, we are all adults at this to be good FRIENDS with someone in their early 20s is not a problem for me at all. In fact, it keeps things fun with their vibrance and youth! But, I DO NOT WANT TO DATE YOU!

It always ends up the same...even with the more mature ones...They just don't have the life experience. I don't want to talk about the Jonas Brothers, or how totally unbelievable Miley Cyrus' new video is...

ALSO...I don't want to be your sugar daddy!!! Even if nobody says it, because of the fact that I am older, I am expected to pay for everything. HELLZ NO! I would prefer to be in a relationship where we both are generous to each other, not a one-way street!

Reason #2: The flip-side of the coin. I don't really have an interest in being someone's sugar-baby...

I have always gotten the comments from people, saying that I look younger than I actually am. In fact, just Tuesday night I was picking up a bottle of wine to go have dinner with my wonderful friend Justin. The store clerk looked at my ID, and said, "You were born in 1976? I always thought you were younger."

Umm...why, thank you! :)

I mean, yes...who wouldn't want to live a life where someone is paying for everything for you? What an easy way of living that would be, right?

I don't know...maybe I'm not shallow enough, but that doesn't really appeal to me anymore. I just want to live a nice life with a nice partner who I care deeply for, rich or poor!

So...I added my birth year to my status so older guys can see that I am NOT a young'un anymore, therefore only asking me out if they truly are interested in having a real, honest relationship with me.

Reason #3: It keeps me accountable!

By knowing that everyone else can easily look to see how old I am, it helps me to remember to act my age!

Now, I am not saying 'Be old.'
I am saying, "Paul, live a great life, doing fun things with amazing people, but keep it in check! You are not in a college fraternity, you do not need to stay out til 2 in the morning on a Wednesday when you have a job to get up for in the morning, etc..."

I serious do you take an old-ass adult, who goes out EVERY weekend and stays out all night? Do you really take them serious? Sure, they might be a fun party friend, but that's about all the credit you give them...

I want to be looked at as more than that.


I am subtly letting the whole world know that I am in my early 30s...and I'm having a wonderful time. I've never been the person who lies about their age; I think that's dumb.

Be proud of whatever age you are!...even if it takes an extra minute or two to get my 33 year old body out of bed in the morning now! :)


  1. I completely agree with the title of this posting. The older we get, the sharper we become. Good writing! I have no worries about you finding someone that will make you very happy.

  2. I think I will start calling you Tyra! :)
    Love the blog, Paulie!

  3. Great blog! I love how you say things that many people wouldn't be brave enough to say.

  4. Thank you! My goal is to break down some of these ridiculous stereotypes that some people feel like they have to live up to.

  5. More power to you from another guy who is almost 30 and told I look 18-20.... Bring on the young looking hottie 30's!

  6. Shall we date? I was born in 1975 :p

  7. I know that there are exceptions, but I remember when I was in my early 20's, I'd think... "Like wow, he doesn't even know me, and he is already discounting me. I'm super mature. Like." I had long hair and I twirled it in my finger too. Well, when you get into your 30's, you actually look back and think: "I thought I knew it all." I have a feeling I'll look back at my 30's and say the same thing. And so on... That was supposed to be the end, but in defense of the younger ones... when we were in our 20's we weren't looking for sugar daddies, hence we aren't in our 30's. Ew, I said "hence." But, you know what I mean -- once a sugar chaser, always gonna be a sugar chaser. It's age-less (I think?)

  8. Great post. I know what you mean. People usually think I'm much younger than I am. Not that I'm complaining. I want to pull the youth-look as far into my 30s as I can. Recently at work I made a comment about seeing a movie 20 years ago. A coworker said, "Right, like you remember something from 20 years ago." I wanted to say, "I remember something from 30 years ago." LOL.

    I agree, I don't want to date someone in their early 20s. We can do other "things" but not date.

    Seriously, you make very valid and true points. I'm at the same place.

  9. I love you and I miss you, Paul! -Amy

  10. So, because I'm a fetal 26-years old, does that mean you won't date me?

  11. Nice job! I've always had my full birthday on my Facebook profile. I have never been ashamed of my age instead proud. I'm now going into my early 30s as well and loving every minute of it. More importantly we LIVED through the best decade ever...the 1980s. I hate when people call themselves "80s babies" and born in 1984. Um, you were still picking your nose by the decade's end, you didn't really live through it.

    Here's to growing wiser and better!

  12. The person commenting on this post claiming to be "wiser" has yet to learn anything of humility in his or her (most likely him) older age. Wiser does not equate the free reign to become a patronizing idiot.

    Great post Paul! You make me smile. Just one question: What made you choose the random guy as your picture pick for this particular blog. haha. :-)

  13. HAHA! Thanks for the comment. I chose this random guy in the picture, because he fit the role of someone that i would be very attracted to. :)

  14. Haha...Loves it!

    He looks 22. :-P

  15. No he doesn't!!! He looks 30! Ok, maybe 28...

  16. Sugardaddy! I am nominating u to be my sugardaddy!!! I have a whole list
    of needs (not wants...needs!). Where shall I start? :0)

  17. Anna!!!
    I tell you what. If i win the lottery, then yes, I will buy you something sparkly...

  18. #1- Do not. Ever. Compare yourself. To that POOR MAN'S OPRAH. AGAIN!

    #2- You are all that and deserve the random solicitations on-line;

    3#- Blame your mother, because apparently prenatal vitamins were all the rage in the 70s.

  19. It's funny Paul - I have a daughter your age (yes, I was a dumb 15 yr old). I didn't really find my soul mate until I was 33 (coinkydink!), and oddly he was a total exception to the typical 20-something.

    I felt like you do, in fact your words echo that time in my life perfectly. I'm glad that I didn't totally dismiss him because of his age though - so while you are definitely taking the right steps to finding a forever partner, keep an open heart ok?

    I'm 48 now, and Leo is 38 - and trust me, it is more like our mental ages are switched. He could settle into a curmudgeon routine if I let him, and I'm always pushing for adventure. A partnership grows and changes, so whomever you find - they will grow too, with you. It's the potential that is key.

    I'm not worried about you though - through all your lighteheartedness, you have a great head on your shoulders. And I agree with Danny, love how you say things people think, but rarely say.