Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meet the CALL BOYS!

Allow me to introduce you to Chicago's own, premiere football team, The CALL BOYS!
What an absolutely STUPENDOUS group of men!
This past Saturday was our first week of the new season, and guess what.... We also got our FIRST WIN! Woo Hoo Hoo!!!!!!!
I'm tellin' ya...These guys have what it takes!
Not only did the offense score 7 TOUCHDOWNS, but the defense came up with 4 Interceptions!
Here's looking forward to a great season! Enjoy some pics below:

Offense is probably all looking at one of Johnny's song & dance routines.

Go Get' em, NATE!
Make that block, MARK!

ERIC is ready to DOMINATE!


Oh-so-handsome VINCE!

DEFENSE! Aaron, Dave, AK and Dominic after an AMAZING stop!

Adorable CASEY and cutie RYAN!

Sexy STEPHEN and Legs-in-the-air ERIC

DUSTIN and his First Down marker!

Oh-so-happy ME after scoring a Touchdown!

AARON, DUSTIN and JOHN are glowing after a successful WIN!

MIKE and NATE are looking good!

(you want it...Si, that's Yes in spanish...Your mom!)

The VETERANS of the Team!
Paul, Dave, Aaron, David and AK!

In a Sea of tan faces, why is my face so RED?
Stephen, Dave, Dominic, Me, David, Ryan and John
Great Game, CALL BOYS!
Let's go out there and win next week too!
Special thanks to DAVID J for the excellent pics
and to CATTLE CALL bar for sponsoring the BEST FOOTBALL TEAM!


  1. Great pics! Looks like a lot of fun.

  2. I want to come watch you guys. Where do you play at?

  3. SEXY!!! Your teammates are very good-looking. I definitely want to come watch you guys in action.

  4. Are you doing a march in that picture? LMAO

  5. Yes, Anna...a VICTORY MARCH!!!

  6. I sure hope most of you are single because I am enjoying quite the fantasy right now.

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  8. Very good looking group!! I don't know anything about the sport you are playing, but I think I am now a fan!

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. I wanna watch you play too. You should post the time/date of your next game so we can cheer you on.

  10. These aren't the same shirts you wore last year, are they? For some reason I thought you guys wore really bright shirts.

  11. No, these jerseys are new. We have a new sponsor, so we switched things up a bit.

  12. The second shot would make a good Baroque sculpture. You sporty gays make me smile :-)