Thursday, September 24, 2009

October means...HAUNTED HOUSES!!! I am getting REALLY excited!

I am a HUGE fan of Haunted Houses. Actually, I am a huge fan of Halloween in general...always have been!

I'm more excited than a fat guy at a buffet!

Every year, my friend Rich and I scope out the Chicagoland area haunted houses and try to find the absolute scariest ones to attend!

And this year will be NO different!

Our first stop this season will be a visit to the Statesville Haunted Prison. OOooooooh! I hope I get the BeJeebuz scared out of me!!!

See, the thing is...I rarely REALLY get scared, so I need a GOOD haunted house. When walking through with a group, I like to be first because at least I will get those initial scares of the people jumping out at you.

Ooh...So excited!!!

Last year, I brought along a friend (who I will not name, but I should because it's hilarious!) who was completely FREAKED out the entire time. I have to was adorable. It was so funny to watch him scream like a little girl, and he clung to my arm so tightly that I was bruised the next day!

We will also be attending Reaper's Realm once again. This is a very good haunted house, and quite long. You get your money's worth!

Ok, so Here's the scariest moment I ever had in a haunted house:

We were walking through a dark room with a whole group of about 30 people. It was pitch black, so we couldnt see anything. All of a sudden, all the lights come on, and we are looking at each other like, "What's Going on?" We stood there for about 2 minutes, when all of a sudden a guy dressed in regular clothes and holding a walkie talkie comes through the door. He had a very worried look on his face, and was talking into his handset.

Then, he announces pretty calmly, "Sorry for the delay everyone. There has been an accident and if we could just get your cooperation, we are just waiting for the ambulance to come. It should only take a few minutes..."

So, we are all slightly concerned, hoping that nobody really got hurt too bad. Then, over the walkie talkie, we hear "We are not able to locate the gunman yet, but he is still on the premises..."

WTF??? Someone got shot!

Then another 'employee' walks through the door with a warning. "I hate to inform you guys, but there has been a shooting tonight, someone has a gun and for your safety..."

Then all of a sudden, the door is thrown back with massive force, and a guy with a gun is in our room, and fires a shot! We all duck, right as the lights all go out!

Of course it was a blank, and then the scary haunted house lights come back on, and we are told to keep moving...

I tell ya...I saw my life flash before me.

That was the scariest sh*t I had ever experienced!

But what a thrill!
I can't wait to go back for more!!!

So, are YOU excited about haunted houses? Do you get really freaked out? If so, then I want you to come with me! HAHA! I get a huge kick out of watching scaredy cats!


  1. thank you for getting me really excited too! I try to hit up at least 3 haunted houses every halloween. And i agree with you, the scarier the better!

  2. That would scare the crap out of me too, especially since you are already sort of in a freaked out state of mind. I bet the lights coming on was a very stark contrast to the dark you had been in. That's good.

  3. I remember this haunted house. This was in Rockford, right? I thought I was going to die! LOL!

  4. Ben and I go to a haunted house every year with the same friends...last year we decided to go cheap and do a community haunted house and it was BETTER than the $50.00 haunted houses. We had a blast!

  5. the tribune is putting one on that we're helping with - definitely check it out! i'll try to get you some discount tickets if you would like.

  6. James, YES! Please get me tickets. Thank you. :)

  7. OMG! I love haunted houses....I always go to the one here in my home towm, and then there are at least three near by....but Im only an hour outside of chicago..sounds like I need to come that way to get the best scare;)

  8. I am more excited than a fat guy at a buffet! You crack me up!

  9. I want to go with you! Please let me know when you are going. I need my fix of fright!

  10. Dang. Now THAT is a haunted house experience! Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year. I love dressing up. More now than when I was a kid! My friend Tony plans his entire October around the Haunted House experiences in Minneapolis. For sure this year we are going to The Rocky Horror Show on the 30th, at midnight. It's going to be an audience and cast participation showing.

    So, I can relate to your love for the holiday.

  11. OMG - I hate haunted houses.... I went to college in the hills of VA and Haunted Corn Mazes were really popular, a group of gays and girls went Halloween 2003 and it had just rained so its all muddy and pitch black (I'm talking country, you can see every star in the sky on a rainy night) some man jumped out with a chain saw and it was sparking on something, we all took off running, of course I slip in the mud and swore if I made it out alive I'd never come back. Haven't been back to a Haunted anything since - but you might just get me to one this year :)

  12. Ryan, I am DRAGGING you along with me then! I can't wait to see you start crying! hahaha!

  13. I get to be the 13th comment. How 'Lucky' is that? I love haunted houses and will go with you. Just say the word!

  14. I love haunted houses but the chainsaws without the chains scare the shit out of me

  15. Hey, there's this guy in Arizona who makes paintings of your house and turns them into haunted houses. My dad had this done with the house we grew up in, and the painter combined it with a photo when we were young, sitting on the porch. About 4 years ago for Christmas, my dad had us open them all together and we were crying. :) My grandma used to dress up as a witch on halloween, and she passed away, but she's in the painting too. :) Thought I'd share.
    The link is in place of my name. Matt