Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The REAL Precious Moments in Life...

You know you've seen those little Precious Moments figurines...

Symbols of the little 'joys' in life. You know...an adorable couple getting married, a precious little girls' first ballet recital, happy children around a Christmas tree...

How adorable... (gag!)

Well, it's about time that someone created Precious Moments for the times in our lives that we REALLY will never forget!


  1. My first contract killing? WTF!

  2. How about a precious moment for the first STD test?

  3. 'My first trick' just looks really wrong! She is proudly clutching her money.

  4. Finally something I want to collect!!

    I can't wait to see future figurines. "My First Glory Hole" is sure to be a classic!

  5. I dont find anything wrong with them it happens everyday of people lives so be hope and good will shine through