Monday, October 19, 2009

Hold on to your phone, chronic phone-loser!

As I was lounging around watching some football yesterday afternoon, I decided to log in to facebook to see what everyone was up to? 

Sure enough...I saw a certain facebook status that I seem to see every weekend:  Lost my phone, please send me your numbers!

Aww, that really sucks for that person.

You know that you see this same status update too!  It has become all too familiar!

Another one I've seen WAY more than should be is "dropped my phone in the urinal...need new one." 

WTF???  Why are you talking on your phone or texting while peeing? 

I mean, I would absolutely HATE to lose my cellphone, as it has so much information on it.  My email, my calendar, my contacts...  Gotta hang on to that tightly!

But I do understand.  In some moment of weakness, whether it is due to an overabundance of alcohol or not, these people let down their guards for a second.  And POOF...missing phone.

I am sympathetic to you, as we all have misplaced things here or there.  We are only human, right?

However, I find it difficult to feel any sympathy for those of you who are constantly losing your phones.  I'm sorry, but come on already!

Yeah, i said it!

We all know them.  "Lost my phone again...I don't know why this keeps happening."

Ummm...could it be that:
1) You are completely irresponsible, and don't think before you do things?
2) Or...maybe you're just a drunk who can't control yourself?
3) Or...maybe you don't use your own hard-earned money to pay for your personal belongings, so you don't value things as much?


I happen to be friends/acquaintances with a few chronic offenders.  And pretty much, they can be easily associated with at least one of the 3 qualifications I had just listed.  Or, all of them...

When I go out and know I will be drinking generously, there are 4 things that I place on my body to make sure that I have them with me at ALL times:  My wallet, my phone, my house keys, and my chapstick.  (the chapstick is a personal addiction of mine, so you can disregard that one if it doesn't apply to you.  he he...)

NOT inside a coat pocket, because that gets taken off and set down.
NOT held in my hands.
NOT given to someone else to hold for me.

But actually 'on my person.'  In my pockets, no matter how bulky they may look. 
At least then I have the peace of mind that they are there!

I want to help you.  Because I love you...and I know how awful I would probably feel if I lost my phone,

So, if you are someone who loses your cellphone quite frequently, then give this a shot!  Make the checklist, and run through it a couple times a night to make sure you still have everything! 

Then, go have another drink, with the serenity & tranquility that ALL is right in the world!  :)


  1. You're right. I see that same status on a regular basis as well. I do feel bad for them though. I lost my keys once and I was locked out of my place for the entire next day until my boyfriend came home.

  2. THANK YOU! I can't stand it when people are so reckless and irresponsible. Nice to see someone call them out.

  3. I'm a little older and don't go out to bars that much, so I don't really see people putting this as their status, but I do see lots of other people writing about irresponsible things that make me want to slap them silly. :)

  4. If cell phone companies charged full price for phones instead of subsidizing them using long-term contracts, I bet people would be a lot more careful. I doubt most people are aware of the fact that their phone _actually_ costs between $200 and $400 more than they paid for it.

  5. Great post. I completely agree. :)

  6. Alcohol makes you do STUPID things. That is why I stopped drinking almost 2 years ago. I love the feeling of being clear-minded at all times. You should try it.

  7. I have a friend who always emails me or sends me a message on yahoo to "Please call my phone. I lost it." Once a week easily. Mine is never more than 6 inches from me. LOL.

    It amazes me the professionals I see answer their phones while at the urinal. Really? Are you THAT important you have to answer the phone while standing at the urinal. I'm sorry, unless it's Diana Ross, the person is going to wait.

    I think it's cute that you and I have the same 4 things in our pockets! :-)

  8. Oh it's a cell phone in your pocket, I thought you were just happy to hear from

    But seriously, urinal..talking...NO!

    I love chapstick too


  9. While reading this, all I can think of is one specific person that we both know pretty well. Ok maybe i am thinking of 2 people. But yes this person is irresponsible, a drunk, and still gets monetary support from his parents. It's too bad, because if he just grew up he'd be quite the catch. Great blog!

  10. Paul!

    This is why I ALWAYS have a written backup copy of my contacts list....just in case!


  11. ive gone through 7 iphones and 2 blackberrys in like 2 years.

  12. Yes, too familiar. Each time I see a post about somebody loosing their phone AGAIN or dropping it in the urinal I roll my eyes in righteous indignation.