Thursday, October 8, 2009

Marathon MADNESS!

Ok, I apologize for the lack of posts this week.  However, I am very grateful to all of you who noticed, and have been asking me for a new posting.  :)

I guess it's because I've only got one main thing on my mind this week...and that's REDEMPTION!

It's like when an opponent beats you. all you are focused on is coming back and whipping his ass!  That's my relationship with the Chicago Marathon this year.

Last year, the 80 degree temps kicked my butt, causing me to cramp up and dehydrate.  Even though I still finished it, I am focused on kicking some major marathon booty this year!!!

And by kicking it's ass...I mean, hoping to wobble across the finish line eventually.  hahahaha!

Did you know that hottie Ryan Reynolds ran the New York Marathon last year?


They say that the first half of any race is run with one's body, and the second half with the mind.  I am DEFINITELY counting on this being true this year, as I am not sure how long my legs are going to hold up!

So, if you see me around the end of the race, and I look delusional...then please feel free to slap me silly, and snap me back into it!  LOL!

However...there is NO CHANCE of me quitting!  They would have to drag me off the course unconscious...and then some!

'Paul...why do you run these long races?', many of you have asked....

Well, I have to be careful discussing this because it could come across sounding very pretentious.  I started off thinking that if I could run long distances that I could always be in this Zen state, able to bring peace to the world!  Sure, i do feel like it has made me a better person, but in many ways I am still the same old punk that I've always been.

I realize that to many of you, running is a miserable 2-3 miles motivated only by fitting into those size 29 waist jeans!

I COMPLETELY understand that!  I love pizza.  I love ice cream...i don't want to get fat.  Isn't that why many of us started in the first place?   :)
I also run because:
     - My legs are starting to look really nice!
     - I have a subscription to Runner's World magazine. (might as well put it to use...)
     - Ryan Reynolds did it. (B'okay!)
     - My close friend Tony does.  He's really nice.
     - Buying new shoes every few months makes me really happy
     -I like regularly seeing that old man who sits by Montrose harbor and waves at me.

But also because:
     - Who doesn't want to do something extraordinary?
     - It helps me to forget about what a loser I really am.
     - Once you cross the finish line, it can't be retracted.  You officially made it!


Here's a list of the other people that I know for sure are running the 2009 Chicago marathon as well.  Perhaps you know them:

Tony Verzino
Ben Zumsteg
Daniel Tabib
Jake Stigers
Michael Newcomb
Sarah Altman
Michael Mowers
Aaron DeWinter Williams
Josh Bray

We would all love it if you came out to support us.  So, if you are free...the race starts at 7:30 downtown, and will be winding through 29 different Chicago neighborhoods.  Click here for the course map. 

There is a post-race party with food, drinks and live bands, so if you would like to meet any of us at the finish line, that would RULE!

If you aren't able to make it to watch the race, you can still track any of us by getting updates either through email or as text messages of where we are on the course when we hit certain splits.  Click here to sign up for runner tracking.

3 days to go...Let's do this!


  1. Good luck, Paul! i really admire your determination.

  2. I already signed up to track you on my phone. That way if you die on me, I will be one of the first to know. Kidding, love you!

  3. I love your reasons why you run. I thought you were going to say something inspirational and sappy, causing me to tear up. Instead you just made me laugh! Good luck on Sunday. I will sign up to track you.

  4. Good luck, love reading your blog, you inspire me to get off my lazy ass and get out there and accomplish my goals. Seattle is cheering you on!

  5. I'm glad to hear that your knee is doing better. At least I assume it is if you are planning on running on Sunday. I will send many good thoughts your way.

  6. Is Jake still running it? The last thing i heard is that he had a foot injury, no?

  7. I do have a foot injury. And it's pretty bad. I also have a stupid cold. But I'm totally running on Sunday ... if for no other reason than to look at Paul's really nice legs.

  8. Thanks everyone! I appreciate it.

    Jake, you are amazing.

  9. Paulie! I didn't even realize that the marathon was this weekend. I will make a sign for you! I am planning on standing by the Chipotle on broadway, so look for me.

  10. Good luck! I have friends who are always training for marathons. I've never been tempted. LOL. (minor back issue doesn't like the jarring of running).

    I remember very well that Ryan Reynolds ran last year. Or as I like to call him . . . Ry Ry.

  11. Kick some ass, Paulie!

  12. Chuck and I are going to be in Washington DC this weekend for the equality march, but i will sign up to track you. That way, if you get to the point where you feel like quitting, just remember that I will know! Hopefully that will motivate you. ha!

  13. I think you have officially inspired me to run this next year. Granted, since the longest race I've ever done is the JP Morgan 3 and 1/2 miles, i am going to need a LOT of training. Think I can do it?

  14. ahhhh...Paul you know the real reason we do it is to take advantage of all the free crap at our routine trip to the marathon expo! of course also trying on every possible running outfit to compete for most fashionable at the race is fun too..hahahah~

  15. Joe, do it! An entire year is more than enough time to get ready.

    Tony, you are so right! HAHA! Let's go crazy buying everything at the expo on Friday night!

  16. I'm also tracking Pauline Ludwig from Irvine, CA - she sounds like a HOOT!

  17. Damn! A year went by already? That was fast! Good luck on Sunday.

  18. That picture of Ryan Reynolds is making me want to run a marathon! I want to look like that. Or at least run next to him. :)

  19. Good luck, Paul! You are going to be incredible.

  20. I'm sorry that I couldn't run it with you this year. Stupid injuries! I promise that I will try again next year. That is, if you are doing it again.

  21. I love you, Paul. Don't freeze to death out there, honey!

  22. If I managed to run up to 9 km last summer, of course you can do the whole marathon! Think of these great endorphines after!

  23. Your body knows the running so well, put it on autopilot and let your head dream of the happiest things. You'll be flying over that finish line saying, wait - I'm not done with my dream yet...

    Seriously, best of luck and many good wishes to you. Can't wait to hear the outcome and celebrate with you.

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  25. I have lots of respect for anyone who runs (or attempts to run) a marathon. I walk and work out but fear I would surely expire if I tried a marathon. But to be near Ryan Reynolds in shorts and a tank top MIGHT be worth it. :-)

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