Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Tivo is Changing...Fall TV Report!

Hello to you!

Whenever the fall television season starts up, I always add a bunch of new shows to the TiVo to see if I will fall in love with them and want to continue watching, or whether they will be a big waste of time. 

In the past few weeks, my TiVo has been backed up, as I record more than I have time to watch!  However, this past week I have been able to get completely caught up, thanks to all the 'lounging' time I have done a couple of days before running the Chicago Marathon and a couple days after while recovering.

Speaking of the marathon, I was able to finish the entire thing running!  YAY!  Even though I was cramping up pretty bad in the last couple of miles, I still finished with a pretty decent time of 3:38:25.  YES! 

But anyway...

Here are my thoughts on television this season...

I should first start with my FAVORITE new shows:

Modern Family - ABC
Cougar Town - ABC
FlashForward - ABC

I guess ABC wins, in my opinion, for best new programming!  All three of these shows have me hooked!  Modern Family and Cougar Town are so ridiculously funny, the kind of laugh out loud funny that I want from a sitcom.  And there is no laugh track that tells you when you are supposed to laugh, letting you decide what's really funny!  OOH...I love these shows!

FlashForward is a great mystery.  Very fast moving, and the characters are engaging.  The individual storylines mesh very well into the big picture.  I can't wait for this week's episode!


Shows that I have REMOVED from my TiVo...

I was excited about the remake of Melrose Place.  The very first episode was great.  I liked the idea behind the murder mystery, but then the second and third episodes were dull.  They were so slow moving, and I found that I really just didn't care about any of the characters.  Therefore, DELETE.

Gossip Girl - Now, i know that some of you are ready to shoot me in the head over this, but I've just lost interest.  I do enjoy the show, but I guess I just got tired of watching people make such irresponsible choices, and then act like they didn't know the consequences were coming. DELETE.

Heroes - I used to really like Heroes.  I was attached to the first season, even though it would get slightly confusing at times.  However, since then, the show has gotten WAY confusing...and there is too much going on, with too many characters.  And, if you miss a week, then you might as well just hang it up trying to get caught up.  DELETE.

America's Next Top Model - I used to enjoy this show in the past, but Tyra and her group of weirdos have made this unwatchable for me.  None of the models who win ever become 'top' models, and when I heard that this season was all girls under 5'7, please...gimme a break!  DELETE.


Shark Tank on ABC is a great new show!  I am addicted to watching people come in with their ideas and either getting shot down, or walk away with the potential to make millions!  LOVE IT!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - I can't get enough!  Don't be Tardy for the Party!  Enough said...

Glee - I really enjoy how lighthearted 'Glee' is.  Such a feel-good show, that finds a way to touch at your emotions.  I like it...I can't say that I 'love' it yet, but i really do enjoy the mindless television fun.


Desperate Housewives - I STILL love the gals on Wisteria Lane, and if you stopped watching, then you missed an excellent last season...and a great beginning to this season!

Ghost Whisperer - Yes...I do love me some ghost mysteries!  Jennifer Love Hewitt is beautiful, and even though there is an underlying storyline, you don't have to follow it.  You can jump in whenever you want for a good scare.

Brothers & Sisters - The disfunctionality of the Walker family is what gives them their charm.  Nobody has a perfect family, no matter how hard you may try to make it look like you do.  And...Sally Field can play any role and make it totally believable.

Project Runway - Lifetime, you have done a great job.  Designers, Make it work!

And of course, some DISAPPOINTMENTS:

So You Think You Can Dance - Enough with the auditions already!  Geesh.  I feel like we are going on our 5th week of auditions.  They are NOT that exciting.  I wish the show would actually just choose the dancers and start the season with the Top 20.  OR...just skip the auditions altogether and have a TOP 25, or 30.  I would rather watch that then more auditions.  I have to admit, its not so bad in the summer when there isn't much else on.  I don't like SYTYCD as a fall program.

CBS as a network - Hey CBS, you are not fooling any of us!  Your shows are all the same!  How many crime dramas can a person take?  Your whole programming is CSI, CSI Miami, NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, Numbers, etc....   Gimme a break!  It's basically all the same shows with different lead characters.


V - I remember watching the original miniseries back when I was a kid.  It scared me, yet intrigued me.  I really hope that ABC does justice to the remake, which starts up in a couple of weeks.

I guess ABC wins this year, for me!  I would say that the majority of the shows I TiVo are on this network. 

But of course...all of this is just my humble opinion.  


  1. Modern Family is the BEST! I'm glad that many people are watching this show because I love it too.

  2. I still watch Desperate Housewives too. I look forward to Sunday nights because it has been very good lately. Glad to see you include it!

  3. Love, love, love Cougar Town! I was quite disappointed that it's not a full hour like the series premier was! I agree with Gossip Girl. I've been watching it since day 1 and it's not that good. But I think the beginning of the season always starts out dull and then gets really good mid-season and going forward!

  4. This version of Melrose Place sucks! I have no idea what they were thinking. They needed to knock it out of the park, but struck out.

  5. Thank you! Thank you for not breaking a stereotype and showing that all gay people have to like the same shows. THANK YOU!!!

  6. Oops, i meant to say "Thank you for BREAKING the stereotype, and showing that all gay people don't have to like the same shows."

    I guess i typed too fast.

  7. will you dangle your carrot in my mouth?

  8. Hey don't knock my crime dramas!!! I LOVE them!! You forgot top chef =0) It's still on!

  9. Shark Tank is great! Barbara Rocks!!!

  10. You forgot Vampire Diaries!!!

  11. You like the Ghost Whisperer too? Nice! We should have Friday Scare Nights, where we watch Ghost Whisperer and then rent a scary movie. Yeah?

  12. Project Runway is my favorite. I love that show!! What I've seen of Modern Family and Cougar Town has been very funny. Well done shows. I hope they do well.

    A guilty pleasure of mine is FINALLY coming back for season 2: Tabatha's Salon Makeover. I can't wait!

  13. PS--congrats on finishing the marathon! I'd still be running. Well, walking.

  14. They're remaking V????? I guess this shows our age huh Paul? LOL! I loved the one part where they eat live mice! Can't wait to see the new version!

  15. SO EXCITED FOR V!!! I didn't know it was coming on. Paul - let's plan a viewing party for the first episode at my place.


  16. V! Yes!!! I Can't WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I think it's funny that you no longer watch Gossip Girl because it, "got tired of watching people make such irresponsible choices, and then act like they didn't know the consequences were coming." of your favorite shows is REAL HOUSEWIVES. At least Gossip Girl is fictional and scripted. These bitches are "real" and people are worshiping their worthless lives. Makes me feel sick.

    SYTYCD so far has an amazingly talented cast, but like you, I'm over the auditions and happy it's moving forward finally.

    Glee...well, you know how much I love that show. Modern Family and Cougar Town -- genius. ANTM, over it. Heroes -- Super excited that the show is finally going dark. For the first time since the first season, I'm excited about the show again.

    Love Project Runway, but Lifetime plays the entire show in its preview clips before the commercial break. It's annoying. "Next up on Project Runway, ..." then five minutes of previews then commercials and then you have to watch the same five minutes of episode. Thank GOD for DVR.

    Brothers & Sisters -- I cry every episode. EVERY episode.

    And I'm incredibly exited for V. to start!

    Funny, I planned to talk about the shows that I recommended earlier, this week. More to come :)

  18. I really like Glee, too, but I think it's gone downhill since the first episode. Are we really to believe that Finn is so stupid that he believes it's possible to impregnate his girlfriend by jizzing in the spa? Really? And Family Guy can get away with the goofy pedophile because the whole show is totally not right, but having one in Glee? Gross. I am still watching because I have high hopes but their characters need to grow.. and Rachel needs to stop quitting and rejoining the Glee club 2-3x per episode.

  19. You forgot all of the following

    Castle on ABC - Nathan Fillion is hot and Stana Katic is beautiful
    The Mentalist on CBS - Simon Baker, Owain Yeoman, & Tim Kang are all hot
    NCIS on CBS - Mark Harmon & Michael Weatherly are hot
    Bones on Fox - David Boreanaz is hot and Emily Deschanel is beautiful