Friday, February 19, 2010


Another Great Friday!!!

Good morning!  I hope you all were able to watch America's new Golden Boy, Evan Lysacek, win the gold medal in Men's Figure Skating last night. 

He is Chicagoland's very own, and he did us proud!

Speaking of Olympics, today at work, my department will be competing in our own Olympics competitions!

I am ready!  I've stretched, I'm doing breathing exercises, and I am ready to bring home a medal!

Today's events include:

*Office Chair Rowboat Push*

*Mouse Curling*

*Trashcan Basketball Relay - Flip cup Style*

*Rubberband target shooting*

*Paperclip Chaining*

*Softrax Ping Pong*

I will try to do the Dangling Carrots community proud!  I'm especially excited to see how my rubberband shooting skills are!

It's a good thing Evan doesn't work with me, or I wouldn't stand a chance!

I will keep you posted...

However, the important thing here is...Whether I win or lose in these events, I am still a winner due to the fact that I am having CHIPOTLE for lunch! 

YUM! Don't tease me!!!

On a final note today, My Remote control works!!!

For those of you who read yesterday's post, and have sent comments, tweets, or emails...YES, my remote control is OK!

I think it just needed to thaw out.

But THANK GOODNESS, because then I wouldn't have been able to turn on the TV and watch Evan bring home the medal!  Phew!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! Now, bring on the Chipotle burrito!!!


  1. Yay for Evan! What a great moment last night! And sign me up for Rubberband target shooting, please!

  2. Happy Friday, Paul! Good luck today! I hope you bring home the hardware. And great news about the remote control!

  3. Excellent. So happy that your remote control works. I was very worried for you. :)

  4. Yay the remote is working! Evan is cute and what is Softrax Ping Pong? :)

  5. so gllllllllllllllllad your remote works;)

    your office sounds fun, I need a job in

  6. Trashcan Basketball Relay - Flip cup Style? You should win that one for sure, as I've seen your flip cup abilities! Go get 'em!

  7. Well deserved gold medal...loved his performance from beginning to end.

    Hope your work olympics will go well...great to see a work place getting involved...may improve performance at the end of the day

  8. Ok, ya'll! Event #1 is completed. I was fortunate enough to take home the BRONZE medal in Office Chair Rowboat Push! SWEET!

  9. I caught the update before 9:30pm that Pleshenko came in 2nd so I had to watch the coverage of Lysacek winning. When he smiles he is SO handsome! And I loved the look of disgust on Pleshenko's face - had me LOL. I wish there was a Chipotle near my work - so good!

  10. Event #2 completed: I took home the GOLD medal in Rubberband Target shooting! YEAH!!!

  11. Well! Over the weekend you can be very intimate with your remote. Hmmm!

  12. Paulie! Congrats on winning the office olympics medals! ha! that's a great idea. Good luck in the rest of the events.

  13. Congrats on the Gold Medal! You've done us all proud, and in a far more prestigious event than any sort of "so-called" Olympics up in Vancouver.

  14. Sounds like a lot of fun. I want to compete. :)

    I was so happy that Evan won last night. I was on the edge of my chair when the Russian's score was announced. I think I actually jumped in the air and screamed!

  15. Evan is such a hottie!

    I haven't had Chiplote in awhile. I think this weekend I'll go for lunch!

  16. Congratulations, sir! I bet you would give Evan a run for his money though.

  17. Your blog makes me giggle, smile and snort a lot! LOL

    I was out of town and I've been busy at work but I always manage to find time to read you but soo sorry for not commenting on all of the previous ones! I'm still catching up! ;)

  18. Ice skating and chipotle? That's fire AND ice, baby! Oh, and BTW the 'paperclip chaining' - I would totally smoke you at that!

  19. I had Chipotle for lunch yesterday too.... Steak bowl... It was soooo good, but then I tried to run after work and that didn't work out so well. It was worth it though.

  20. Paul, happy the remote is Ok, and so glad you had fun during the days events. :)

  21. Evan did a great job on his long program and deserved the gold metal.

    I love Chipotle's barbacoa burrito!!