Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Okay Ke$ha...I Give In!

'There ain't no scene in the VIP for me.
So you can take your class, shake your ass and drown in that martini!'

Wow, Ke$ha...You know my thoughts so well!

I admit, I didn't want to like Ke$ha.

From the get go, I saw how she spelled her name and thought, "Oh brother...another gimmick." 

However, I'm always looking for new music to run to, and when I heard her catchy song 'Tik Tok,' I knew that this would be a good one.

Turns out I was right!

So, I checked out the rest of the album and can't. stop. listening!  I guess good music always wins out.

If you like good, danceable, infectious pop music, then you must check her out too!

She's unapologetically trashy...and I find it quite refreshing!

It's nice to hear something other than pop stars/rap stars bragging about their bling or their latest designer shoes!

Anyone who knows me, understands that I am not a huge fan of the whole "velvet rope", V.I.P. scene to begin with. 

Sure, it's fun on occasion, with the right friends...but give me a corner bar, a beer, some good rock n' roll music, and great friends...and I am good to go all night!

I don't need to show everyone that I am better than them, and I am not a fan of creating the illusion that I have more money than them...or have it all together!  Plus, I want to be approachable, as the best part of going out is meeting new, fun people!

I could see myself hanging out with Ke$ha and having a great time, hangin' with the common folk, dancing the night away!


I realize that she's probably an acquired taste, and isn't for everyone.

However, I have a whole new album of great running music!

The song below is called, "Take It Off" and it's definitely my new jam! 

My other favorite jam:  "Your Love Is My Drug"


  1. Tik Tok is a hot track! Like Kesha, I'm a fan of the Jack Daniels. :)

  2. I will have to check out some more of this album, because I really like these songs that you posted. I didn't realize that she was that good. I too thought she was a 1-hit wonder.

  3. There's a place I know if you're looking for a show, where they go hardcore and there's glitter on the floor!

  4. This is what I am discovering with Kesha. Many people really like her, but are afraid to admit it. That's a little weird, huh? It's because our society says it's not okay to be yourself. You have to always put on a show that you are worthy of being someone important.

    Love this post, Paul. It's good to hear that you are a down to earth normal guy.

  5. Don't doooooo it!!!! I hate that blah blah blah song and tiktok officially now annoys the crap out of me....but just cuz's it you Paul, I'll give the songs a listen....but wont promise they'll be on my blog anytime soon;)

  6. Tony! I promise you will like these 2 songs. If you don't, then I will owe you lunch!

  7. I haven't checked her out yet. I'll trust your judgement and give her a try!

  8. I actually like her, I found her by accident one night while chanel surfing, I stopped on her video and was hooked....happy accident;)

    I kinda like the velvet rope thing, but then Im kinda snotty at times:( dont hate me... ;)

  9. Yeah, Ke$ha!!! My favorite Jack drinking, barefoot, raggedy-haired dance diva! She may not be for everyone, but she sure is selling lots of CDs!

  10. I'm currently crazy about "Tik Tok", so thanks a lot for the opportunity to listen to her other tracks. I was skeptical and felt lazy to even give her other songs a try, but since she's getting such good reviews from you I'm going to listen right now :) Plus, you were so kind to actually provide us with links so I can still be lazy haha :)

  11. Paul, you like this girl? I think she is gross and her music probably sucks too. But whatever, to each their own.

  12. Good advice. Take It Off is a hot new jam. I think i will be downloading this and playing it every weekend while getting ready to go out. LOL!

  13. I have resisted listening to her simply because how her name is written. lol

  14. Ya know you just can't deny a catchy song. It's like Miley Cyrus "Party in the USA". You can say you don't like that kinda thing and then you hear it and find yourself humming it later :)

  15. Love Ke$ha..I know what you mean the whole thing is fun to listen too...She has been writing and backing up a ton of singers trying to make it big for a long time.......she deserves it Gaga I didnt want to like her but now I love her! Boots and boys!!!