Friday, February 12, 2010

What? The Olympics start Tonight???

Umm...did you realize that the 2010 Winter Olympics begin tonight?

Yes it's true!  It snuck up on us out of a child predator at a playground.  BAM!  There it is!

I guess I knew it was coming, but where has all the publicity been?  I've barely heard anything about it?

Could it be because I live in Chicago, and because our city's 2016 summer Olympic bid was SHOT DOWN, that our media here said "F*ck it?" it just that there really isn't much excitement?  Hmmm...

Don't get me wrong:  I LOVE me some Olympic games!
 BUT...I hardly know any of the athletes! 

Where is Michelle Kwan?  Nancy Kerrigan??? 

Come on Michael Phelps!  Couldn't you learn how to Bobsled to help out Team USA????

And where's the scandal?
What?  No crobar to the legs of Belbin & Agosto???

Well, I understand...
It's hard to be excited for sports that you rarely see on TV and you never hear the names of the athletes.

But it doesn't really matter!  As long as Team USA has elite athletes competing for medals, I will be glued to the TV.  I don't care if I've never heard your name before, or if you came from the smallest city in Idaho and have been training for the Luge since the age of 4! 

If you are a competitor for the Gold, I will be cheering you on!

Ok, here's who I do know:

Apollo Anton Ohno - speed skater (and Dancing w/ the Stars champ!)   Do us proud, yo!

Bode Miller - Skier (and my crush!)   Stay away from the alcohol til' your event is over!

Shaun White - Snowboarder (and red head)  Rock on, dude!

Lindsey Vonn - Skier   Stop getting injured!

Shani Davis - speed skater (and hothead!)  Keep calm!

Evan Lysacek - figure skater (straight guy, believe it or not...)

TEAM USA HOCKEY! - featuring the Chicago Blackhawks very own superstar, PATRICK KANE!  WOO HOO HOO!!!

Excellent!  Now let's bring home some Gold medals, USA! 
With all this excitement...I'm going to need a Lipitor!


  1. U-S-A! U-S-A!
    Yes! Go Anton Ohno! So excited!

  2. Michael Phelps fitting into a bobsled? I'd like to see that!

  3. To be honest I can't wait until it's over. I'm excited to see the new version of the "We Are The World" which is suppose to be released in the opening ceremony.

  4. Happy Friday, Paul!
    First, that is one SEXY pic of Tabitha Belbin!
    Second, now you've moved on to Lipitor? You're a prescription drug junkie!
    Third, funny blog as always.

  5. I already have to deal with the repercussions of your boniva addiction daily...I am not about to let you start with lipitor! LOL

  6. HAHA! Anna, did I tell you about my new Latisse prescription? :)

  7. Yes sir! The Olympics do begin tonight. It's once every 4 years that we get to see curling and luge, so you better watch!

    Wanna come over and watch? We can make pizza and popcorn!

  8. I didn't realize they started tonight either! I'm sure I'll catch a bit here and there.

    Happy Friday!

  9. I'm totally excited to watch the gymnasts and swimmers...

    Oh wait. These are the Olympic games that nobody cares about. I forgot!

  10. I'm excited! The Winter games are my favorite! The opening ceremony is supposed to be really cool. Can't wait!

  11. Are you serious? I've seen so many commercials and promotions for the games that I'm already tired of them. And I have DVR (rarely ever watch live TV), so I've seen all of them fast-forwarding through them!!!

  12. Just stopping in to say that I think I am in love with you! I always end up smiling after reading your blog. There's usually always one line that gets me every time.

  13. Oh come on guys I am Canadian, the Olympics is being held over here, well not exactly right here where I am but a few hours from where I sit.

    Anybob, oh hey, I lurked your blog from Mr. Rivers and I think you two should totally be each other's Valentine because you are a cutie and so is he and there will be cuteness all around you all. Jus sayin..

  14. what about big flammer ice skater, Johnny Weir??!!
    He's my favorite!

  15. johnny weir is amazing on the ice and in person!

    ps. you're just as graceful in dodgeball, paul!

  16. Did Johnny Weir make the Olympic team? Well...I'll be damned! What do I know??? :)

    Thanks Max! I save all my best moves for when we play your team, though!

  17. If dodgeball were in the Olympics, do you think it would be a summer or winter sport. Either way, I bet the Chucks would get a medal. With love.

  18. I didnt realize it was tonight...I live accross the lake, maybe my media say fuck it too>??? :)

  19. I'm watching the Olympics opening ceremony now. (And mmmm....mmmm, Bode Miller...sizzle, sizzle!)

    I think the winter olympics are much more entertaining than the summer Olympics.

  20. I was so excited for the Olympics this year and was totally going to watch it live at 5am here (time difference ugh), but who knew my yesterday's Mafia game session with freinds would take so logn and I'd be home so late lol Missed the opening show, not sure if I get a chance to watch a re run laetr tonight... Did you watch the opening ceremony??

    Oh, and did you know one athlete died even before the opening? A Georgian (the country, not the state...) was training and something went wrong. Was supposed to be his first Olympics... So sad :(

  21. LOL... here in Canada, ENDLESS publicity about this. Mostly in a good way, and we are all wearing those damn red mittens - look for them everywhere on tv.

    And of course there is no scandal, we are prim and proper Canadians. You have John Mayer and John Edwards, we have Olympic glasses at gas stations and fundraising red mittens!

  22. definitely looking forward to watching some snow boarding with my boys...

  23. I had your same reaction: What? Already? Where was the Olympic publicity? But I did enjoy watching some of the opening ceremonies Fri night and some of the ski jumping on Sat.

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