Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh, Tanith!

Thank you, Tanith Belbin!

I had no idea that she was so damn popular!

For those of you faithful 'Dangling Carrot'ers, you know that last Friday I posted about the Olympics starting, and I included a photo of Ice Dancing couple Tanith & Belbin.

Well, Geez Louise!...In the last few days, my blog statistics have gone through the roof!

I mean, here I thought that you all were just so fascinated with my amazing writing skills, and my clever wittiness that you were continually coming back for more.

It turns out, that y'all were just Google-searching for Tanith!

Yes, it's true. 

While looking at my keyword-search activity, hundreds & hundreds of people have been linked to my blog because they were looking for the blonde, American beauty.

Tanith Belbin.

(Just had to write her name again;  If it brings more people here, then I will keep saying it!)

TANITH BELBIN!  (Shameless, Paul Benjamin, Shameless!)

So, I decided to enter her name into Google myself, and sure enough...my little 'ol blog came up as the 3rd entry. 

Me and Google, we are tight!  We're like besties now!

So even though Ice Dancing is now over (thank God...it feels like it lasted for an entire week!), and Tanith & Belbin did not win a medal (coming in 4th overall), it appears as if she has not lost any popularity!

The team has talked about possibly retiring from figure skating.  If so, then Tanith could go on to modeling, or acting.

Or, she could parlay this into a successful career as a Hooter's girl, I'm sure!


  1. Haha! Way to be shameless, Paulie! I just noticed that you do have a lot of followers now. Will you write about my event coming up? :)

  2. I hope Tanith Belbin continues to bring you good luck!

  3. That is shameless! I'm going to create a dish and name it after her, Tanith special shaved ice perhaps! lol

  4. Paul, You are too cute!

  5. Tanith Belbin!!!! (just helpping you out with the blog traffic here ;-))

  6. you crack me up. Huge fan of the blog

  7. I thought that the judges were right to have the Canadians win last night. Their skating was definitely the best. It did seem like the ice dancing went on way too long thouh, you're right. Now, we get to watch the women, or the little girls is more like it.

  8. We do come back because of your clever wit, Paul Benjamin! You are hilarious. I's sure Tanith helps though.

  9. shameless looks good on you, but Im sure most things do;)

  10. You have an award waiting for you @ no excuse no explanation;) Enjoy!

  11. Helllooo! Didn't you know? Try to write something about Oprah? You will see the results and readers' emails. Once I wrote something about movie Precious. I received bunch of hate emails. They had assumed my blog was food related. They were angry that there was nothing to eat.

  12. Hehe...
    Porn also works. Just put PORN anywhere in your blog and you will see your analytics spike.

  13. I'm still not going to watch the Olympics, Paul.


  14. You crack me up! You are not being shameless, you are just.. how can I say it? Promoting your blog a lil bit?

  15. TANITH! why did I read your post like I had a speech impediment! ME BAD PERSON!

    GASP! I panicked I thought I had followed/lurked/stalked you already, and I was looking at my blog list and poof you weren't there.

    So here I am again - Yup you are still a cutie!

  16. That's funny...I still get hundreds of hits for writing about Jersey Shore twice, a few months ago and Facebook Status Rules over a year ago. The facebook status rules post is my number one post to date.

    I'll have to google Tanith. I still have no idea who she is.