Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"I'm Only Having ONE Drink Tonight..."

Don't lie!  At some point in your life, you've spoken this phrase as well:

"I'm only going out for a drink or two tonight."

Maybe you have an early morning; or perhaps haven't been feeling too well.  Or maybe you are just trying to be responsible!

Well, last night I decided to meet up with a couple of my best friends, Rich & Justin (shown in the pic to the right), for our regularly scheduled Martini night!

My intention was to go and have a couple of drinks, spend some "quality" moments with the guys, and then head home at a decent hour.

Now, for those of you who don't know the Kit Kat Lounge here in Chicago, they have a plethora of different martinis on their menu.  AND...if you go on a Tuesday or Sunday night, they are only $5.

That's right!  I said FIVE dollars. 

Martini's on Clearance!

Which is DANGEROUS!  (even though I'm sure they use cheap, cheap vodka on these nights!) But I was determined to stay strong tonight.

So, we order our first round.  I get the Coconut Cream Pie martini, which is a thicker drink, thinking it would sustain me longer. was like dessert.  Gulp, gulp...gone.

Clearly, I had to order another one almost immediately!

About 45 minutes into our stay, our exquisite friend Zach (see photo) sends a text, saying he is on his way.  He shows up shortly after, and because of my excitement to see a new pal, I think this calls for another drink!

I ordered the 'Flirtini,' which is a champagne cocktail with pineapple, and other good stuff.  However, when the drink arrived, it tasted so different this time.  I looked at Justin and said, "oh, i don't think they made this right..."

But of course I kept sipping on it!  haha...

Then finally the manager walks over and said, "I'm sorry...I believe we may have given you the wrong martini..."

Umm, does the Pope hate gay people?  Duh!  Of course you did...

So, they delivered a brand new drink to me.  It was like getting 2 for 1!

Right as I was beginning to think that I should wrap things up to head walks the excellent duo of Chris and Jamon! (see pic, minus the one with boobs, of course!

Yay!  more friends!!!

I think this calls for another...(I am losing count at this point)...round!

We all drank, chatted, laughed, got caught up with each other, and had a great time. 

(My head may have been spinning a little, and my eyesight a little blurry...and my words 'potentially' slurring.)

So...even though my intention was to drink sensibly last night, and I actually didn't get home until closer to 1am on a school night (!), these are the nights with friends that you will always remember. So no regrets!

And hey...I woke up with NO headache this morning, and even got to work early! 

Which means I'm NOT an alcoholic, right?....


  1. You're a lush!

    Kidding, Paulie. Glad to see you guys had fun. Next time invite me!

  2. Kit Kat 1/2 price martini nights are dangerous! I agree with you that you can never only have one or two. Did you get your tarot cards read by the psychic lady?

  3. Let's see if you can actually make it through your day though! LOL

  4. Anna, you know I am usually fine until I take my daily 3pm nap! HAHA!

  5. "Umm, does the Pope hate gay people? Duh!"

    Haha! This made me LOL!

  6. Those are always the best nights with friends. When you expect low key, the opposite happens! Glad you had fun! :-)

  7. Paul, I love this blog. You have a great way of taking the most normal moments in life and making a great story out of them. I'm so happy you're a part of my life.

  8. I used to be the "Only One Drink Tonight" queen, and, well, like your story, mine also never came true.
    These days, however, when we go out, I'm apt to say, "I'm going to get stinking drunk."
    That also doesn't come true.

  9. It is impossible to only have one drink when Justin is around!

  10. Haha, you Paul are a lot of fun! lol at "Martinis on clearance", that's what they should name the days. Glad there was no headache for you the morning after and it was also real nice of them to provide you with another drink when they realized their mistake, that's what the good service is supposed to be like!..

  11. Please invite me the next time you go to Kit Kat! I love a good martini and a performance from time to time. And $5 is a steal!

  12. sounds like a great night with your friends;) Im always great after a night of drinking, its the night after the night after that always gets me...??? ;)

  13. That one drink plan has failed every weekends for me.
    Sounds like a great night out on a school night!

  14. That sounds awesome. I love it when unexpected things like those occur and you get to see people you didn't expect to see or expect to have so much fun.

  15. Your asking the wrong person here, I seem to have the same problem!!!!!! It always nice to enjoy a cock-a-tail or 10 on a night out.