Thursday, February 4, 2010

Look, Here's 'The Situation'...

The word is forever tainted!

As I was sitting at work yesterday, I overheard a co-worker talking on the phone.  At one point she said, "Look, here's the situation..."

Immediately, the FIRST thing that came to mind was the Six pack ab muscles that belong to Mike "The Situation" from Jersey Shore!


A few days ago, I was walking home from the train, listening to my ipod, and the excellent pop ditty "Damaged" by Danity Kane started playing.

Ooh...that song is one of my Jams!

Within seconds, this lyric was being sung:

"I tried every remedy but nothing seems to work for me
Baby, baby this situation's driving me crazy"

What did I immediately think about?

Those damn six-pack abs!!!

Look...He is one smart cookie!  Giving himself a nickname that is actually pretty clever, and then using it on national television?  You have to hand it to this guy!

Admit it.  You know that you think of him too whenever you hear 'the situation.'  I wonder how long this will last...

Somehow, the cast of the Jersey Shore has fist-pumped it's way into our lives! 

Now, there are reports that Mike is in the process of trademarking his nickname. 
That's a tall task, but good luck to him.

Who needs real names when you can call yourself  'JWoww' or 'Snookie'?

I'm going to start going by the nickname, "P-Dangler"



  1. I'll admit it. I think he's sexy!

  2. I second this posting! If I here the word "situation" anywhere now, I automatically think: Jersey Shore! At least he is nice to look at. :)

  3. I'm officially calling you P-Dangler from now on hahaha

  4. I've never watched the show but "the situation" will never be the same. I also admit, I'd sleep with him in a second. Show him some Minnesota Nice!

  5. Dangler, I love it. I laugh to myself at the rediculousness of Mike everytime I hear the phrase too.

  6. P-Dangler! That's your new name! Is that just because of your blog name, or does that symbolize a body part of yours? HAHAHA!

  7. here's the situation I have better abs lol

  8. I saw your headline pop up in my gchat and immediately knew that this was a blog about Jersey Shore. However, I don't think of the abs when I hear Situation, I think of the douche they're attached to.

    And P-Dangler?
    Well that just brings up too many teabag references....

  9. Hey P-Dangler,

    Oh goodness! This could not have been a more timely post. Just this morning I too used the term 'the situation' and immediately thought of this guy, and have also become an unwitting victim of pop culture.

    'The Situation' is not really my type; he's kind of skeevy/pretty, but I'll admit there's a little something there that piques my attention.

  10. it;) I think they have 12 step programs for the

  11. Why do most of the sexy people have to also be complete douchebags? It's sad. But you know i'd still hit it! LOL!

  12. Get ready for more or your favorite 'Jersey Shore' cast-mates. They have all signed on for a Season 2. I personally am awaiting this premier as I did the 'LOST' premier...with bated breath!!!

  13. i can't stop laughing at your new nickname. very jersey shore worthy! GTL, baby, GTL.

  14. What about hittable danglings? LOL Ok, that was terrible. haha

  15. MMM P Dangler... some might wonder what P stands for haha!

  16. Okay have never seen the show, and that expression 'the situation' is now ruined for me forever, thank you very much... however WOWZA on those abs! Have never seen this dude before, and yes want to see mooooore!

  17. P-Dangler!

    There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with admiring a six-pack!!


  18. I think he is hot but he is definitely one of those guy you just want to say shut up and F*ck me!

  19. Did you hear that? It was the clock ticking on "The Situation's" 15 minutes of fame. ;-)