Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How do we REMEMBER all of this???

Yesterday at work, I was walking down the hallway to go to the restroom.  (Yes...Unlike many of you, I actually had to go to work yesterday!)

When I arrived at the bathroom door, I froze.

What the hell is the combination to get into the bathroom???

I stood there for a moment, looking at the numbered buttons on the electronic door lock.  I have put that combination in hundreds of times before, yet I completely blanked out.


So, I started walking back down the hall, in order to retreive the combo from my desk.  But then, when I stopped 'thinking' about it, the combo came to me.

Yay!  Now I can pee!

It's nice to know that I'm actually smart when I turn my brain off!

But really, aren't we asked to remember WAY too much? 

This same thing has happened to me before while standing at the ATM.  For the life of me, due to a momentary lapse I couldn't remember my PIN number!

And then there's the Password that I must enter in order to log into my work computer.  Once logged in, I have 5 different passwords for the various software programs that I must use on a daily basis!

I try to make them all the same, but then inevitably, one of the programs will tell me that my 'password is about to expire.'

NO!  Then I have to choose something else and completely complicate my life!!!

On top of that, I have a password to log in to my email, one for facebook, twitter, etc...  Basically, every website I use!

Some require that i use a combination of a symbol, a capital letter, a number, etc. 
I know it's all in the name of security, but why you gotta make my life so difficult???

Throw in...

*My gym locker combination*

*The password to access my voicemail on my phone*

*My social security number*

I'm like a damn Genius!
THANK BUDDHA that I don't have to remember anyone's phone numbers anymore.  Thank you, phone technology!

Look...I had to call up RCN, my cable company, a few weeks ago to discuss an internet issue.  When I called, the representative who answered the phone asked me for my password. 

"My what?"
"Sir, your RCN password...so that I can access your account."
"Umm...do I even have one?"
"Yes, it should've been created when you signed up for service with us."
"That was 4 years ago!  You expect me to remember that?"
"Sir, would you like me to reset it for you?"
"Sure. But I warn you...I will most likely forget this one too!"

Everyone needs a password these days!

At this point, I SOMEHOW manage to remember all of this.  Hopefully, my memory will hold up as I get older!

Now, if you'll excuse me...I have to pee.  WAIT, what's that combo again???


  1. I've also forgotten my PIN number before. I needed to get money while I was at a bar, so I ended up buying a round of shots for everyone because I needed to put it on my card and they had a minimum charge. Not fun!

  2. Once again, it's like you're inside my head! Love this!

  3. LOL. This is so true! Our lives are run by passwords! It use to be much easier. You could use the same password for everything. Then places started specializing their passwords. Letters, numbers, etc. etc. That's when I started to get frustrated!

  4. I have no idea how we keep it all straight. I think you're right, when we stop thinking about it our subconscience takes over.

  5. This is terrible but mine are all written down. I pay my bills online and each bill has a different criteria for a password and I just couldn't remember them anymore.

  6. OMG! That just happened to me, I called dish network because of a problem, they asked for a password, it was 8yrs old ...how am i supposed to remember that...arggg;)

  7. I'm good with remembering numbers, telephone, addresses, combinations, etc. But passwords? Oy! Too many. I keep them relatively simple, but then even my tiny brain freezes up!

  8. You are SO right. I actually have an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of my various passwords for work, personal, etc in case I forget them. (And yes, that spreadsheet is password protected too.)

  9. it is amazing how we do remember things. But luckily enough for us, we can. They are more likely to stay with us when we continually use them. Learning is something that occurs with experience and practice. Continually having the use the passwords helps us remember them. The momentary forgetfulness is probably just a brain aneurysm working it's way to your heart. Just kidding...:)
    It's just a glitch in your system. You were probably concentrating on a few other things, as we often do in this multitasking society. Our memory is good for about 5 things at the same time, then we "forget". Once you relaxed, you were able to remember the password.
    To help, set up a system for generating passwords that expire, so you know what it is by the pattern you set. For those years old ones, I like the spreadsheet idea that madtexter suggested.

  10. SO RIGHT ON! I'm glad that you were able to pee, as that would make for a long day! hahaha

  11. Stan, I agree with you! If you asked me to tell you my combination, I wouldn't be able to. However, the repeated motion of hitting the buttons is how I am able to remember.

    Yes, Tommy...I am very happy that I got to relieve myself! :)

  12. Thank the magician, baby jesus for the iPhone. There's an app for that.

  13. Uggggh, passwords!! I soo feel you on this one. That's why I usually try to have one password for everything too. If I need to change it somewhere I then go and change them everywhere.

    lol at "It's nice to know that I'm actually smart when I turn my brain off!" It's funny, but I think it's something that happenes to all human beings, sometimes it's really best to just switch off the brain and rely on instincts, intuition, habitual instincts...

  14. Clearly you don't turn your brain off often, because your blog is fantastic. Another great post, Paul!

  15. The experts say we should change our passwords every three months for security reasons. There is no way I can do that and keep everything straight.

  16. I have all of mine written down too. I don't think that's very smart. Plus, my password is the same for everything. I guess that isn't too smart either.

  17. I hear ya sister! I used to have a ton of passwords and wrote them all done and then I would put them to memory. It just got to out of hand. Now, I only use for the most part,two pass words for almost everything that requires one now.

  18. Holy crap I have these moments all the time!

    Our computer system at work requires us to change our passwords every 30 days --- at least 8 character, number letter symbol and capital letter, and it retains your previous 24 so you don't repeat. Plus passwords for inventory database, voicemail and blackberry. I keep them taped to my desk and lock the damn office.

  19. The passwords have rule our life at the most inconvenient times. I use one set of passwords for everything so if it leaked I'm doomed, but I do get to pee :)

  20. OMG PB - I am totally with you on this.

    I hope no one ever finds out my password - I use the same one for EVERYTHING coz I used to blonde out all the time.

    Oy vey - the 21st C gets me all farklempt.

  21. My comment has absolutely NOTHING to do with what you've written about in this post but it needs to be mentioned anyway.

    You look rather handsome in that picture, Paul!

    Ah, now I feel better!

    -Dean ~_^