Monday, February 1, 2010

Milwaukee Fun! Oh...and Pink ruled the Grammys!

I spent the weekend in Milwaukee with some of my besties!  Sometimes it's nice to get away from your normal environment, even if only for a day or two. 

Eric, Nate, Johnny, Topher and I decided to escape the Chicago cold for...the even colder Milwaukee.

But we had a blast!

Apparently, I was so excited that I proclaimed, "The cheaps are drinker here!"  And that was even before any alcohol touched my lips!

We ate at the fantastic 'La Fuente' mexican restaurant, which had excellent margaritas, and then proceeded to go out to the bars, where we danced the night away!

In fact, Johnny was even involved in a danceoff....and of course he won!

The people were friendly and the drinks were flowing.  Can't wait for our next trip guys!

On another note:  Registration for the 2010 Chicago Marathon opened today, and naturally, I have already registered.  This will be my 3rd one, as I clearly am a glutton for punishment!

If you are planning on running it, let me know!  I love to keep connected to fellow runners, as it pushes me along and inspires me.  If you have ever thought about doing it, I urge you to sign up.  Do it quickly though, before the field is full and registration closes.  Let the training begin!

Finally, I watched the Grammy awards last night, and I have to say that this was probably one of the WORST shows they have ever put on!

There were barely any awards handed out (9 awards in 3 and 1/2 hours???)  Many of the performances looked like they were just thrown together (Jamie Foxx, Drake, Lil Wayne, Taylor Swift!...shame on you!)

The real saving grace of the show, and the spotlight moment of the night, was the absolutely amazing Pink!

Breathtaking doesn't even begin to describe her performance.  When I come up with a better word for it, I will let you know.

She wasn't the big award winner, but she stole the damn show by giving an acrobatic performance that was classy, yet exciting! 

If Pink can sing, do all that, and STILL sound incredible, then nobody has an excuse to lip sync EVER AGAIN!

A performance with 50 backup dancers couldn't compare to her alone on the stage.

Unfortunately, this morning, the reviews of last night's show include her, but they give her a mere blurb.  It is sad that we live in a society where the media can talk endlessly about the disastrous mess of a performance given a couple of months ago by Adam Lambert, but barely give a sentence or two to the brilliant display of artistry that Pink gave us.

Oh well...  Pink, you rocked it!  Thanks for that performance.

More pics of the fun Milwaukee weekend:


  1. COMPLETELY agree with you about Pink. She was one of the only things worth watching the whole show for. I have a new respect for her as a performing artist.

  2. You all are so handsome!

  3. I had to listen to all Pink songs on my way to work today. She doesn't get enough credit for her talent.

  4. sounds like a fun are great, what a bunch of cuties;) of luck on the marathon;)

  5. First, you guys are so good-looking! Do you have any ugly friends?

    Second, I would never run a marathon. Major respect and props to you, but I prefer my couch.

    Third, Pink's raspy voice turns me on a little and her body was sick! She gave one of the better performances that I've ever seen on an awards show.

  6. I missed the show last night, but it looks like it was similiar to the one she did at the VMAs? That one was pretty good too.

  7. So right about Pink.
    Beyonce should take a note and leave her "team" at home.

  8. Love this pics. You guys look like very close friends. Seems like you had a great time.

  9. I missed the Grammy Awards! I guess I'll have to look up her performance on youtube. :)

    You guys look amazingly hot!

    It's wonderful to have close friends.

  10. I want to start hanging out with you again! I miss you, and i think we should get together for dinner sometime soon to catch up.

  11. Had a blast Paul! We must do it again sometime soon!

    Good luck with the marathon training!

    Adore you always. And, like we said at dinner - I'd be proud to take that part of you in me :)

  12. Paul!

    My, you boys sure know how to handle your pool cues! *ahem*

    Good luck with the latest marathon too! I'm going to sit this one out because I don't want to take away from your time to shine. Yeah, that's the excuse I'm going with anyway. I hate running!


  13. Oh my God you are too funny! When I get drunk I too reverse words like you do too! Of cousre, I have also been known to ask for a glass of milk out at the bars too! What a fun blog. I found you through Bob over at I Should Be Laughing. I'll be reading more.

  14. Well no one can accuse you of never having fun Paul. Great shots with your friends.

  15. Sounds like a fun weekend trip!

    Although I must say that the Lady GaGa/Elton John performance did it for me. It was interesting to watch and listen to. Plus GaGa's costumes are artistry in themselves. Pink's Cirque du Solei performance didn't resonate for me.