Thursday, July 23, 2009

10,000 Visitors???...Hell Yeah!

I know! I can't believe it either!
Within the last couple of months, this little ol' blog has seen 10,000 unique visitors.

I remember when I first started and I was excited to get 8 of you to read my postings. :)

Now that I am up to 400-600 readers a day, I do not take any of you for granted. Thank you greatly!

So, today will be a little different...a hodgepodge of things, if you will...

First of all, I have to say
Congratulations to my dear friend NATE who smoked the competition last night in the Bud Boyz Contest! (Nate is the one in the pic who does not look like me...)

It wasn't even a close contest, as Nate clearly stood out among the other contestants! So, if you are out and about in Chicago at a Budweiser-sponsored event, there's a good chance you'll run into Natey-pie...

AND...Shout out to my boys Mario & Brad who also were impressive, scoring the two alternate positions. WAY TO GO!

More cool news:

Take a look at this AWESOME email I received this week:

First I must commend you on your heroic behavior this weekend. nicely
done. What I am about to say might come as a shock but eveyone loves a
good surprise! Remember that blog you wrote about Mrs (Mariah)
Carey? Of course you do, well just recently I transitioned working for her
team...and your blog (well just the part about her) fell into her hands and
management team and after the album drops and the schedule dies down a tad there is going to be a handful of intimate meet and greets or there were talks of a
few other ideas. Anyway, you are on the list my man, to get those
questions answered. Hope all is well and if you have any questions please
let me know. Take Care. -KU

WHAT??? Amazing! Meeting the great Mariah?
Seriously...I need to start writing about more of my favorite artists if it leads to perks like this! HAHA...Thanks Kevin!

Also, I want to say "gracias" to blog reader Jacob for the extra tickets to the Midwest Film Festival. I had a great time at the event, and it was great to finally meet you in person!

Now...last week's blog that I wrote, commenting about the "Orange Crowd" blog was my biggest readership day so far, as just under 1000 of you decided to click on the link. (Thank you for that!)

I received a lot of feedback that day...some good, some bad...But i say, Keep it coming! It's nice to hear all types of views, and makes things much more interesting.

So...Thanks again to all of you who randomly read 'Dangling Carrots.' I am honored, and you all keep me inspired!

Much Love,


  1. You get to meet Mariah? I am so jealous!

  2. Nate is a hottie.

  3. I'm available for Mariah if you need a plus 1!!! =0)

  4. In case you need an official photographer to meet Mariah .. I'm your girl. :)

  5. Wow, I see that this will be a dogfight if I am able to take someone with me... haha!

  6. Damn, where did Nate come from? Is he single?