Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hey BRAVO...this show SUCKS!

NYC Prep? More like NYC Huge piece of crap!

Hey've REALLY outdone yourself this time! Congratulations on creating this pile of sh*t!

I mean...seriously...this program has to be one of the worst things I've come across in a looooooong time...and for ME of all people to say KNOW its bad!

"But PaulBenjamin, how could you say that? You are majorly in love with the Real Housewives series..."

Yes. That's true. I love those ladies. I also love my good share of trash television. Rock of Love Bus? Charm School? Basically, if it's on Bravo or VH1, I'm there....

"So then, how could you say that this show is worse than those?"

Because this show is about a bunch of priviledged kids who think they own the world just because they were born into wealth on the Upper East side of Manhattan. These are spoiled rotten brats who are not ashamed to let you know how much better they are than you...

If you haven't seen the show yet, don't aren't missing anything!

"Well, the Real Housewives' programs are also about wealthy people who spend money frivolously..."

True, but that is not what disgusts me about NYC Prep. I am not bothered at all by watching people with a lot of money. (I mean...isn't that the American dream?...) The Housewives and other similar shows are about adults, in which many of them have worked hard to earn their own money. And if they haven' least they have some life experience under their belt to know that some of their actions will lead to consequences.

And shows like 'Rock of Love' are so ridiculous, and feature many people who are considered to be 'trashy,' but at least the cast members sort of understand that they are 'in on the joke' and doing it somewhat for the viewer's entertainment.

Also...the other shows usually balance their cast out; a really ridiculous person with a nice person who you root for. That way you get a protagonist and an antagonist. But on 'Prep', all you get are terrible people with NO ONE to root for...

SO what is so annoying about NYC Prep? Where do I start?!?

First, getting involved with charity is not done out of a desire to get involved, it is done out of obligation in order to get into the desired college. In fact, Camille even befriends someone that she can't stand in order to become a Board Member of the charity she works for. A board member? You're 17 years old!

Second, there is a character named Taylor, who is not a part of the New York City prep school scene. She goes to public school, so I think she is supposed to come across as "the good one." However, she dumps her nice, down-to-earth boyfriend in order to date the richer and more high-society friendly Sebastian because, "I've always wanted to just, like, marry rich, and maybe I should just, like think about things with Sebastian."

And by the way, Sebastian's main goal is to hook up with as many girls as possible, which is his prerogative. But we must sit and watch Taylor and Kelli get asked out on dates with him right in front of each other! Pathetic. No shame at all, that Sebastian.

But the biggest douchebag of all is PC. This "straight" guy who loves fashion and breeds more drama than the entire rest of the cast put together is really the only interesting character on the program. (And i say interesting because he is the only one doing anything worth watching...) He treats everyone around him like shit, he is not afraid to tell you what he thinks of you...and DO NOT ever buy him a "JagerBomb" because that is "so Jersey..." And God forbid he ever get offered a seat in the 2nd row of a fashion show, because anything but the 1st row is "so low-class."

With the exception of PC, this show is a HUGE Snoozefest...

In fact, the show is SO bad that Bravo even resorts to misleading the viewers in their "Coming Up Next" teasers, scamming us into believing that next's week's episode is going to feature a death that rocks one character's world, or have one character admit to being bisexual. (Both being really overblown situations...) Good job, Bravo...way to stoop so low...

I hate to be the person who says that these kids are "Everything that is wrong with America," but honestly...they contribute greatly to everything that is wrong with America!

I have removed the series from my TiVo, because I can't bear to watch another episode. However, I will try to catch the Reunion special at the end of the season, just to see if any of these kids have any regrets about the way they acted. (Which I'm sure they won't...)

And PC, it's only a matter of time before he gets his own spin-off right?

Or...maybe in a few years he will join the cast of the Real Housewives of NYC...after marrying his new "life partner"....


  1. I saw it last night with the same expectations of outrageous excess and exuberant embarrassment.

    But this time it was different. It wasn't the "car wreck" that you stick your head out of the window to see the carnage. I could not watch because this time the "car wreck" involved children. Teenagers, tweens or whatever these are KIDS. Putting themselves in dangerous situations emotionally and sometimes physically.

    I despised it for that reason and will not watch again. If anything this program teaches that there are so many ways to screw up as a parent, that kids are still horrible people, and money can cripple the soul.

    Which is fun to watch when a fiery Italian chick throws over a table at a restaurant. It's simply wrong when a child has become deranged and mean.

  2. i haven't really watched it.
    but the commercials led me to believe it was about a bunch of rich people with lazy eyes.

    i thought it was a spin-off of the swan or something.

  3. George...i completely agree with your statement!

    The parents should be ashamed. One character lives in her own apartment in NYC while her parents live in their house in the Hamptons. WTF???

  4. OMG, Brett! LMAO!!!!

    Which brings up another point...these kids may have money, but some of them DO NOT have the looks. But looks don't matter when you have a black AMEX card, right?

  5. It's almost like a show on the Animal Planet. A species one should know for their bad behaviors and undesirable effects on society. How to pity those who have.

    Other than to point and snort, I don't think this show would be worth watching to give you a better commentary. Plus I think the hubby would committ me if I turned to that show. His theory is that I'm supposed to know better and he will be a true partner and help me in that regard. LOL

  6. Can I just say that Sebastian may have a bit of mild retardation?

    The show sucks...I'm ashamed of Bravo for even thinking of the idea...I watched half of one epidsode with my jaw on the floor...I thought, "is this really a show about NYC Prep school KIDS that think they are better than the rest of the world?" How ridiculous!