Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Please, Tell Me I Don't Weigh 137 lbs!

Last night at the gym, I stepped up to the scale...and I was hoping for a number in the 150s.

First of all...I am NOT trying to lose weight!

You see, Since I am training for the upcoming Chicago Marathon, it's a given that I am going to lose some weight...but this year I am trying to counter attack by keeping the weight loss to a minimum.


Last year, during the week of the marathon I was down to 137 pounds.

Yeah...I'm not kidding.

I got small. The nice thing is that my body was completely "cut up" and toned; the bad thing is that I was emaciated...and gaunt...and at times could barely lift a fork to my mouth...

Kidding! (sort of...)

So, as I step on the scale, I am hoping for a nice, respectable, solid number. I would say 155 would be about perfect...

Over the winter, I gained back all of my weight...on purpose. After the marathon in October (when I was a svelte 137 lbs), I ended up putting the weight back on, and by February of this year I was back to just under 170 lbs.

Now, I may have taken some liberties in my diet (but let's pretend like it was all muscle!) LOL!

You know...It was winter, you get to cover up with big sweaters and coats...
It was nice. I enjoy having extra poundage on me.

Fine...I enjoy eating...a lot! There, I said it!

...like Peanut Butter. I won't even tell you how many jars of Peanut Butter I go through in a month. I literally could sit there with a spoon and just work my way through a jar!

I don't know if it's healthy or not, but my body weight fluctuates heavily with the seasons. It is very important for my closet to be stacked with both "Smalls" and "Mediums."

For example, when I was playing rugby I was definitely one of the smaller guys on the team. In fact, my coach would BEG me to try to gain weight.

One time, at a team BBQ, coach told me that I needed to eat 2 burgers instead of 1, and to double up what everyone else was eating. Don't tease me!

God, that was one of the greatest seasons of my life! :)


So, I am on the scale....here comes the number...


NO!!!!!! 149?
Quick, get me to a Chipotle!....or a Pizza Hut!!!

After downing about a gallon of water, that should put me back at 150, right? I'm OK with 150.

But...I know that it's inevitable. Over the next couple of months, I will slowly chip through the 140s as the mileage on my training runs increases.

That's Ok...I will have all winter to stockpile it back on.

Look...As long as I don't lose my ga-dunk-a-dunk, I will be just fine...


  1. I always drop about 15-20 lbs during marathon training. Just eat as much as you want!

  2. You have an athlete's body, though. At least you always look like you've been playing a sport.

  3. First, I have to say Great Job on your blog. I found you about a month ago, and you are very entertaining. I like your positive energy, even when you're trying to be negative, and I think you are very witty.

    If you ever come to NYC, I would love to have coffee sometime. Keep up the good work, as I will be back to read often.

  4. Thanks Dan! I will definitely hit you up next time I come east. :)

  5. You have really sexy legs.

  6. whatever, I hate you right now.

  7. Awww...Ryan, I love you more than life! :)

  8. Paul, since I enjoy your blog so much, and I'm such a good friend, I GUESS I can part with 5 or 10 pounds for you. Lol! Seriously though, I wish I could drop a few from the 165 I'm at now. You're more than welcome to them.

  9. I'm thinking about running a marathon. Got any tips for a newbie?

  10. Don't ever lose your ga-dunk-dunk!-Dave

  11. How dare you deny my my dairy queen when you need to add weight! Hello dairy queen!!

  12. Adam, thanks for the kind offer. :)

    Anna, Dairy Queen is my friend, and you know it!

  13. Im trying to picture all this in my head and its making me laugh because 1) ive never met you and therefore 2) have no idea what the height to weight ratio is. So im picturing this hunched over, gaunt man with bulging cheekbones and exposed viens that hardly have any pulse left in them. Its actually kinda hot.

    Kidding! (sort of...)