Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'll Always Have Chipotle...

Burrito, please!

Ten years ago, when I lived in Denver, Colorado, there was this little restaurant called Chipotle. I had never been there before, but one day my buddy Shaun and I went for lunch.

From the first bite of my burrito, I was an addict!

In fact, I don't know if I had a smaller stomach back then, or if I'm just a fat cow now...but I used to only be able to eat half a burrito and would save the rest for later.

Now, I always eat the whole thing in one sitting, of course. In fact, I could probably even eat 2!

While in Denver, I remember having an emotional night, comtemplating what I was doing with my life...over a Chipotle burrito, of course! You see, I was in Denver for a ministry internship, seriously thinking about becoming a Missionary overseas.

As I sat there in the restaurant, alone, I was wrestling with some feelings...and it was there that I decided that I was going to come home and go back to college. Do you see the clarity of mind that a good Chipotle burrito can give you? (hee hee...)

Well, upon moving back to Illinois, there were no Chipotle restaurants. Whenever I would be out for Mexican food or having a burrito, I would randomly remember Chipotle and how much I missed it.

But then the most wonderful thing happened...McDonalds Corp. bought Chipotle and expanded, bringing the deliciousness all the way out here to the Midwest.

And even luckier for me...
There's a Chipotle just a couple of blocks from my house!


Oh, the memories I have built up with Chipotle...

In fact, I've probably spent more money there than I have on actual groceries from the grocery store!

When first moving here to Chicago, my ex and I went to look at apartments together, and immediately after signing the papers for our first place in the city, where did we go for lunch? You guessed it...

The past couple of years, for our Secret Santa gift exchange at work, what do you think I request each time? None other than a delightful gift card from Chipotle itself!

The Sunday afternoon that I was talking to my father on the phone, as he informed me that my mom had lost sight in both eyes, I was balling my eyes out while chewing on my tortilla...

When someone breaks up with me, a good vacation to the Chipotle is usually in order.

In fact, whenever I hear bad news I have a tendency to just throw on my shoes and walk down the street to the Chipotle. It's almost like a knee-jerk reaction now!

( ...and where do you think I was when I came up with the topic for this blog posting!)

The best thing about marathon training season is that I can eat a Chipotle burrito and not even bat an eyelash at how many calories I may be consuming. If running a marathon means that I can eat a few more burritos, then I will keep on trotting!

The main message that I love the delicious flavors of a hearty Chipotle burrito. So if you are ever stumped on what to get me for a birthday or Christmas gift, be stumped no more! :)

I may not ever fulfill my life's biggest goals...
I may not ever get to Paris to find the cafe of my dreams...
I may not ever fall in love again...
But...God-willing...I'll always have Chipotle to make it all better!


  1. I agree, Paulie. Chipotle makes me very happy as well. - Don

  2. I had it Saturday after the beach before the night drinking started. I'm more of a Chicken BurritoBol, light rice, extra beans, add guac no sour cream kind of guy myself :-)

  3. My Specialty is Chicken burrito, rice, black beans, tomato AND corn salsas, cheese..and occasionally lettuce just for fun! :) Although I do get burrito bowls when I am out to lunch with co-workers or with acquaintances where it's appropriate to eat with a fork!

    OMG...Now, I'm so hungry for a burrito! Is it lunch time yet? Hahaha

  4. First of all, i highly doubt that you will never fall in love again. I think you're quite a catch.
    Second, whenever I come to visit Chicago I expect to experience a Chipotle moment with you.

  5. An ode to Chipotle on a Monday morning. Now my mouth is watering.

  6. I sit here on this Chipotle-less island with my mouth watering while reading this post, LOL. I wonder if I could have a burrito Fed-Ex'd down here? And now my stomach is growling...

  7. You and your Chipotle!! I think you should make a wall of chipotle memorabilia!! =0)

  8. Chipoltes are scattered all around Minneapolis and I love it! I have a very similar relationship with Chipolte. My favorite: vegetarian burrito with fesh salsa, corn salsa, sour cream, cheese and lettuce. Now I'm hungry!

  9. Try Qdoba! Yummy Yummy...I think its better than Chipotle...whats ironic is that Qdoba started where? DENVER! How did you miss it? You can try that spicier mexican taste at 2427 N Lincoln Ave. I experienced my first Qdoba in Madison Wisconsin. I looked up how to get a franchise but you had to do multi franchises and have millions of net worth. I am not sure what it takes now..try it Pauly likey!

  10. I agree with you on Qdoba. They are delicious as well, but they aren't as accessible here in the City.

    Maybe I am just a burrito addict in general...

  11. I think when McDonalds bought it they changed the size...cuz i remember when i lived in Denver, i wasnt able to finish it either...damn corp. American skimping us on our Burritos!...or maybe we are both fat cows!?

  12. I can't tell you how many times I've been to Chipotle this month. It's my crack. I went yesterday even, but did something crazy: instead of ordering my usual steak burrito bowl, I ordered the tacos for the very first time. Delish.
    Crack Tacos.

  13. Can i be honest? As many times as I've been there, I have never gotten the tacos. You would've thought that MAYBE I would've tried them at least once, right? No... :)

  14. My entire department treks to Chipotle for lunch every Friday. Like church. Only with more gas afterward.

  15. Chipotle aside, your blog shows not only what a freakin' burrito addict you are but what a good soul you are. We're all lucky to know you Paul! :)