Thursday, July 16, 2009

The 'Orange' Crowd


There's a new blog that I've found recently called The Orange Crowd, which is based here in Chicago. Have you seen it yet?

If not, you have to check it out!

Basically, someone posts photos of people taken at random GLBT bars here in Chicago. The 'subjects' in the pictures are all very "orange," or heavily tan.

If you look at some of the photos, you will see that these people must've purchased the cheapest version of Self-Bronzer possible! Not a good look...

First let me say...I am neither endorsing or bashing the site. I don't know who the blog owner is, but in many ways I understand his/her point of view.

Haven't we ALL met super-obnoxious people and have wanted to call them out on it? That's basically what this blog does...

However, one of my rules here at Dangling Carrots, is to never call out someone that I dislike by name, unless it's for good or positive reasons. (or...unless it's a celebrity or politician in the public spotlight...They are fair game!) IF for some reason I ever change this rule, at least you all know who I am, and I will have no choice but to be accountable for my words.


I have to say, I know some of the people whose pics are posted on the Orange Crowd, or at least know of them.

And although there are a couple of people who I actually like and would call friends/acquaintances, there are also many on there who I would consider to be major douchebags!

In my opinion, many of these people are the gay equivalent to a Lincoln Park Trixie! (And you all know how much I LOVE them!...ha ha)

***Stop trying so hard! You will never be 'Regina George' from Mean Girls! DEFINITELY shouldn't want to emulate being someone like her! She is NOT a good person. This is REAL LIFE...not a movie!***

After looking through most of the site, I've noticed that many of the people in the pics are not necessarily 'orange,' but rather really tan...which I don't consider to be a bad thing.

I mean, with all the running I do in the summer, I have no choice but to get pretty tan myself. God forbid that I ever show up on this site for merely exercising outdoors...

Therefore, I believe that the blog writer doesn't ONLY think of 'Orange' as being really tan. I could be wrong, but he/she is using the term 'orange' symbolically.

It's a metaphor meaning, "superficial" or "fake"...
Or even to stretch it a bit....shallow?

Which explains why many of the pics are taken at the local establishment called Minibar. Personally, I don't mind going to Minibar, as they've done a really nice job on the place.

However, when many people think of Minibar, it conjures up the same feelings; that lots of superficial, 'douchebaggy' people go there to be seen.

Yes, it is a 'Stand and Model' type bar, and the drinks are more expensive than they really need to be, but if you don't like it, then it's your choice not to go there. There is a FINE establishment right next door called Sidetrack, where the bar staff & patrons are more laid back and very friendly, and the drinks are more reasonably priced.

Depending on your preference, you'll have fun at either...

So, the Orange Crowd blog...Funny or Cruel?

My answer: A little bit of both.

Yes...cruel to the people who show up in the pictures, but funny to the rest of us...


  1. Hysterical. I've never heard of that site before.
    Sadly I know people on there, as well.

    Good find, Paul!

  2. Ahhhh I love this! Ive waited for someone to say something about this issue. I dont understand the appeal of bright orange skin? IMagine what their bed sheets looks like after swimming in that orange stew?

    refering to the group here in Chicago with their heavily photoshoped/airbrushed photos? What the hell?

    You are correct my friend. they are most definitely the new "Lakeview Trixie" Just a gay and orange equivalent...


  3. and the minibar part is excellent...just saying.

  4. It's hilarious. Mainly because the most frequently featured Oompa Loompa is, indeed, quite a douchenozzle.

  5. Well, I'm glad you brought this to my attention. I giggled a little bit. I have mixed feelings, because ideally, I believe that being an "orange basher" makes you just as low as being an orange. Being an orange, you can change -- being an orange basher displays a character trait that you might be able to change, but it'll be much more difficult. I look at being an orange as a bad hairstyle -- you grow out of it (Maybe?). For the old oranges, maybe they need this site as a kick in the pants. If it's a metaphor, then the organge basher and the oranges belong together and we can watch them self-destruct from afar. Like the GOP!! Grand Orange Party! :)

  6. Matt, you make a great point. Hopefully, the owner of the site is doing it to just make a funny point, and is not just really bitter and cruel-spirited.

    I get his point, though. There is no excuse for someone over the age of 21 to be so downright ridiculous, and superficial.

    I hope his site is just viewed as a joke, or for entertainment purposes...and maybe a catalyst for these people to see that many others view their behavior in a negative light.

  7. I see the dilema. Funny or not? And yes, some people are just tanned. Which is a great look and the reason people turn themselves orange. The desire to be tan. I've tried many self tanners. 99% turn orange. I didn't want to see that my skin was orange. Finally, I just had to bite it and see the color that was really there. The one thing that did work, was the spray tan machines. But I don't want to spend the money to keep it up. haha

  8. I have mixed feelings too. Although, I can't help but think of Magda from Something About Mary.


  10. Although I do find the site to be funny at times I also am friends with a few of the folks on there and I have to say they're quite nice people. I love the theme sites though. I'm just afraid that I'll end up on hipster or gay some day :-/

  11. Jordan, i hope you end up on Hipster! That would be so entertaining. :)


  12. That website is just really mean. I dont know why people have to be so cruel.

  13. its not cruel. Most of these people are posing for the photo or taking it themselves. The site isn't actually doing much other than publishing the photos. If its embarrassing for them, then maybe they should take the hint.

    And believe me, NJ is much worse:

  14. Eesh - I pray I never end up on here for bad lighting or falling asleep at Hollywood beach (with my legs in the air).

    There's a fine fine line between an Australian Golden tan and having your @$$ end up on this website!

  15. I knew a guy in SF that was seriously Oompa Loompa, and unfortunately his name was Julius.

    Yes. Orange Julius.

  16. I like how Matt commented about how being an 'orange' is like having a bad hairstyle, something one can grow out of.

    Something that occurs to me is.. you know that old adage about it being the WAY something is done? I think that applies in this case. Bashing = Done without style or couth. Gentle teasing and wicked ribbing = Well-deserved feedback.

    Why must it always be the extremes now with people? Does taking the time to put together comments that point out the ridiculous (umm yes, the Orange IS ridiculous!) in a way that allows the people to Join in the laughter, really all That difficult? Or are people - as discussed in Robbie Anderson's blog about random humor - just becoming the net profit of a dumbed down gene pool?

    Sadly, I fear the latter.

    But for me darlings, if you are orange - I will so sit next to you but never fear I will mock you horrifically and hug you all the while. We all need that - to keep us from going off the deep end you know. The mocking And the hugging.