Thursday, July 30, 2009

NeNe's Back, Y'all!

Okay everyone...get excited...

The Real Housewives of Atlanta are BACK! TONIGHT!

I think I just peed a little...

It's been a Looooong wait, but I'm sure it will have been worth it. I can't wait to see what shenanigans these ladies are getting themselves into now!

And NeNe...oh, how I've missed you!

You know you love her too...In all her delicious awesomeness! The one with a big, caring heart, but also tells it like it is...a Perfect balance!

If you've watched the previous season of RHofATL, you know what I'm talking about.
If you haven't seen the show, tonight is the night for you to jump on board! Please...come along and take this exciting journey with me!

(...and if you are one of my co-workers, you BETTER be watching this season, as I expect you to come into work and talk about the episodes with me around the water cooler...)

A big change this year: They got rid of the boring girl. (See...she was so boring that I can't even remember her name right now...) In her place, they added Kandi Burruss, a singer/songwriter who used to perform in the 90's R&B group Xscape. She has written songs for Alicia Keys, Destiny's Child, Faith Evans, Mariah Carey, etc...


According to the preview, it looks like she clashes with NeNe. OH HELL NAH! DON'T MESS WITH MY GIRL!

I'm sure it will make for great television.
Did i ever tell you how much I love NeNe? :)

And then there's Kim...good ol' gold-digging, 'I want a music career' Kim. Apparently, she splits up with Big Papa this year, so it will be interesting to see if she can keep up with her fine-living, luxurious lifestyle without him.

Ooh...I'm getting excited!

There's also Sheree and Lisa, who are supposed to get into a tiff as well, over dueling fashion lines. Don't tease me with a good catfight!

Of all the 'RH' series that Bravo likes to mass produce, Atlanta has to be my favorite! Probably because these ladies know who they are, know where they came from, and then put on a show! They know how to have a good time and live it up!

Hey Bravo...can we get a Chicago series yet? Thanks.

So...if you are ready for some fun, mindless, entertaining television (...and an hour of amazingness!) then tune in to the season premiere tonight!

Yes, i will always be here to discuss with you tomorrow! :)


  1. Oh yes! I love this show too. Atlanta and New York are the best.

  2. DeShawn is the housewife that they didnt ask to come back. I guess she didn't cause enough drama on the show. It will be interesting to see how the new housewife fits in. I will be watching tonight too.

  3. Oh you know I am right there with you. I will be watching every episode and will be looking for you to give your funny commentary on each one.
    Team NeNe!

  4. Thanks Courtney! DeShawn.
    I mean...i could've looked it up, but it wouldn't have actually added anything to my post. HAHA!

  5. Did you know that one of the first things I do everyday, after checking email and Twitter, is to read your blog? You got me. I'm captivated. Hahaha

    I've only seen one episode of the Atlanta housewives but i just might check it out tonight now.

  6. "I think I just peed a little..." LMAO!

    Go NeNe!

  7. I've never watched RH of ATL, I loved the Jersey season, so I'll jump on the peach train tonight!! See ya there Paulina.

  8. Awww, thanks Anthony! I really appreciate it!

    I thought for sure you would've watched this hot mess!

    Well, I am glad to know that I can chat with you about it now every week at kickball and volleyball...and all that's in between! :)

  10. This is my favorite RH series too. There is something great about ghetto-fabulousness. Very fascinating.

  11. Never watched these shows, but it almost seems like a grown up version of sweet sixteen??? [At least my imagined emotions and blood pressure levels while watching]. Anyway, love your blog. I'm compelled to read when I see that update on facebook. :) Have a great weekend everyone.

  12. I've just discovered both your blog and this show... I enjoy them both immensely! :)

    jarrin :)