Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mariah...The Legend Without A Title!

By now, you may have heard of a little singer named Mariah Carey... :)

Diva. Superstar. Legend...all have been used to describe Mimi, but in a musical world that is so quick to give out titles to their biggest stars, Mariah has seemed to go without.

For example:

Queen of Pop: Madonna
King of Pop: Michael Jackson
Queen of Soul: Aretha Franklin
Pop Princess: Britney Spears
Prince of Pop: Justin Timberlake
R&B Princess: Rihanna

How is it possible that Mariah can be the Greatest Selling Female Recording Artist of all time, yet escape without a title of musical royalty?

Could it possibly be because sometimes she is RIDICULOUS?

Whether you love her or hate her, Mariah sure knows how to craft a pop ditty, and the girl knows how to sell records, that's for sure!
Have you heard the new single, "Obsessed?"

It was just released to itunes yesterday. It took me a couple of listens to get into it, but the song is so damn catchy that I can't stop singing it now! Talk about a summer jam...!

It is highly likely that this song will go to #1, and if it does it would be her 19th #1 single. 19th??? That's only 1 short of the record held by the Beatles.

That's's a feat that no other current recording artist has even come CLOSE to. Not even Madonna, or Whitney...

So then...why isn't she called the "Queen" or "Princess" or even "Dutchess" of something...

Could it be that Mariah is one of those artists that people either really love or really can't stand? Although she has a HUGE & loyal fan base, she also is a very easy punching bag for the media and the critics...

I remember back in the day, when she released her very first single, "Vision of Love." I was like, "Who is this girl with the amazing voice?" The song is still one of my favorite Mariah songs ever. From there she went on to a string of 7 or 8 #1 songs in a row, a feat that is unheard of these days...


Mariah is the type of person that I would love to sit down with and pick her brain (cuz really i am not sure what is going on inside her head...) For someone who seems to have it all (fame, money, looks, and those legs...Yum!), she sure does have a way of messing things up at times...

So, if I could have dinner with the great Mariah Carey, I would say: STOP BEING SO RIDICULOUS!!!

I would tell her to stop dressing like a 12 year old. Or a hooker...
Or simply put...a 12 year old hooker!

I would tell her that her Hello Kitty collection may be unhealthy for someone of her age!

I would tell her to get a better vocal coach, because as good as her songs are on the radio or on disc, her live performances just plain SUCK!

But then I would tell her that many of her songs are some of my favorite songs of all time...
('We Belong Together' is still on heavy rotation on my itunes!)

I would also tell her that I am pulling for her, and that I've always pulled for her, even through the Glitter and Charmbracelet days...knowing the whole time that she was just one big hit away from a comeback!

And I would tell her that I hope she goes on to write many more hit songs, because I really enjoy her entire body of work.

So love her or hate have to respect the fact that Mimi knows how to churn out the hits! And even more impressive is that she writes her own songs. Mad props for that!'s just a matter of time now before she gets the record for all-time #1 songs.

And if that is the only title she receives, I'm sure she would be JUST FINE with that!


  1. Mariah is "eternally 12." I agree though, she should have some sort of title. I'd pick her over Rihanna, hands down.

  2. fyi, madonna isnt the "queen of pop" she the "queen of the fucking universe"

  3. My friend Keith just informed me that Mariah hasn't sold more records than any other female artist. Is this true? The information I have says that Mariah is #1.

    Can anyone verify? I like to get my facts straight... :)

  4. I have a couple ideas....
    DragQueen of Worst Album Titles Ever
    Tramp of Most Songs that Sound Exactly Alike
    Biggest Bitch Who Wouldnt Sit At Anyone's Table

  5. HAHA! Tony, your disgust for Mariah is hilarious and endearing... :)

  6. I've always heard her referenced as a true Diva. As far as her outfits go...yeah, she looks like a slut, but did you notice that she doesn't reinvent herself every album? I think that's the talent of a being a true marketer. Her brand is the same and will probably remain the same until the end. I respect Mariah because she does what she wants, how she wants to and she doesn't give a damn what you say about her. I mean c'mon, she sported the same look even when she gained weight for The Adventures of Mimi Tour. At least you know what you're gonna get with Mariah, a true Diva.

  7. Have you seen the trailer to the movie "Precious",
    Mariah Carey in a supporting role that is different than anything she has ever done.

  8. Anonymous...I completely agree with that statement. Mariah knows her limitations, and what works for her. She is a consistent brand.

    And yes...I've seen the trailer for the movie 'Precious' and I can't wait to see it! Not so much for Mariah (although she is getting RAVE reviews for her role...) but for the Title Character. This looks really good!

  9. Paul are these real names or did you make them up?

    R&B Princess!? Maybe you've been reading too much Popeater or JustJared. Ive never heard such a term!

  10. While I will agree that the bitch has an amazing voice, I cannot stand her. She's a bottom feeder. She ruins most of her songs with annoying runs and high pitched squeals that make even deaf dogs cringe. I'd rather rip off my left arm and beat myself with it, than to listen to her assault my ear drums with another one of her poorly written, ear-bleeding songs again.

    ***Without You and All I Want For Christmas, excluded.