Friday, July 24, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance TOP 6!

Melissa, Look at you still STICKING AROUND! WOO HOO!!!

SYTYCD is down to the Final 6, and I am happy to say that 3 of my favorite dancers are STILL in the competition.

Melissa, Ade and Jeanine!

First of all, I thought Melissa might be a goner this week. but THANK YOU Tyce Diorio for giving her the most amazing dance to perform. After a couple weeks of getting stuck with sub-par choreography, she finally got a chance to perform one of the most memorable dances of the season!

It was such a powerful, beautiful piece drawing attention to the turmoil of a woman struggling with breast cancer and its effects on her partner.

She was definitely the best dancer to perform that number, as her age and style of dance made it much more believable.

AND...when you put Melissa & Ade back together, they are unstoppable!

Together, they are the perfect pairing of strength and grace, and I wish they could dance together for the entire season.

They definitely bring the best out of each other! other favorite is little 'hot tamale' Jeanine! Hello!

This girl is a force to be reckoned with every single week! God...everything she performs, she does it so well...

Who am I this point they are all talented, and so amazing...whoever wins will definitely deserve it!

I am so proud of Melissa, everyone's favorite geriatric dancer, for making it this far! (hee hee!) I honestly thought she would only survive a couple of weeks, but CLEARLY the rest of America reads my blog and agrees with me... :)

So...check out this week's 2 best performances below:

The first video is the STUNNING Melissa & ade routine...and then for a REAL TREAT, you have to check out the hard-hitting, hip-hop routine that Jeanine performs. Enjoy!


  1. I think my favorites this season are: Melissa, Jeanine, Brandon, and Ade. Melissa is a fantastic couples dancer, but I'll be honest...the only solo routine I like from the girls each week is Jeanine's. She just moves with such fluidity that I'm entranced. My biggest hope for the rest of the season is that the judges/producers/whoever can somehow "fix" the available dance styles that the finalists are performing so that no one gets another super slow Waltz, or Russian folk dance. I'd really like to see them all compete on somewhat more equal ground. I mean, I know it's supposed to be "luck of the draw," but I'd hate to see someone eliminated at this point because of bad luck and not because of how they danced!

  2. Adam, I completely agree...Luck of the draw is really a big factor when it comes to getting votes. If Melissa hadn't gotten this specific dance this week, she would've been out the door!

  3. Didn't you just commit a facebook douchery??

    Good thing I already watched last night's episode PaulBenjamin!!!

  4. Technically, no...becaause I didn't give away a winner...

    And second, when it comes to shows like this, where everyone talks about it the next day, it is allowed. :)

  5. ...and third, I didn't post it as a status update. You CHOSE to click onto my blog. :)

  6. I have only seen two episodes this season. I can't stand the screaming lady. She seems to do it more now that they make fun of it on the Soup. I'm trying NOT to be negative here... :) Overall, they're all talented people (the contestants).

    Oh, and again, not to be negative or cynical...but if anyone watched the "cancer dance" without knowing what it was about or without the expositional head scarf, would people have cried?? If they had told you afterwards, you know... this was an important dance about a struggle with cancer, I'm wondering if they would re-watch it and think "ahh, that makes sense." Instead of balling, while judging and saying what an important piece it was. Almost isn't fair, in my opinion. It's like the joke at the Oscars -- "Star in a Holocaust movie, if you want to win." In this case though, without the scarf costume and teary explanations beforehand, the art would have been judged differently. In my mind, that's not fair the zombie dancers. Phew. With all that aside, I guess they have every right to make a statement of that sort, and it was teary and great the way it was. Oh, and that "Too Cool" Mya lady? She needs to stop talking about herself and stop acting like this is all-important. Yuck. I'm not sure what's worse, a screaming lady or someone who barely opens her eyes to talk.

  7. Matt, once again you make an excellent point. I was very moved emotionally while watching the show, but when I was going to get the youtube video of the performance, I had to get the long version...because the short version, without the background and story wasn't as powerful.

    It still was an excellent performance, beautifully danced...but without the backstory it doesn't have the same effect.

    Great comment!

  8. Jeanine my favorite as well (after jason left), and I agree with Matt on the cancer dance.

    My favorite this season was the Travis Wall 'If It Kills Me,' though his group number wasnt nearly as good. I was also hoping to lose Brandon this week- he is unbearable.

    I didnt think the Battlefield number was THAT great, it was just a great song. I think NappyTabs should have choreographed it. Also, Jeanines beautiful but her pic there is a little funky, just sayin'.

    Thanks for doing a SYTYCD post, Paul.

  9. I watched the Battlefield video again and I figured out why I think it was so weak. There wasnt a STORY, which usually makes you feel more connected. It also started so abruptly into the chorus. They weren't together at points, and the choreography was just pretty minimal and uninteresting. They hardly ever connect, it was like watching two mediocre solo pieces.