Friday, June 19, 2009

Best Reality Television of the Week!

The Bravo network gave us reality television at it's BEST this week! Did you watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey finale? NO??? Then get to or Hulu and watch the clips as soon as possible!

This may have been THE greatest hour of television I've seen in a LONG time!

I mean...Who knew it would take a bunch of Jersey girls to make such RIVETING television?

And the problem for me is...I like them all! So, even though there was a huge fight, which sort of makes the viewer choose sides on who they like better, I just can't! Which is WONDERFUL!

I was never a fan of Danielle until she pulled that book out and stuck it FACE UP on the table. Like, "BOOM...Now, what?" That bitch has some balls! And of course sweet little Jacqueline decided to go against her family and stick up for her friend. Ooh better watch out because they are 'thick as thieves!" That took guts!

Then there's my girl, Caroline! This Italian mama runs the show! To me, she is the most balanced of the Housewives, and when she looked at Danielle with the attitude of "it wasn't was ME. What are you gonna do about it?", you know not to mess with her!

Dina is just fabulous. Yes, she is a bitch, but it's endearing how much she loves her daughter. And Teresa...OMG, Table Flipping Teresa! She finally came out of her shell! In a matter of a dinner party, she changed from laid-back, nice Teresa, who lets everything roll off her back, to "I'm Gonna Flip This Table Mother F**ker" Teresa...providing us with one of the best moments in reality TV history!

WOO! I Love It!

I'm gonna miss those Jersey girls...
I can't wait for the Reunion special this Tuesday. I bet it's gon' be FIREY!

In other TV news, the Top 18 dancers performed this week on 'So You Think You Can Dance.'

In my opinion, I think the episode was a bit of a letdown. Now don't get me wrong, I think they are all incredibly talented dancers, but maybe it's becuase they are so good that I expect a LOT more from them.

OR...maybe the choreographers are to blame and were just phoning it in this week. (Shane Sparks? WTF was that???) At the end of the day, there was really only one dance that remains memorable to me: That was Jonathan & Karla's comtemporary routine to "Falling Slowly," which was Amazing!

The rest of the show was "eh"...

However, my favorite couple is still Melissa & Ade. My girl Melissa is still hanging in there, performing at the top notch quality that she always does! I hope she makes it really far! I guess we'll see...

In case you missed it, below is my pick for Dance of the Week by Jonathan & Karla.
Check it out!


  1. Wow. Now here is where I'm going to disagree with you.
    I think that Housewives is the most vile show ever placed upon man. I watched the last episode, only because i had to know what everyone was talking about. Not only was I let down, but I was dismayed by the stereotypes presented. It was trash and not in a good way. Owning a big house doesn't excuse you from learning your native language or having a bit of class. The fact that these women have children frightens me. The fact that so many people celebrate them, frightens me even more. It's everything that's wrong in our world.

    SYTYCD was amazing. I don't think I can say a bad thing about once dance. These people are talented. I'm especially partial to Jonathan, Kupono (sp?) and Jason. And I'm even MORE excited for next season to see Nathan Trasoras:

    I miss dancing.

  2. Oh Jeremy...that's what makes this show fun! It IS ridiculous, and there ARE people like this in the world. Therefore, these shows are so popular because we get to watch this trash and Thank God that we don't live or act like them.

    It's like watching someone being the butt of a joke, without them even realizing that they are the subject we are laughing at!

  3. You're right to an extent, Paul. I DO like watching shows that make myself feel better. Mostly, Intervention. But at least that show celebrates the betterment of a person and doesn't celebrate the douchebags of America. Sure we all like to watch, but what we're really doing is raising these people to celebrity status (much like the worst of the worst: Speidi...and I STILL don't know who they are) and condoning it.
    And did she REALLY just promote that book on TV when she was clearly trying to clear her name????

  4. I guess that makes you a better person than me, then doesn't it?

    These people were douchebags before they were on television, and will continue to be long after their 15 minutes are over.

    In the meantime, i will enjoy watching this comfort tv...and learn the lessons from them on how NOT to be.

  5. I thought Karla and Jonathan's contemp was one of the best in STYTCD history. When I DVR'd it I watched the part with the assisted lifts about 20 times.

    Also, how about Jason? Not only is he fantastic (Im not a huge fan of his partner though) but did you see his reactions when Nigel was talking to him after his solo? He is is adorable. I think im falling in love with that kid.

  6. This just in:

    Out-delivering all broadcast and cable competition on Tuesday, Bravo's Real Housewives of New Jersey delivered big, table-flipping entertainment and ranked as the #1 rated television network with adults 18-49. The finale broke network records as the highest rated telecast of the Real Housewives franchise ever, bringing in a total of 4.6 million viewers!