Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Lincoln Park Trixies...

You know you love them! Ok, maybe you don't... :)

But you know you've SEEN them...and HEARD them. Those ever so sweet (annoying!), lovable (spoiled!), precious girls who we call TRIXIES.

I encountered one of these FINE specimens yesterday while I was walking home from the train. As I was walking I passed a girl (who looked VERY similar to the girl in the pic to the left), standing at the parking meter in front of where she parked.

She was on the phone, and looked extremely the point of almost crying. When I got next to her, I heard her whine into her cell phone, "Daddy, I don't know how these meters work."

ARE YOU SERIOUS???? She actually called her dad for help instead of TRYING to figure it out herself!

And what is there to figure out anyway? You put the coins in the slot and BAM! You are done...

Seriously, what kind of life experiences lead you to this point?...when you must call Daddy to figure out ever little obstacle you encounter?


Aren't they JUST PRECIOUS, though?

So what exactly makes a girl a Trixie?
According to Wikipedia, Trixie is a slang term for a young, urban white woman, typically single in her 20s. The term actually originated here in Chicago in the Lincoln Park (Yuppie) neighborhood. Hence, the term Lincoln Park Trixies.

If you keep your eyes open, you will see them randomly...They are the ones who plop into the seat next to you on the bus or train with their giant Gucci bags (that daddy paid for!) with no consideration, elbowing you in the side.
- They wear their over-sized D&G sunglasses on even the cloudiest of days, to not make eye contact with the little people...
- They carry on EXTREMELY IMPORTANT phone conversations in the most inappropriate places, usually sounding like:
"Oh my God, I am so, like, wow, like Totally over it. He totally, like..."
So precious...
- You can also spot them with their designer Dog Carriers, with tiny chihuahua heads in sweet little outfits sticking out...
- You can spot them with their 'tall' Starbucks lattes in hand, even though they really don't like the taste of coffee very much...
- They are the ones who worship Lauren Conrad, and "The Hills" is considered Must-See TV!
NOW DON'T GET ME WRONG! There is nothing wrong with fashion, and being fashionable. I also love a good Starbucks drink, as well...and 'The Hills' can sure be enjoyable, mindless entertainment from time to time. I am not bashing these things at all. There is a difference in being fashionable & enjoying certain products, to being UTTERLY RIDICULOUS!
Usually i find that these types of girls have a tendency to judge, or look down upon other people. When i hear these comments come out of their mouths, it takes a bit of self-restraint to not say to them, "B*tch, if it wasn't for your parents being successful, and their unlimited AMEX card that you are might be in that person's shoes!"
Oh well...
There will always be Trixies in our society, so its probably best to learn to live with them, right?
I mean, there are much worse things in life...
Oh, and the next time you don't move your tiny dog out of the way on the sidewalk when i am trying to pass by, and you're too busy chatting on your phone to care, i PROMISE to do my best to not kick it...


  1. Love it!!! but don't kick the puppy it's not their fault...kick the Trixie!!!

  2. The picture is priceless!

  3. Am I an Uptown Trixie? i got the chi's and all;)

  4. HAHA! No Tony, you aren't. Just because you have a tiny dog doesn't make you one. You have to start looking and acting the part as well!

    However, you are a huge Britney fan... :)

  5. Your next post should be about the Lincoln Park "Chads"- the male equivalent to the Trixie. Come to Xsport at Nroth/Wells, and I wil show you quite a few :)

  6. I call them WOOHH! girls beacuase whenever they get drunk, every utterance from thier mouths ends in WOOOOHHH!! As in, "Oh My God I LUV THIS SONG WOOHH!!!"

    This Wooh!, serves as a mating call and is accompanied by the thrusting of 1 arm straight over the head, and waving it side to side.

  7. DBB: I am visualizing it right now! I completely know what you are talking about. So funny!

  8. Starbucks by day, Cosmo by night...either way, you do NOT want to incur their wrath by accidentally bumping into them, causing them to douse their last year Manolo Blanniks.

  9. Ok, I have to say can't really blame them...blame the parents! You know we all secretly wish to be like care in the have a trust fund...etc. Maybe that's just me? I mean I don't know about you, but if I were a Trixie, I certainly wouldn't want to mess up my Marc Jacob's dress sitting on that fine and luxurious public transportation fabric! haha!

    And P.S.
    That 2nd photo you used seriously has my friend Heather B. in it!! She's the one in the yellow with frazzled hair! hahaha! LOVES IT! WOOOOH!!

  10. From Daniel Piechocinski: I love every word and agree with it all...however, the correct spelling of their (and my Roo :) is chihuahua...

    "Daaaaaddy! How do you spell chihuahua again?!"

  11. Yes, are correct. I was spelling it like a Trixie would. :)

  12. we call them 'biddies' on the east coast.

    they usually wear Ugg boots.

    and American Apparel.

  13. Down with Trixies! They seem to personify the female equivalent of douche bag.
    They tend to be terrifying drivers too!

    I am taking more issue with Hipster Girls lately. You know the chicks wearing fucked up American Apparel outfits with and stupid plastic jewelry. Remember when girls were pretty? Check out this website, it makes me pee:

  14. hahaha! you made me laugh to death!
    I was looking for the term 'trixie' on the net to see what a real trixie is, 'cause i haven't heard about it before (btw, I'm from Chile) and now i got it perfectly right with your description :D
    here we also have a worse-looking, tanned version of trixies, flooding malls and roads with the most expensive cars and they can hardly drive!

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