Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My LOVE/HATE Relationship with Getting a Haircut!

You know how it is in life...When you find something you really enjoy, or something that works well for you, you continue with that!

For example: Chipotle really works for me, so I continue to indulge! :)

Well, the same goes for getting a haircut! As many of you know, it's difficult to find someone to cut your hair who does it well, and when you find that special hairstylist, you keep going to them on a regular basis.

Up until a couple of years ago, I had the most amazing Sarah cut my hair. I would show up, plop my ass down in her chair, and watch her work her MAGIC! (All for the reasonable price of $23...) She was also wonderful about suggesting slight & subtle changes to the haircut from time to time, to switch things up a bit and keep me from getting into a rut...

Then, she dropped the bomb on me... "I'm Moving."


After pulling the dagger out of my heart, I took a deep breathe and decided that it was probably best to go on living anyway... I could get through this, right?

Well, it's been close to 2 years now without her and I STILL have yet to find a new 'Sarah.' (or 'Bob'...I don't discriminate...)

I've tried the $50 (plus tip) haircut and it's a little excessive for me. I mean, the hairstylist did a fine job, but it really wasn't much too different from what I'd always gotten; just had a more outrageous price tag attached! These are tough times...I don't want to be shelling out $60 every few weeks!

I've also tried a local place called 'Chicago Male Salon', where the haircut was a more reasonable $30. However, the guy cutting my hair must've decided that he was going to 'experiment' that day, and completely butchered it into something that I didn't ask for. So, i just haven't gone back...

I've also tried to grow it out. That's right! Not only would i save money, but i would also transform into Fabio and look like he does on the front of the Romance novels, right?

Well, it took me a whole 2-3 weeks beyond my normal haircut range to realize that I do not have the patience to deal with styling my hair while it's in the in-between phase. ( gets REALLY windy at times here in Chicago...I need shorter hair just so it doesn't blow everywhere!)

UGH!...Why is this so frustrating?

I actually like getting a haircut while it's being done. It's like a mini-massage for the head, and times I get that wonderful 'tingling' feeling!

But the best part about my Sarah (and a couple of randoms since...) is that getting a haircut can be a therapy session! While sitting in that chair (with that long, flowing black cape strapped snug to my neck...) I could say anything I wanted to her, and she had no choice but to listen! Where was she going to go? Sarah did more than listen. She would ask questions or just randomly make little noises of agreement to let me know that she was with me on this personal journey of self-discovery!

Oh well...

I admit...I've given in to defeat. There is a SuperCuts in the first floor of my building at work. For the past couple of months, whenever I feel like its time for a haircut I just take the long elevator ride down and head on in. The employees are always really welcoming, and they do a very nice, decent job on my hair for about $13, so I am not going to complain about them at all.

In fact, it's probably a smart decision on my part to go there in these economic times...and since my hair is short anyway, it's hard to really screw up a basic haircut.'s not my Sarah. God, i miss her...

So...I need a new place to get my haircut! I know some of you have some super snazzy-fine looks, so if your hairstylist is looking to take on a new client please let me know about him/her!

Unless they charge the same outrageous price as my monthly Chipotle intake...then I'll pass....


  1. Giovanni's on North Lincoln, a few blocks south of Foster. Ask for Bruna. she charges $7 and takes 10 min tops.

  2. You and your freaking hair! BTW want to go to Chipotle at lunch today?

  3. Oh gosh, Super Cuts? Please say it isn't so. I've been going to the guys at Bang! Salon in Wicker Park for over a year now and they are my Sarah. I say "they" because there are at least three people there that I would trust to cut my hair and always do a knock out job: Eli, Johnny, and Shannon are all great. I go in, and have Eli or Johnny do whatever they want, it's usually different, and it is always amazing. They'll do whatever you ask as well but I like the variety.

  4.'s true, Jordan. I'm not too much of a hair snob, so SuperCuts has been ok for a temporary fix...
    Thanks for the suggestion. Wicker Park is a little distance, but maybe I will check them out. :)

  5. Troy Curtis WilsonJune 24, 2009 at 10:33 AM

    I'm with Jordan. Super Cuts? OMG! But, I totally understand your delimma and economic reasoning. Two things however,
    1) Don't always assume "easy" hair is a bad thing. I can tell you have beautiful hair that could be flowing and sexy in a little as an extra 1/2" growth. Just take an extra 3 minutes of your life to add addt'l product and style uniquely. With thicker and longer hair if affords flexibility where the same old style is like white walls with no art. You don't need Fabio length, just a tad. My opinion doesn't mean much cause you have to look in the mirror, but don't be afraid to take the plunge.
    2) By letting a 1/2" grow out, you can extend your appointments by a couple of weeks, which in turn could save you money to afford a stylist you really want. Year to year you would actually save money.
    3) Ok, I know I said 2 things, but, the last thing I would say is I cannot think of any hair style that would look bad on you. Cut it however you want and you will look great.....ok, I said it! Good luck PBL and keep up the good work here on long from Troyland!!!

  6. So this is an EXCELLENT topic. A terrible haircut is one thing that will drive me crazy. Since I've been traveling for work I've had to *shudder* cut my own hair TWICE now! I cannot wait to get back to Chicago to have a "real" haircut again, even if it is from SuperCuts.

    P.S. I love the posts Paul, keep up the good work!

  7. Troy, you are way too kind to me! haha...Thanks!
    I usually grow my hair out a little longer than i probably should anyway...hence, the "Oh crap, I need a haircut now!" You have to let me in on your haircutting secret place!

  8. Adam, cutting your own hair? You are BRAVE!!! I would probably cut my scalp open! HA! Thanks for checking the blog! Glad you enjoy it.

  9. Go to Victor at the SuperCuts by the Berwyn Red Line stop. He's awesome, you get a high-end haircut for only $13, plus I always see really hot boys there. :-)

  10. Find a cute stylist to go on date with then on the date tell them you think you need a haircut, then they'll offer...go in and get a cut (and color if you are me) and be charged $10 like the guy did yesterday...oh and did i say free wine while i got the cut?

    Only you, Tony...only you!

    Love it!

  12. I'm so sorry about the loss of your hairstylist. You'll eventually move on to someone else, you and I both know.

    But it'll never be the same as it was, will it? No. No it won't.

  13. been there too! it has been years since i haven't had that sense of needing to look in the mirror ... any and every mirror ... as soon as i walked out of getting it cut. His Fitness

  14. Leslie at Menz Room on Sheffield & Clark. She used to work for Chicago Male and left to open her own place. I like her a lot and its only $25. Only downside is she is cash only so you have to remember to hit the ATM before heading over! 773.880.7350

  15. Paul, you are too funny. But please do not do what Tony said. That seems like prostitution. and what if the date didn't really like you? He could mess up your hair!

  16. Just be happy you have hair. I started to lose mine in high school. I'm 31 years old and completely bald now. But strangely a lot of guys can't stop rubbing my head, or my other head for that matter.

  17. I went through the same thing years ago. To this day, I still miss my Lois. Every now and then I call the place she used to work and ask for her, just in case she might have moved back.

    Anyway, I finally found Benjamin. He works at Hair Tech, Diversey and Pine Grove.

    $12, he does a great job at anlayzing how your hair should be cut, and he knows how to make you feel comfortable.