Thursday, June 25, 2009

The King.

I can trace back many memorable moments of my childhood through adolescence to his music. I will never forget the first time I ever heard "Don't Stop Til you Get Enough": I was hooked.

After seeing the "Billie Jean" and "Thriller" videos, I wanted to DANCE. I would practice in my bedroom, trying to get all the moves right, mirroring the great one himself.

I'll never forget my naivety watching "Black or White" or "Scream" thinking, "What a Rockstar!"

Say whatever you want about him as a person...but as an Artist, he was on an entirely different level.

And deep down...I believe that he had a beautiful soul.

Heal the World
Make It a Better Place
For you and for me and the entire human race...

Tonight...I am a little sad, because it is a reality that a part of my own childhood is now gone.

But what a wonderful legacy of music he is leaving behind...

Michael Jackson: Rest in Peace.


  1. Perhaps I should look at the man in the mirror myself. I'm left with the assurance that life is a gift handed out by cherished hands, and ultimately taken without mercy, meaning, or rules. Challenge your will and plant your place as the factual result is not immortality. Once, and only once, is your chance afforded.

  2. Paul, keep up the good work on this blog. I'm really enjoying it very much in addition to your FB page.

  3. Yes, when someone passes away that you have fond memories of, it reminds you that eventually we will as take a bow. Therefore, we must appreciate these times, cherish those you love, and be good to those around us. Life is too short to spend it on pettiness...

    Thanks for the kind words, Troy!

  4. Paul, well said and I share with you the same sentiment about Michael Jackson. Love your blog...keep it up!