Friday, June 26, 2009

Melissa, You Are DOING Things To Me!

Ooh, man...Could it be...A GIRL CRUSH?!?!

I'm telling you! Every week I watch "So You Think You Can Dance" and every time, contestant Melissa rocks my world!

Now, it's no secret that she's my favorite contestant this year (as i have blogged about previously...), but this girl seriously has my engines revved up!

Melissa is amazingly talented. At first, I had a little bias towards her because of her age (at 29 years old, she is the oldest of all the contestants), but if you've seen the last 3 weeks you have noticed that she and her partner Ade are 2 of the best dancers on the show!

Thank you America, for voting for my GIRL so far...always keeping her out of the bottom 3!

Will she win? I don't know...but the longer I get to see her performances, the happier I will be! :)

Check out the HOTNESS that is Melissa in the video of this week's dance below. might need to take a cold shower afterwards!


  1. As previously stated, if I were to ever dress in drag I would TOTALLY be wearing Melissa's outfit.

  2. Yes, I have definetly been warming up to Melissa- and I think America is rooting for the pair. That and the better hip hop number were the only good ones of the night. I felt like most of Wednesday was a drag.

    A few things to talk about- because all my friends are straight and dont watch this incredible show.

    1) Is Brandon starting to annoy you? He is such a great dancer but he has this high-school-gay personalities that just bugs me.

    2) I was so glad to see Asuka go. Her goodbye montage was proof that she had the personality of a rusty winnebago. Just a really stale girl. When Vitolio is in the bottom he has a pretty bad attitude. Its almost as if he puts on a front that says "Look how hard I am working!"

    3) Caitlyn does some great solos (with a lot of gymnastics) but thats about it. She cant carry different styles week to week. Jason is so overwhelmingly attractive and adorable I cant take it. I could watch him over and over on DVR. Even when they tell him his results his facial mannerisms make me melt.

    4) THIS SEASON NEEDS BETTER SONGS! Last year was awesome with No Air, Bleeding Love, Mercy, John Mayer, etc. This year we only had Falling Slowly and those BEP songs (that I know you love). Napoleon and Tabitha need to choreograph a Hip Hop number to Jordin Sparks 'Battlefield.' That would be hot.

  3. Hi Rob!
    1) Brandon is a very good dancer, but something about him just doesn't really win me over. I like his partner though, and I think they had a really good dance this week.

    2)Asuka who? HAHA...kidding. I completely agree with you! I thought she should've gone home in week 1, and I don't think it will be long until Vitolio joins her.

    3)I was hoping that Caitlyn would've come out and been more impressive. Unfortunately, she bores the heck out of me. But Jason...he can wear that costume every week in MY opinion. Yum.

    4)I was thinking the same thing about the songs. Sometimes a dance is elevated to the next level just because of the choice of music. The choreographers are actually disappointing me a bit this season, especially with the level of talent that is on the show! And to clarify...I think 'SYTYCD' is a PERFECT place for BEP songs to be used, since they are very danceable songs. :)

    I liked Tabatha & Napoleon's choreography to "Mad" by Ne-Yo in week 1.

  4. I agree with Mad! Phillip should be glad he got that first round, because its been sustaining him through two bad weeks. That was typical NapTab gold.

    Jason can wear that every week and he can keep the stubble too. I wouldnt mind. But Caitlyn should probably change. Princess Leia was so 1977.

  5. girl crushes are OK ... there are several of great women i have as friends that i always say "if i could switch teams, you'd be the first on my list to call for a date!" melissa is a definitely crush-worthy.
    His Fitness

  6. not that i'd "want" to switch teams! :-)