Monday, June 8, 2009

The Real Housewives of...Anywhere, Really.

You know you've seen the show...Come on, admit it!

And you probably even really enjoy it! The Real Housewives series' on the Bravo television network has gotten so popular that they just keep on expanding! First there was Orange County, followed by NYC, Atlanta, New Jersey and soon to be Washington DC.

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE these trainwrecks! Watching these b*tches is pure, mindless joy for me after a long day at work. For all I care, they could create a Real Housewives of Boise, Idaho and I would probably watch!

Maybe I am living vicariously through them, with their fancy schmancy cars and houses...and 'real' charity benefits that they just love to throw. Or, maybe i just enjoy catfights. Probably both.
Well, whatever reason, these ladies have brought a buzz to the Bravo network like nothing else. The show was created shortly after the 'Desperate Housewives' premiered on ABC a few years ago to huge ratings.

One thing is for sure, for these women it is ALL about the Benjamins! (that's $$, for those of you who aren't up on your street lingo!)
Some earn it themselves, like Vicki from the OC...some marry into it, like DeShawn from Atlanta...and some just plain whore themselves out for it! (ahem...Danielle from NJ, Kim from Atlanta!)

Never seen an episode? Really?

Then you are missing out on NeNe, the most popular RH of them all! This sexy mama from the Atlanta crew has no problem calling someone a "trashy hooka" one minute, and then giving us words of wisdom the next, by telling Kim to "Cloz yo legs to Married Men!" Girl will tell it like it is! God, I miss her...

Oh, and Kim...we're still waiting for your album to drop. Hit a snag?

The most solid, entertaining cast overall (in my humble opinion...) is the cast from New York City. They also speak faster than anyone I have ever met in my life! A roomful of their new yawker accents all together is like nails on a chalkboard!...freshly manicured, of course!

Each one of these divas is a breakout star on their own! Jill & Bethenny are my girls! Sure they come across crass at times, and speaks their minds quite freely, but you always know what you're gonna get! Plus, Simon (Alex's not-gay husband) is a HOT MESS!...with his red leather pants, and super skimpy thongs. Like I said...not to be missed! :)

The current cycle shows off the grace and sophistication (ha!) of the New Jersey cast. The jury is still out on them, as they are only a few episodes in. It always takes a little time for the new girls to grow on me, so I will give it a few more seconds... However, in the first few episodes, these ladies are already at each others throats! These are some cutthroat b*tches, and the best part is that most of them are connected through family! As Caroline says in practically ever episode, they are "Thick as thieves!"
This show is major Watercooler shizz!
SO...if you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, Hop on, already! We have Wednesday morning Housewives gossip to get to!


  1. P.S. Apparently the next season is in Chicago. I keep telling my Step Mom she needs to audition. She's just the kind of well off, low life, good for nothing, that people would want to see.

  2. The Real Housewives of Chicago? GET OUT!!! I hope they choose one or two women that we know to be in the cast!

  3. Love love Love Nene. Can't wait for the second season to start. Specially since they dropped the boring one, can't even remember her name!.

  4. The boring one was DeShaun (sp?). She was a nice girl, but in the world of reality TV, nice just doesn't cut it, i guess! She needed to start SOME type of drama! haha!